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Daehyun hummed softly to himself as he moved about the kitchen. It was already past midnight and everyone else had already gone off to do whatever it was they did on their nights off, which left Daehyun happily alone in the kitchen, prepared to eat as much as he wanted before he crashed for the night.

He was just about to open the fridge when an arm looped around his waist, pulling him back gently. “Y-Yah, hyung… What are you doing…” Daehyun pushed at Yongguk’s arm, trying to squirm away from the elder so he could go back to his midnight snack, “Hyung, you’re being weird…”

“Am I now, Dae?”

“Yeah, you are…” Daehyun wiggled about in Yongguk’s hold, looking up at Jongup entered the kitchen, “Yah, Uppie, tell hyung he’s being weird…”

Jongup smiled sweetly, “I don’t think hyung’s being weird…” he said, stepping closer to Daehyun and causing the vocalist to push himself farther into Yongguk’s chest, confusion in his eyes.

Daehyun was ready to get away from his band mates the second Yongguk let go of his waist, but found himself farther trapped between the two bodies as Yongguk instead took a hold of his wrists, prying them away from his body.

“H-Hyung, wait—“

Daehyun blushed a dark red as his hips were drug forward by harsh fingers, Jongup setting to work quiet easily to pop open the button on his jeans. “W-wait!” Daehyun struggled to pull his wrists from Yongguk’s grip, wiggling about awkwardly as Jongup continued to strip him. Daehyun’s mind was completely blank, confusion and arousal clouding his judgment as he found himself roughly pushed to the kitchen table and forced to bend over it as his arms were pulled behind his back and tied into place. By now, panic had set into his stomach and he let out a small whimper as a rough hand gripped at his exposed . “Don’t worry, Dae~ You’ll like this…”

Daehyun stumbled slightly as he was pulled from the table and led quickly through the small dorm before he was deposited into a room. He felt vulnerable and exposed as he was quickly pushed down onto his knees, a strip of material being tied around his eyes before he could even try to look around. Daehyun was chewing on his lips again, trying not to make any sounds as a soft hand gently d the side of his face.

“Awww, c’mon Dae~ Don’t act so scared, you know we wouldn’t hurt you…”

Daehyun blinked rapidly against the blind fold around his eyes, turning his head slightly in the direction of his best friend’s voice, “J-Jae, what are you guys doing…”

“Don’t worry about it Dae… Oh, I like that one Jello… Open up Dae…”

Daehyun felt confusion coil in him as he carefully parted his lips. He let out a small gasp as his teeth were forced apart by a hard ball being pushed into his mouth. He tried his hardest to spit the gag back out, but the strap was already being fastened at the back of his head. He groaned softly, in slow breaths as he fought the urge to try to talk past the gag, knowing he’d only make a fool of himself.

“mm, you look so pretty like this Dae…”

Daehyun whimpered softly as soft fingertips caressed his cheek, gently working up and brushing his bangs away from his forehead. The cold air of the room was causing him to shiver by this point as he sat back on his feet, listening to the creaks of someone moving about on the mattress of the bed along with the almost foreign sounds of metal on wood.

“Okay, it’s all ready, hyung…”

Daehyun whined softly as a hand wrapped around his upper arm and he was being drug up to his feet and lead across the floor. He tried his best to swallow but the gag between his teeth was making it hard not to all but drool on himself.

Daehyun wanted to pull the blind fold off and unstrap the gag from his mouth, but the second his hands were free from the makeshift ties that Jongup and Yongguk and bound him in, he was being pushed face down onto a bed. Someone straddled him over his back, pinning him down as his hands were pulled to the pillows in front of him. Daehyun groaned in protest as he felt the wide straps of what felt like leather cuffs lock around his wrists, pulling his arms up to the base of the head board. He tried to use the chain they were connected to as leverage to pull himself closer so he could use his fingers to take off the offending blindfold.

Just as he tried to pull himself forward, a hand wrapped around his ankle and he was yanked down the bed until his arms were stretched out straight. There was no hope of squirming his way back up either as another cuff was locked around his ankles on both sides, keeping him laying on the bed, but also managing to keep his legs spread open.

Daehyun ed in protest, awkwardly trying to move his hips as the sudden feeling of being so vulnerable and open hit him. He shivered heavily in response as a hand slowly drug up his thigh, caressing the smooth skin gently.

“Hyung’s pretty like this…”

Youngjae stood off to the side of the bed, chewing at his fingernail, his eyes not leaving the sight on the bed as he smirked at his and Zelo’s handy work. His smirk widened as Zelo continued to tease Daehyun with light touches and teasing until the brunette was whimpering and ing for more through the gag. “Okay, that’s enough now, Jello…”

Zelo nodded, hopping off the bed and leaving Daehyun there as the elder let out a pathetic whine, his knees pushing into the mattress as he lifted his hips up from the bed, trying to find some sort of leverage or something.

Daehyun felt almost terrified as the door clicked shut and he was left quite alone in the room. Or, he assumed he was alone, he couldn’t hear anything or anyone. The only sound in the room was his own heart beat and the harsh intakes of breath as he shivered again. Daehyun pulled against the bonds that kept him on the bed, trying to at least close his legs but there was not give way for him at all and he let out a frustrated groan.

“Mmm, already making such pretty sounds…”

Daehyun’s head jerked up at the sound of someone entering the room, the door shutting behind them. The unmistakable sound of Yongguk’s voice caused him to shiver. “Hynng…” Daehyun tried to talk past the gag in his mouth, his jaw aching from being forced open. He whimpered slightly as Yongguk ran his fingers through his hair.

“Shh~ Dae… You’ll like this… trust me…”

Daehyun nodded his head a little.

“We want to play a game…” Daehyun hummed softly in response, urging Yongguk to continue. “We are each going to take turns ing you… and if you can guess each of us right, you’ll get to come… if not, you’ll be punished…”

Daehyun’s heart thudded against his chest as the painful throbbing between his legs seemed to double, he nodded his head eagerly.

“See, we knew you’d like this…” Yongguk stopped petting his hair and got up from the edge of the bed, leaving Daehyun alone for a few minutes as the door to the bedroom opened and he walked out. After just a few seconds, Daehyun could hear everyone coming into the room, and he couldn’t help but let out a small whine, wanting them to hurry up already.

The bed dipped behind him as the first person took their position and Daehyun bit down on the gag in his mouth, a deep in his throat as whoever it was gripped the soft flesh of his hard, his nails biting into the skin.

Zelo smirked as Himchan passed him the bottle of lube and it didn’t take long for the youngest to thoroughly coat his fingers in the slick liquid. Daehyun’s hips stuttered when Zelo pushed in the first finger, and Zelo bit down on his lip hard not to say anything. Otherwise, it would ruin the game.

Daehyun was panting for air by the time Zelo worked three fingers into him and he was doing everything in his power to rut his hips back.

“Nnn ‘eelse…” Daehyun’s voice was muffled, the words coming out garbled as he tried to work the out around the gag. He whined again as the full feeling disappeared, but it wasn’t long until a grip settled on his hips and he felt Zelo pressing right up against him. He let out a heavy , his forehead falling onto his arms as Zelo pushed in inch by inch until he was buried within Daehyun, the elder shivering around him.

The vocal let out a loud groan, his back dipping into an arch as Zelo pulled out slowly and pushed back in, keeping his rhythm slow and teasing as he rolled his hips against Daehyun’s .

“ ‘elo…” The half was hard to understand and when Daehyun found fingers gripping tightly into his hair, he tried to speak a bit more clearly through the gag, “ ‘un’nng.”

Zelo smirked at the sound of his name being forced out of Daehyun’s lips. “Very good, Hyung…” He said, running his fingers lightly down Daehyun’s exposed back before settling his grip back onto the elder’s hips. Once Daehyun had guessed who it was, Zelo was completely ruthless, his hips snapping against Daehyun’s as the vocalist shamelessly ed. It wasn’t long until Zelo was letting out a groan of his own, stilling within the elder as he filled his .

Daehyun let out a sweet , half whining as he pushed closer to the edge but found no release as Zelo pulled out instead and left Daehyun right at the edge of an . Daehyun shook with pent up pleasure as the need to come stayed with him, but he could feel the urge slowly disappearing as he was denied his first of the night.

Without the need for more preparation, Zelo hopped off the bed and the spot was taken by someone new.

Daehyun all but drooled on himself as a much thicker length was pushed into him, the stinging in his lower back. He took in harsh breaths trying to relax so his body would adjust to the new size.

With each slow rock of the others hips, Daehyun focused on the feeling, his body all but shivering from the arousal.

He took harsh breaths through his nose, “Unn… ‘ngup??” The name was a mess on his lips and Daehyun waited in silence. There was no pet of his hair or praise for guessing right and Daehyun felt a sense of dread when he was left empty as the person behind him pulled out.

He perked up at the sounds of quiet whispers, trying to use the vocal cues to give him a better chance of knowing who was behind him so he could make a proper guess. There was a lot of shuffling going on around the room and Daehyun felt like his head was spinning as he tried to replace everything in his mind.

He marked Yongguk off as a possibility as the leader let out a deep chuckle, “Go ahead.”

Daehyun’s cry was muffled as the first testing smack landed on his , sharp and stinging on the smooth flesh. Fingertips soothed over the area gently before another one elected another cry from Daehyun.

Fingers wound into his hair, yanking his head up from where he had his forehead rested on his arms, and Zelo’s voice was quite harsh right in his ear.

“Hyung… You’re punishment starts now. Count to 10, then we’ll get back to the game.”

Daehyun nodded the best he could. Something sharper snapped against his and Daehyun arched from the bed briefly, the muffled ‘one’ falling from the gag as he closed his eyes tightly from the pain.

He recognized the pain from his childhood years, and wondered briefly why they thought taking a belt to his was a suitable form of punishment.

Then again, with the arousal that pooled in his stomach as he let out a garbled ‘two’, Daehyun wondered why they didn’t just start out with the spanking.

Daehyun pulled sharply against his bonds, his body trying to curl up as he let out the half scream of ‘three’. He squirmed on top of the sheets, his knees once more pressing into the soft bedding as he found no escape.

By the time he got to ten, Daehyun was crying a bit, his body shivering from both the pain and the pleasure as gentle hands smoothed over the raised and red stained flesh that was sure to bruise by the next day.

Daehyun whimpered softly as warm palms continued to sooth the pain.

“Hyung… are you ready to start the game again?”

Daehyun nodded quickly at Zelo’s voice, no hesitation what so ever as he in quick breaths. With Jongup and Zelo being eliminated and the positivity that it was not Yongguk, Daehyun was left with two options to pick from.

He bit into the gag, a dying in his throat as he was filled with the thick length again. His head was spinning from each powerful , and he closed his eyes tight behind the blind fold, his hands balling up into fists, “ ‘ng’ae…” The name was a in his mouth, but he knew he’d gotten his point across as Youngjae shifted behind him and found a new angle that had Daehyun seeing stars. Just as before, Youngjae managed to come first, and before Daehyun could reach his high, he was left on the downward slope of another denied .

Once he’d been deemed calmed down enough, the bed was dipping behind him with the third person. As he felt fingers splay across hips, the sharp nails digging into his skin, Daehyun knew exactly who was getting ready to him farther into the mattress.

However, he was too lost in the teasing touches to even think about voicing out his guess as he shivered involuntarily. The blunt tip of the other males just barely inside him was driving him insane slowly and Daehyun needed more.

Daehyun whined pathetically, arching his hips up to urge the male behind him to move or do something. With just the tip of the others barely breached into him, Daehyun could feel his body practically spasming with the need for more. He whimpered in pain as fingers gripped into his still sore .

With one expert shift, Daehyun let out a cry of both pleasure and a tiny mix of pain as he was into almost instantly, being filled completely. His vision spotted with white behind the blindfold as a gentle hand wrapped around his aching length.

“Hyung is being so good for us…” Zelo’s whisper was light in his ear as Daehyun continued to let out small whimpers and s with each powerful into his body. “Don’t you want to , Daehyunnie~”

Daehyun was quick to nod, his eyes blinking rapidly behind the blindfold as Zelo continued to stoke him gently, a sharp contrast to the way he was being taken so roughly.

He could feel Zelo’s light breath wash over his cheek as the maknae chuckled and just as Daehyun was beginning to reach the highs of an for the third time that night, Zelo’s fingers stopped and tightened around the base of his , denying Daehyun the release.

The dry hit Daehyun hard as pulled against his bonds with a desperate cry.

“Who’s ing you, hyung?”

“ ‘ong’k hnng…” Daehyun cried out, his forehead rested down on his arms as he in harsh breaths.

Yongguk’s chuckle was deep, sending shivers down Daehyun’s spine. “He’s such a good ing …” He said, his voice a low growl.

Daehyun nodded his head quickly, his s playing a soundtrack that bounced off the walls. Yongguk knew exactly what he was doing as he continued to into Daehyun with no hold backs, hitting his prostate with deadly accuracy that had Daehyun all but spasming beneath him.

It didn’t help much that Zelo was still knelt next to the bed, his lithe fingers both teasing Daehyun closer to the edge once more while simultaneously keeping him from .

It wasn’t long until Yongguk pulled out of Daehyun with a heavy groan and Daehyun whimpered slightly as the elder came across his and lower back. All was still for a moment and Daehyun couldn’t help but let out a small noise of disappointment as Zelo’s fingers disappeared from between his legs and Daehyun no longer had the distracting touch to focus on.

Daehyun began to panic as Yongguk climbed off the bed and he was left on it alone. He could still hear the others in the room, but nobody was approaching him this time, there were no dips in the mattress or hands on his skin and Daehyun feared that somehow he’d reached the end of the game and they would just leave him here like this, tied to the bed with painted across his bruised .

Just as Daehyun was starting to feel an anxious sort of frustration build up in him, soft fingertips teased down his thigh, their light touches tickling down his leg.

Daehyun breathed a sigh of relief as the cuffs were unlocked from around his ankles and wrists and he was man handled off the bed and dropped down to his knees on the floor next to it. The blindfold was still firm in place but fast working fingers were unlatching the gag and Daehyun was quick to his lips and take a breath when it was finally removed. He didn’t have any chance to enjoy his freedom as someone pressed to his lips, and obediently, Daehyun opened his mouth to take his band mate into his mouth. Fingers tangled into his hair, and Daehyun let out a small cry as his he was held firmly in place and his mouth was ed ruthlessly.

His hands scrambled up, pressing against the soft thighs in front of him as the was lodged to the back of his throat and stayed there and effectively cutting off his air supply. He gagged around it, tears in his eyes as he struggled weakly. His thick lips were stretched tight around the thick , and Daehyun could feel himself starting to get light headed from the lack of oxygen.

Just when he was sure he was going to pass out, he was allowed to move back, his mouth cleared as he gasped for air.

“H-Hyung….” Daehyun tested, his voice almost weak sounding. He bit his lip softly, turning his head up even though he couldn’t see through the blindfold.

Daehyun tried again, swallowing audibly before testing his voice again, “H-Himchan hyung.”

Himchan smirked down at the sight, imagining Daehyun’s wide brown eyes beneath the dark material, full of that false innocence that the Busan boy pulled off so well.

Himchan continued to stare down at Daehyun, keeping a tight hold on his hair to keep him in place as he pushed into his mouth again to silence the vocalist. He pulled out briefly, watching as Daehyun choked for air, his mouth hanging open. He let him get a few good breaths in before he pushed back into his mouth, once more to the back of his throat. Daehyun got a little smarter this time, swallowing around him to keep from choking, and Himchan bit back a . When Daehyun’s fingers pushed at his thighs again, almost frantically, Himchan pulled back to let the vocalist breath.

“You’re being such a good boy…” Himchan petted Daehyun’s hair lightly.

Daehyun nodded eagerly, trailing his fingers up Himchan’s thighs until he wrapped his fingers around the base of his . He wrapped his thick lips around the tip, giving Himchan a good before he began to bob his head. It wasn’t long until Himchan found himself forcibly pushing back into Daehyun’s throat again as the vocalist ed shamelessly around him. Daehyun’s fingers rested on Himchan’s thighs, his struggles weak as he continued to try and swallow around Himchan. When he began to gag again, Himchan pulled partially out of his throat to let just the barest amount of oxygen past.

“Now, who’s left, Daehyun?” Himchan asked, pulling Daehyun back away from his and looking down at the brunette.

Daehyun was panting for oxygen, “J-Jongup…” he whispered, his confusion on high as he listened to the bed creak behind him. “H-Hyung… you haven’t yet…” His voice was a mere whisper as he followed the pressure on his arm and stood up.

“Don’t worry about that, Daehyunnie…” Himchan practically purred as he helped Daehyun back onto the bed.

Daehyun bit his lip as he found himself straddling whom he guessed to be Jongup; the younger’s length already pressing against his as Himchan guided his hips into place.

“Hyung… are you ready?”

Daehyun nodded slowly at Jongup’s voice, his breathing coming out somewhat erratically as Himchan guided Daehyun down to sit back on Jongup. Daehyun’s voice filled the room as his head tipped forward as he took in Jongup’s impressive length. He was panting heavily as a firm hand pushed against his lower back, leaning him over Jongup’s chest.

Panic welled in Daehyun’s chest as his eyes widened behind the blindfold. Jongup’s hands were already holding him down, keeping him from squirming away. “N-No, no I can’t… please.. don’t…” Daehyun whimpered pathetically.

“Shhh, you’ve been such a good boy tonight…” Himchan soothed, his hands rubbing at Daehyun’s lower back as he coated himself with extra lubricant. “Just a little bit more, Daehyunnie~”

Pushing in alongside Jongup was difficult and Daehyun let out a few loud cries as he pressed his forehead to Jongup’s shoulder. His body convulsed in the pleasure and pain and both Himchan and Jongup ed in unison at the clenching heat that surrounded them.

Himchan was the first to move, testingly pulling partially out before slowly pushing back in.

Daehyun’s hands clutched at the bed sheets as he nearly collapsed down onto Jongup, his breath being knocked out of his lungs.

“D-Damn… y-you’re so ing tight…” Himchan’s voice was a mere growl as he kept the insanely slow pace.

Daehyun was beyond a whimpering mess between the two, his mind blissfully blank as he lost himself within the pleasure.

When Jongup joined Himchan in the slow pace, Daehyun’s voice cracked raw. Thin fingers worked into his already tangled hair, and Daehyun let out a small cry as his head was pulled back.

“You’d better come this time, Daehyun…”

The vocalist nodded his head the best he could, his mouth hanging open still as Himchan and Jongup all but destroyed his body.

All it took was a playful and teasing touch and Daehyun found himself nearly screaming as he finally reached release.

Himchan came not to far after, pulling out just in time to mimic Yongguk’s actions and paint Daehyun’s body with .

Jongup was quick to hook his fingers under Daehyun’s thighs, lifting him slightly as he lifted his own hips from the bed, ing into Daehyun with more force than before, ing him straight through his . Once he’d reached his own, he pulled out of Daehyun and tipped him sideways onto the bed.

Daehyun merely flopped onto the soft surface, his muscles no longer under his control as he tried to regain his lost breath. His whole body pulsed with the fast beat of his heart and Daehyun blinked several times as soft hands unknotted the blindfold and pulled it away from his eyes.

He had no energy left though to look up at his band mates as he lay splayed out on the bed where Jongup had dumped him, covered in and sweat and the fast forming bruises.

He figured he would have just been left like that too, but soon a warm wash cloth was wiping over his skin, cleaning up the mess Yongguk and Himchan had left behind and soothing the marks Youngjae had created.

Daehyun sighed in contentment, letting his eyes close as gentle fingers worked through his hair, soothing him as his body continued to pulse to the fast rhythm. He allowed for his body to be lift from the bed, the soft cotton pants being pulled over his still stinging . He made no protests though as he was lowered back to the pillows, a clean blanket being pulled over top of him.

“You can take a shower in the morning… get some sleep Dae…” Yongguk’s voice was gentle as he ran his fingers through Daehyun’s messy hair before pressing a quick kiss to his lips.

Himchan was next, “I’m so proud of our little Daehyunnie…” He said, like Yongguk, finishing his sentence with a kiss.

Youngjae was a bit more forceful with his kiss, pressing his lips hard to Daehyun’s, making sure he had the elders attention, “Next time, you better get my right…” he said jokingly before moving to the side to give Jongup room.

“Good night, hyung… sleep well…” Jongup whispered, his kiss gentler then Youngjae’s.

Zelo was the last as he knelt next to Daehyun’s bed, pressing a kiss to his lips gently, his tongue managing to sneak its way into Daehyun’s mouth briefly. Zelo let out a soft giggle as he moved away, “Hyung tastes good…”

“C’mon, let’s let him sleep now…”

After all of his goodnight kisses, Daehyun was beyond exhausted, his body feeling numb as someone tucked the covers tighter around him. He was asleep almost instantly.

But that didn’t stop him from waking up each time that he was shifted across the bed to make room for another body until the bed frame was all but groaning with the weight of six sleeping men all curled up under the multitude of blankets.


well, that was fun to write. I suddenly got tired near the end, and i don't think i did everything I wanted to and I have to go to work an hour so meeeeehhhh. I hope you all enjoy (and holy frick, a ton of you subbed since i put this up. O__O""). I'll try to update KCCF tomorrow when i get home, but until then, enjoy this ! haha.

sorry if there are any typos... i really need to go take a shower before work.

bye guys~




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