My Gangster

Thank you so much to everyone who's given this story so much love and patience! I'm grateful that people were waiting for my updates, even when I was slowly updating it for you all. I gave up on editing and I'm sure you all noticed, but it's only because I wanted you all to read it instead of having to wait even longer just to see where it would take you. Plus, I had my sequel and none of you wanted to read it unless you've finished this story, but now none of you have to worry about that. Anyway, I just wanted to say that this story is completely finished, so I will start updating My Girl again. Thank you once again. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day/evening/night.

Again, please, no plagiarizing and no translating. I don't want to have to go through the hassle of hiding my story just because I feel like the need to. Enjoy the story^^ Thank you, everyone. (Happy 8600 subscribers!!!)


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12/3/15: Happy 9000 subscribers! Thank you so much, everyone! ㅠㅠ

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Chapter 32: My heart breaks... Soo Jin experience hearrbroken for the first time.
Chapter 2: The second hand embarassment I feel after reading... my gosh Soo Jin... haha
Sehun would make a hot gangster in rl XD
Chapter 46: I like this! Hope to see more great stories from you! :)
Miikorin #5
I quite like the plot and how gentle sehun is but the thing is that you made sojin character seems like self centered egoistic girl and bratty plus how she always end up get into trouble seems unnatural to me. You describe it as if sojin herself want to get into trouble, like i can see it beforehand everytime she will get into trouble. Maybe if you reduce the mind talking sojin 'hell yeah i'm ahn sojin' a little bit it will be better i guess. But since this is you first fanfic, it's great that you can write good first plot like this. Fighting!!
Tbh i always like fanfic, i've read it from this site since 2011 and found a lot of amazing stories but i'm sorry this isn't it.
This story is pure gold..i really love itt
Chapter 48: Wow. This was a great story. Though I wonder whatever happened to YooRa.
Chapter 45: So, I'm confused. Whatever happened to Yoo Ra? Did Se Hun say something to her? She's not pestering Soo Jin.
Chapter 36: Oh man, Yoo Ra is going to get punched when Sehun finds out what she did.
Chapter 20: Se Hun is slowly weeding himself into Soo Jin's life. LOL!