My Gangster

Thank you so much to everyone who's given this story so much love and patience! I'm grateful that people were waiting for my updates, even when I was slowly updating it for you all. I gave up on editing and I'm sure you all noticed, but it's only because I wanted you all to read it instead of having to wait even longer just to see where it would take you. Plus, I had my sequel and none of you wanted to read it unless you've finished this story, but now none of you have to worry about that. Anyway, I just wanted to say that this story is completely finished, so I will start updating My Girl again. Thank you once again. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day/evening/night.

Again, please, no plagiarizing and no translating. I don't want to have to go through the hassle of hiding my story just because I feel like the need to. Enjoy the story^^ Thank you, everyone. (Happy 8600 subscribers!!!)


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This story is pure gold..i really love itt
Chapter 48: Wow. This was a great story. Though I wonder whatever happened to YooRa.
Chapter 45: So, I'm confused. Whatever happened to Yoo Ra? Did Se Hun say something to her? She's not pestering Soo Jin.
Chapter 36: Oh man, Yoo Ra is going to get punched when Sehun finds out what she did.
Chapter 20: Se Hun is slowly weeding himself into Soo Jin's life. LOL!
Chapter 14: Oh wow. I'm so sad about Sehun. :(
wow i'm excited to read this story.
wow i'm excited to read this story.
DinoChenChen #9
Chapter 45: Loved it
I'm reading this again.♡♡♡♡