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A sudden increase of injured and death rouge werewolves found has made a hot issue in Alphas Council. The Soul are not happy with the situation. Kris is still new in his alpha position in Century Lake Pack and destiny brought the young pack of wolves the first rouge to handle named Do Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo want to find a freedom. He escapes the hell of his suffering and flee into the wood in hope to find his eternal happiness. Can that little hope being found in Century Lake territory?

Jongin need a mate. He knows that Kyungsoo is his true mate after his first sight of the petite boy but Kyungsoo unstable mental state make it difficult for Jongin. Can they be together or need to be separated? Can Kyungsoo being accepted as his pack members?

(Main Pairing is Kaisoo, and side Kyungsooxeveryone)


I think this is typical wolf au you can found, Kyungsoo being weak, abandoned, abused wolf and being rescued by new pack. But still I create a new story with the same concept.

I marked it as Rated M prior for possible mentioned of abused or violence action.


This story inspired by other fanfic, The Abandoned Wolf and Just Give me a reason (to keep my heart beating).



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JokerAsh #1
Omg T^T i just found this fic and i already love it after read the whole chapters. But but when i look at the update..... ur last update was at Dec 22 2015 ;^; i hope u still wanna continue this story bcs its such an amazing story.. plsss dont leave ur story like this.. pls finish it.. huhuhu u such a great author for meeeee... i hope u continue this story in future.. i will always waiting u to update this precious story.. Fighting and good luck ♡
Ameline1604 #2
Please update soon TT
Monicasaputra #3
Chapter 15: Update please.. Please please.. Huffttt..
milikaa #4
Chapter 15: Update soon please
Chapter 15: I want Kyungsoo to be a carrier pls, after all he is omega and omega wolf bound to be pregnant.
Chapter 15: This story is really beautiful i loved it i am really looking forward to your next updates thank you author-nim
XeylLun #7
Chapter 15: Thanks for keeping up with your good work ♡
vannesa_chan #8
i really like this story author-nim ^^ i never get boring to read this over and over again. please update soon :)
k-sookimchispaghetti #9
Chapter 14: Is that kris and Jomgin?
Byetha #10
Chapter 14: New reader here! I just found this story and I really like it. You make me curious what will happen next. Hope you will update this, fighting! ^^