Black Out

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“We got him; tell the client he’s here.” A man in a black suit said. All that the captured male could hear was the muffled voices around him as his senses gradually came back to him. He slowly opened his eyes as they felt heavy and drowsy. On top of that he felt light headed and dizzy, making it harder for his vision to adjust and see where he was.

What happened? What did these people want with him? He didn’t do anything! All he was doing was minding his own business, as always. He never got involved with the wrong type of people, he just kept to himself. Why?

The last thing he remembers is walking home around 12:30pm from the convenience store. He had just gotten off work and needed a quick meal. After walking about ten minutes, a black van pulled over and a man asked him for directions. The driver looked older and seemed utterly lost. So, he helped since he wasn't in any rush.

The man kept asking him to repeat the directions and asked to look at his map and see if it was the right city. He grew a bit annoyed as to how his directions to the man were going in one ear and out the other. He was just about to give up and go home when suddenly he felt someone's presence behind him.

The next thing he knew a pair of strong hands gripped his waist and another hand covered his mouth, preventing any cry for help. The struggling male kicked and slung his arms about towards his attackers hoping it would slacken their grasp but to no avail.

 Moments later a dampened cloth was smothered over his mouth and nose, his eyes and consciousness slowly fading to darkness. Just before his eyes consciousness left him he saw the old man smirking evilly, and then everything went black.

Now he could hear multiple footsteps approaching, the tapping of each shoe echoing off the barren walls and into his ears. Squinting, taking a look around through his still adjusting, hazy vision, he could see that he was in a small, darkly lit room with one small rectangular window near the ceiling.

By the looks of it, he was underground.

But where was he exactly? He never did anything to make enemies, nor did he really talk to anyone, other than his bosses. Why him of all people? Were they going to kill him? Were they going to take his organs and sell them to the highest bidder? Were they going to sell him into slavery? Was he going to be held hostage and held for ransom? No, that wouldn’t benefit them.

He was all alone.

All these questions were racing through his thoughts; so much that he hadn’t noticed the multiple pairs of feet that now stood in front of him. His gaze was downcast, seeing jeans and shoes. It was hard to keep his head up due to the overall weakness and numbness his body was feeling; they must have given him some drugs after he passed out.

“This is him, Sir. Jung Daehyun. We hope he serves you well, Sir Bang.” A man spoke from behind Daehyun. “Our Boss is expecting you later tonight to confirm your decision.” By the sound of his voice, he was just a mindless henchman following any orders given to him.

“I’ll see about that.” The man called ‘Sir Bang’ spoke. His voice was low and bass; it had the tone of authority to it, sending shudders down Daehyun’s spine.

The man knelt down in front of Daehyun, who was on his knees; his hands bound snuggly behind his back, and his head facing the ground. The man smirked evilly as he roughly gripped Daehyun’s chin with his fingers, tilting his head side to side, examining him. Daehyun had dark grey hair with a tint of lighter grey blended within, and had bangs that stopped just above his eyebrows. He had a beauty mark just below his left eye, and had plump lips. Liking was he saw, Sir Bang nodded his head slightly and mumbled 'you'll do' to himself.

Daehyun struggled and jolted his head backwards, trying to get out of the man’s grip. He then tried to bite the man’s fingers but instead the grip just tightened, causing some red marks to appear.

“You’re a feisty one.” The man his lips slightly, which made Daehyun shoot him a glare.

“F- you!” He looked directly into the man’s dark, piercing eyes and received a low chuckle.

“I like that bit of fight in you. I look forward to taming you, Jung Daehyun.”

“W-what do you want with me?!”

He struggled against the bonds around his hands. The man laughed darkly at the others trembling state, enjoying seeing the fear in his eyes. Yes, he was to be feared. That’s the way he liked it. No one could walk over him; he was the one that had that ability.

Sir Bang spoke to one of the henchmen stood behind Daehyun, who was making sure he didn’t get free of his bonds. "You can go now. Tell your Boss I’ll take the deal and that I’ll have his share at the meeting later tonight.”

The henchman in the black suit bowed before gathering his two other partners, making their way out the dimly lit room, the only light coming from a single bulb hanging from a string in the middle of the ceiling.

As soon as the henchmen left, the man of the bass voice stood up and looked down to the shivering male at his feet.

“You belong to me now, Jung Daehyun.”

“N-no. I don’t belong to anybody.” Daehyun shouted but the man didn’t even flinch. “Let me go you bastard!”

Sir Bang turned to a raven haired male behind him. Daehyun just kept his head hung, his eyes widened like saucers. This couldn’t be happening. What was he going to do? What were they going to do with him? Sure, he heard about stuff like this in the news, but he, not in a million years would think it would happen to him. Of all people why him?

“Himchan, get the car ready.” The addressed man bowed slightly and left after saying, “Sure thing, Bang.” Himchan was the man’s name. He had low, raspy voice. And, by the sounds of it he must be close to Bang; since he didn’t say ‘Sir Bang’.

As soon as the door shut, Bang turned to the two other males in the room. “Jongup, Zelo, take him. I’ll be going ahead.” They both bowed. “Ne. Master Bang.” ‘Master Bang’? Well, it seems like they don’t have the same relationship with him as Himchan does, Daehyun thought. Bang smirked, eyeing Daehyun up and down one last time before turning around and taking his leave.

Daehyun was now left in the dark, empty room with the two called Jongup and Zelo. The taller of the two spoke, “Welcome to your new life, Jung Daehyun.”







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[A/N]  Sooooo this is my first sorta chatper fic I'm planning to do.

I'm still an amateur writer and need practice  ;O;

So, through writing this I hope my skills will improve little by little.

I love writing and I just want to keep getting better~   ^o^

I hope this first chapter was good...

How was it?  xD



Thanks for reading!


-   홀리




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Chapter 5: nice story
when are you updating?

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Chapter 5: so whos the main otp of this fic ? well youngjae could be just daehyun pal right hehehe

I'm really curious what is bbang planned for them .......... keep up the good work autornim
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Chapter 5: Together~ Together with me~ ahahahahak~ XDD
Daejae Daejae Daejae, sweet couple~ :)
AlienMatoBunnies #4
ThunderStruck #5
Chapter 5: Yes I like this daejae connection, I really hope jae gets out with or without dae
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Chapter 5: No!!! I'm sorry, but I just don't really like DaeJae when the story is about BangDae... But at least he had someone with him. Hahahaha~
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Chapter 4: omg please update soon that chapter was so funny himchan burned everything