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→ study hall roleplay; | high school au themed facebook rp; | checked + cleared! just passed one year of being open!!




Study Hall High School



what if school could be more?


Hi   ,   I'm

Headmaster of SHHS. Come to my office with any questions.

Hi  ,    I'm

Head Teacher of the Omega dorm. Come to my office with any questions.

Hi  ,    I'm

Head Teacher of the Alpha dorm. Come to my office with any questions.




01. one account per person. 02. (!!) no international idols. 03. you can be a teacher or a student; check for available staff positions. 04. tell admins before you deactivate/hiatus. 05. no mpreg. limit of 2 children. all ualities allowed. 06. in pm. 07. we work on a strike system. 3 and you're out. 08. be at least 13 and be respectful. 09. don't add other members, they will add you.

how to join

01. subscribe. 02. check wishlist for desired idol. unlisted is available. 03. wait for admin approval, then send your account link within 5 days. wait for everyone to add you 04. Put "SH" as your alternate name. 05. Apply in the proper format: i would like to be [idol] from [group] as a [teacher/student] under [kyuhyun/suho] + password 06. password is least favorite word.

♂14 | ♀04


open and accepting

06 staff | 12 students

help wanted:
♂1 | ♀1 : teachers under kyuhyun
♂1 | ♀1 : teachers under joonmyun

o1. o2. o3. o4.


What staff positions are taken/available?

Computer Science, Art, Creative Writing, History, Math, and Theater are taken. Science, Music, Gym and Literature teachers, as well as a Nurse are wanted!


Can we choose the grade for our character?

All incoming students are going to be High School Freshman. School years are only six months long to enable them to age up more quickly! Once they graduate high school, there is Study Hall University for them to attend, though they are not permitted to enter the dorms without Kyuhyun or Joonmyun's permission. For any further questions, contact any admin.


Is there a dating ban?

Nope! And teacher/student relationships are allowed, though only teacherXteacher relationships can marry.


Can we have a different name for our characters?

Admins would prefer that all names the English version or Hanguel/Hanji versions with "SH (Idol Name)" as the alternate name. Please keep names clean as this is a school roleplay.


Comments are moderated. Keep it cool. Critical is fine, but if you're rude to one another (or to us), we'll delete your stuff. Have fun and thanks for joining the conversation!

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hikikomori #1
ex00000l0ver #2
hikikomori #3
i want to be eunhee from havepp as a student under suho + gregarious (this is old eunhee)
ex00000l0ver #4
I wanna be jongin from exo as a student under suho +idk I dont really have one??? (This is old jongin... like old jongin as in the jongin with eunhee)
yesungs-kitty #5
→ post activity check update;

total members → 16

removed → zelo. baekhyun. seulgi. sojin. shinyeong. jiwon. jungkook.

/ admin kyu.
yesungs-kitty #6
-- pre activity check update;

total members → 24

/ admin kyu.
yesungs-kitty #7
-- checked and updated;

arrived → chanyeol. sojin. hyunwoo. minjung. suga.

removed → soo ah.

/ admin kyu.
I would like to be Park Chanyeol from EXO as a student under Suho + Lee Minho
toasteroven #9
I would like to be Park Sojin from Girl's Day as a music teacher under Kyuhyun + Sam Claflin
EverydayMinahDay #10