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→ study hall roleplay; | high school au themed facebook rp;


study hall
a facebook roleplay
last update ; 03.29.2015
This is Study Hall. What more do you want high school to be?


opened; 12.23.2013 || status; open || member count; 24
Males/Females; 17/6
Staff/Students; 8/15
Help Wanted;
0 males and 1 female for Kyuhyun needed.
1 male and 1 female for suho needed.


I. no double accounts. No international idols.
III. you can be a teacher or student. check for available positions.
III. Tell admins if you go on hiatus or deactivate.
IV. all ualities allowed. no mpreg. 2 children limit. in pm.
V. be at least 13 and respectful of everyone. 3 strikes and you're out.
VII. do not add others, they will add you. this is a closed roleplay, please do not add outsiders.


I. subscribe to thread. upvoting is optional.
III. check masterlist and wishlist for desired idols. unlisted is available.
III. wait for admin approval, then send your link within five days. do not add members until they add you.
IV. password = favorite tv show.
V. put sh as your alternate name.
VII. apply in proper format: i would like to be (idol) from (group) as a (teacher/student) under (suho/kyuhyun) + password.


I. what staff positions are available?
— Computer Science, Art, Creative Writing, History, Math, Literature and Theater are taken. A nurse, music, Science and gym teachers are wanted!
II. can we choose the grade for our characters?
— All incoming students are entering as High School Freshman. School years are only six months long, and once they graduate high school, there is a Study Hall University. Once in University, students are not permitted to enter either Alpha or Omega dorms without Kyuhyun or Joonmyun's permission. For any further questions, contact any admin!
III. Is there a dating ban?
‐ no dating ban! teacher/teacher and teacher/student relationships are allowed, however only teacher/teacher relationships can marry.
IV. can we have a different name for our characters?
— admins would prefer that all names are the English version or the Hangeul/Hanji versions with "SH (Idol Name)" as the alternate name. Please keep names clean, as this is a school roleplay. Please keep this in mind when applying!


not listed are free! // underlined = admins
ulzzangs: jo eunhee, lee minjung, kang jiwon
after school: im jinah
f(x): jung soojung
lovelyz: jeong yein

actors: lee hyunwoo
boyfriend: shim hyunseong
bts: min yoongi, jeon jungkook
exo: kim joonmyeon, wu yifan, kim jongin, lu han, kim jongdae
infinite: nam woohyun
mblaq: lee changsun
shinee: choi minho, kim jonghyun, lee taemin, kim kibum
super junior: cho kyuhyun
winner: song mino


filled not filled
most wanted: bang cheolyong, t-ara, jo kwangmin, jun hyosung, song jieun, shim changmin

also wanted: btob, bangtan, boyfriend, super junior, secret, block b, choi seunghyun, yang yoseob, lizzy park, james joohyun lee, mark tuan, jackson wang, eli kim, bang yongguk


comment if you want to be the one. 


Comments are moderated. Keep it cool. Critical is fine, but if you're rude to one another (or to us), we'll delete your stuff. Have fun and thanks for joining the conversation!

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Ciaoyuri #1
I would like to be Mark Tuan from GOT7 as a student under Suho.

Fave TV show: Drag Race.
kckrazy #2
I would like to be Choi Sulli from F(x) as a student under Suho + Roommates
MinGae #3
I would like to be Cha Hakyeon of VIXX I would like to be a Nurse.

Favorite TV Show : Constantine.
shibalnom #4
I would like to be Chen of EXO as a student under Kyuhyun.

+ I don't watch TV so I don't have a favorite. ;w;
yesungs-kitty #5
-- updated as of 3.29.2015

arrived → jungkook (student). mino (lit teacher). yein (student).
reserved → woohyun. sungjong.

/ admin kyu.
jelliejae #6
I would like to be Woohyun of Infinite as a student under Suho.
// ranking king.
Yupina #7

Mino here!
pororochup #9
I would like to be Yein from Lovelyz as a student under Suho + reply1994
Yupina #10
I would like to be Song Minho / Mino from Winner as a teacher in Literature under Kyuhyun
+ How to get away with murder