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study hall high school

study hall high school


Welcome to study hall — Sometimes school gets a little hard. We know it. Been there, done that. But… What if school could be more? 

Affiliates —
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job openings

★ We Want You

science teacher. gym teacher. education teacher.

— jimin of bts is wanted.


population ♂13 ♀05
Established 12/23/2013
Status We're Open!

❝ We currently have,
— 10 students
— 08 staff members

❝ teachers needed,
— Under Kyuhyun;  1 Female
— Under Suho; 2 Male ; 1 Female


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yesungs-kitty #2
→ Post Activity Check Update! [ Total Members; 18 ]

Roles Now Open;

Imm Jinah
Goo Hara
Nam Jihyun
Xi Luhan
DO Kyungsoo

/ admin kyu.
yesungs-kitty #3
→ Pre Activity Check Update ; [ Total members: 23 ]

Newest Arrivals;

- Minah
- Jihyun
- Jongin
- Taemin
- Kyungsoo

Recently Departed;

- Sehun

/ admin kyu.
EverydayMinahDay #4
i would like to be Minah from Girls Day as a student under kyuhyun + bacon + yes i want to be in the group
angelikaMLF #5
Chapter 1: nam jihyun here
angelikaMLF #6
i would like to be jihyun from 4minute as a student under suho. + chesse + i would not like to be in a group.
redkrayon #7
i would like to be baekhyun from exo k as student under suho. + meat + i would like to be in the group.
ex00000l0ver #8
kai: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008198102766
ex00000l0ver #9
Chapter 1: i would like to be kai from exok as a student under kyuhyun + pizza + yeah i wanna be in the group
maknae0718 #10
Chapter 1: i'd like to be taemin from shinee as a student under kyuhyun + sushi + yes i wanna be in the group
hotbyun2014 #11
hmm interesting rp maybe i will join