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study hall high school

study hall high school


Welcome to study hall — Sometimes school gets a little hard. We know it. Been there, done that. But… What if school could be more? 

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job openings

★ We Want You

gym teacher. nurse.

— jimin of bts is wanted.


population ♂12 ♀06
Established 12/23/2013
Status We're Open!

❝ We currently have,
— 09 students
— 09 staff members

❝ teachers needed,
— Under Kyuhyun;  1 Male ; 1 Female
— Under Suho;  All Full!



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-shineebabies- #2
Hello! I'd like to return as Nana from after school. I was gone for many personal reasons but I can be much more active now!
Almighty_Keys_girl #3
Chapter 1: Key here!!

IWannaLoveTeenTop #4
Please visit this page if you want to save your people in your roleplay. It's currently happening right now
[ ATTENTION ] To Facebook Roleplay
dazzlingsummer #5
Chapter 1: Krystal is here https://www.facebook.com/soojung.jung.77715
dazzlingsummer #6
i would like to be Krystal from F(x) as a student under kyuhyun + Jaejoong
Almighty_Keys_girl #7
I would like to be Key from Shinee as a student under Suho + Key
yesungs-kitty #8
Post Activity Check Update!! [ Total Members: 16 ]

Roles Now Open;

Kim Jongin
Kim Kibum (Key)
Kim Seuk Hye
yesungs-kitty #9
Pre-Activity Check update! [ Total Members: 19 ]

Recently arrived;

Jinki Lee

Recently Departed;

Park Sora
TheChickenJinki #10
Jinki o u o
TheChickenJinki #11
Chapter 1: I would like to be Jinki from SHINee as a teacher under Suho + Jinki O u O