Ice Cream

Niel x Changjo pairing


Ice cream – Changjo x Niel

Rain – Ricky x Niel

Thunder – C.A.P x Niel

Chocolates – Chunji x Niel

Water – L. Joe x Niel


Ice Cream


Niel wiped the sweat off his forehead and sighed. The air was extremely humid and the cold bottles of water didn’t help cool him down. Changjo sat with him and sighed as well.


“Why is it so hot?” Changjo complained. Niel shrugged.


“Because it’s summer time?” he said sarcastically. Changjo rolled his eyes playfully.


“Aish…you didn’t have to say the obvious.” He muttered. Niel grinned but then frowned after feeling the warm air again. “If only we could control weather…then life would be so much easier…”


“I know right? Aish…” Changjo looked around the park and saw an ice cream stand. “Ah, we should get ice cream.”


“Yah, do you have the money?” Niel tried to find some money in his pocket. “I only have 500 won.” Changjo looked in his pockets as well.


“I have a 1000 won bill…” he sighed. “I guess we can only get one cone…”


“Isn’t it kind of awkward for two guys to share ice cream…? And…in a park…alone…” Niel emphasized the word ‘alone.’ Changjo smirked.


“Gosh, what do you have in your mind? Don’t you think of me as a friend? Or…” he went closer into Niel’s face. “…do you want more?” Niel blushed and shoved Changjo out of his face.


“D-Don’t tease me! I’m your h-hyung!” Niel stammered. Changjo laughed at him.


“But it’s hilarious!” he replied back. Niel rolled his eyes and stood up.


“Come on, let’s get some ice cream.” He said. Changjo grinned and nodded. The two ordered a scoop of chocolate ice cream in a cup and ate it quickly. Niel sighed happily.


“Ahh~” he said with a goofy grin. Changjo laughed and noticed that there was only enough for one more spoonful. He and Niel looked at each other for a second and then dug into the cup for the remaining ice cream. In the end, Changjo took the last piece and swallowed it.


“Aha!” he threw out the cup. Niel sulked in his seat.


“Aww man and I wanted that piece too…” he mumbled. Changjo stayed silent for a moment but then smiled. He went close into Niel’s face making Niel raise his eyebrow. Changjo slowly placed his lips on Niel’s. Niel’s eyes widened as he felt Changjo force his tongue inside. Niel could taste the chocolate flavor melt into his own tongue and ended up enjoying the kiss. Then Changjo parted from Niel’s lips and grinned. Niel’s face was bright red, making Changjo laugh.


“There!” Changjo exclaimed. “Now you got the last taste of the ice cream!” After a lot of pondering, Niel finally got what he said. It was true. Niel could taste the chocolate ice cream flavor lingering on his tongue.


“B-B-But you…” he stuttered. Changjo smirked and went closer to his face.


“I think you can conclude something after this without me explaining to you.” He whispered in his ear. Niel blushed.


“W-Wait y-you like...” Changjo cut off Niel by running off while laughing.


“W-Wait you idiot! That was my first kiss!” Niel yelled and chased after him.





What do you think? I thought it was okay. =P 


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melidin #2
Sooo sweet...
Smiggletastic #3
Chapter 6: I think you should really make a full story to this! It's so good! :D I love the pairings too!
Bluebell88 #4
Chapter 5: Yah. I love this couple and there are seriously not enough fics for them.
More I need more.
Babyangelbestfriend #5
Chapter 6: THIS IS SO CUTEEEEEEE<3333333 I love this story^^ I loved allllllllll the pairings<3
PandaDiceLost #6
Chapter 6: oh, wow, I am rather pleased with this... xDD
lanternofhair #7
nice story
ND2011hakuren #8
You know if you ever make a sequel let Niel be with Chanjo. I liked their pairing the most..
Speramus #9
Oops! Ouch! Terrible! Omo!! That was the best!!!!