when badboys meet there match

by zelo916
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kris tao chanyeol kai beakhyun D.O sehun luhan xiumin chen suho lay


tao D.O lay beakhyun xiumin and luhan are the badboys but secratly nerds and wolves.they are all sub.but what happens when kris kai chanyeol chen and sehun come to there school as the new transfer students and they are also wolves.ok so tao and his friends skip school smoke and vandalise the school building.while kris and his friends dont do anything bad at all but can at will there are former gang memmbers.and they are all dom.ok lets how this plays out


ok this is my 2 fanfic please enjoy

love u pandas :)

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leo415 () says about chapter 10:
Write next chapter and keep updating and sent notices to me. Thanks, oh and the story is so addicting.

Lunabell-SAD-angel () says about chapter 9:

Ezlynn1996 () says about chapter 9:
Update soon author~nim ^^ :)

Raejin98 () says about chapter 9:
please update soon author-nim ^^

RubyRose168243 () says about chapter 7:
PlZzzz update I want to Noe wats going to happen next

sazuka () says about chapter 6:
update soon author nim ^_^

Lovemoe () says:
OMG!!! Please update soon

benbenkrissy () says about chapter 4:
nooooo dont go need more chapters >-<

benbenkrissy () says about chapter 3:
whats gonna HAPPEN?

Muntaha720 () says about chapter 4:
Please update soon :D

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