Six Senses

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Woohyun is hospitalized, Sunggyu worries. Idolverse.


This was supposed to be a oneshot (well, it could've been a oneshot), but it seemed appropriate for me to split this into 6 parts. This fic will have short chapters, ~1000 words each. Um. Nevermind ^^' Entire fic is 12,023 words ^_^


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dontworryandcomeback #1
Chapter 6: Huuhuhuhu let me cuddle up in a corner and cry a little bit cos its beautiful~~~
Nafifi #2
Chapter 6: Omfg this is so beautiful !!!!!!!
StrawberryHunny #3
Chapter 6: I cried so much but this is the most beautiful story ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sillymm #4
Chapter 6: this was one of d best woogyu i hav read so far... I keep cuming back 2 read it,time n again...good job ^_^
gyutheleader_891 #5
Chapter 6: this story too sweet TT v TT
their relationship is beautiful and woogyu love tho <333
sha_alina19 #6
Chapter 6: so sweet!! love it soo much!!
Chapter 6: omg woohyun finally wake up and happy ending.. this fic is so beautiful ♡
Chapter 6: Omg this is just beautiful ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ just plain amazing
kms19920313 #9
Chapter 6: Aigooo. Thank you for the wonderful fiction. I was crying and then laughing then that playful teasing by the members at the end. Just perfect. I really love it! Omo. My woogyu feels ♡ and the little myungyeol there. Aissh. Thankyou author-nim for a great story!
Chapter 6: Gahh~ Amazing stories written by amazing author~ *laugh* All the member are cute,with they playful mode~ I loved it~