♡30 days of being a sex slave♡ [M]

by RainbowPuff (subscribers-only)
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♡30 days of being a sex slave♡ - main story image


You, Top, GD, Daesung, Taeyang, and Seungri


Big Bang's popularity is going downhill. Their fans are slowly leaving, one by one.

Each day their money profit is declining.

They have no hope left, unless one fan can help. You. You can help Big Bang, by giving them money. No, not giving them money but buying them.

You bought the Big Bang boy band for 30 days. In those 30 days, you use them as sex slaves. They belong to you now, so why not? Plus, you're their biggest fan.

They have no clue who they've been sold to.

You're their biggest fan. You love every single one of them. Ok, so maybe you have a slight bias towards Top and G-dragon.


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botdflover () says about chapter 11:
Youngbae oppa! Where are you? I loved the scene between top and her. Youngbae Is My bias but Top is so awesome.

kwonrara () says about chapter 11:
youngbae oppa? :/

Liya_Heartless () says about chapter 10:
young bae oppa is nowhere to be found, where are you??

therealkpoppers () says about chapter 10:
Uh,where is YB ~

hyunnielover26 () says:
cant wait for youngbae

rumputliar () says about chapter 10:
i can't wait.,Youngbae-ah where are you? haha

kulkk1234 () says about chapter 5:
Lol TOP isnt wearing any boxer. I think irl he wouldnt wear one either, he seem like the lazy type haha

kulkk1234 () says about chapter 2:
if she's the richest female in korea, she could just easily find connection n be able to meet bigbang back stage in all the concert before, or in parties etc.
And 2.5 million for bigbang? So its only 500,000 per bigbang member? Lol i think thats so cheap for a bigbang member! I like the idea of this story tho, but some of the content isnt realistic enough.

Situmeng18 () says about chapter 10:

botdflover () says about chapter 9:
Please up date soon. Please!

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