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❝ Xing Zhaolin

Xing Zhaolin

nationality ; chinese

birth date ; 22 july 1997

weight ; 72 kg

height ; 189 cm

dance ; poppin/hip hop

fave singer ; EXO M's kris

country ; zheonghou, china

education ; 郑州一八联合国际学校 - zheonghou eighteen united international school

language ; english, korean

he is the newest sm trainee

he is kris and baekhyun's fanboy

sm trainee who played as a thug in exo - wolf drama mv

have a little birthmark under his right eye

his instagram » @xzlxzlxzl

his weibo » http://weibo.com/u/2608419283

his twitter » @zhaolin97

more photos of him ;

it's baekhyun wolf pin! lol


some of his selcas


zhaolin in front of sm building


full body shot of zhaolin


zhaolin in exo - wolf drama mv as a thug. he was the sixth from the left, the one who hold a flashlight


zhaolin update today:



130811 zhaolin update:

"I'm Zhaolin ^^ ZL for short ♡
‪#‎ZL‬ ‪#‎Zhaolin‬"


130811 zhaolin update:

"画画不是很好看 :"(,但我已经很用心的画男神了"
"painting is not very nice :"(, but I have to paint a male god very carefully




ㅋㅋㅋ he was one of my fave trainee! lol he have soooo many selcas and his face looked a bit like baekhyun ouo

hope he will debut soon!



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Pervyderpbaozipanda #1
Chapter 1: Johnny is an SMrookie right???
rocketsocks12 #2
Chapter 3: He confirmed that he wasn't joining exo on his Instagram
anthealkl #3
Chapter 3: he's rumored to replace Kris in EXO; I heard of the rumor hence I searched about him. It'll be pretty ironic if he replaces Kris
Chapter 8: i love oh seunghee... she prettier than yoon sohee
Dream-Lightz #5
Chapter 6: I love Yoon So Hee so much <3 !!
OnMyDreamU_U #6
Chapter 6: I love Yoon So hee ~~!! <3
after watching her in Exo's mv, I start to fangirling her... LOL XD
she looks like actress Park Si yeon though....
so cute~
MonyuMoo #7
Chapter 6: Sohee's legs look so strong o-O she looks like she could kick a brick across the country...
Hey_kpop #8
Chapter 2: Chanyeol's ex girlfriend? Lucky girl cx
lecrybaby #9
Chapter 8: So cute! !
--baekseul #10
Chapter 3: omg he's so cute!
when did he become a trainee?