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[Facts] EXO favourite food.

[Facts] EXO favourite food.   cr: 12exo_facts  Krease

cr: 12exo_facts


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believeinyourself7 #1
Chapter 13: Oh Chen you crack me up
believeinyourself7 #2
Chapter 2: Chapter 2: I would do the same thing as the girl then start crying super hard from Chanyeol's cuteness
theulzzanggirl #3
Chapter 251: Its soo sooo funny about the love hate reaction towards da confetti thing ^^
chooseylover #4
Chapter 85: now, he has an IG account
fanof-fanfic #5
Chapter 71: Oh! There's also Chanyeol and Block B's P.O haha XP I love VIXXO!
exoteen13 #6
Chapter 254: LOL V. i love baek, v and daehyun. and i never know they're family.
LovelyHaeFishie #7
Chapter 130: What show is this??
farah_shiners123 #8
Chapter 16: Why cant I subscribe??
Tomomi_Mayuki #9
Thanks ~~~~
Tomomi_Mayuki #10
Thanks ~~~~