"Loosen up, I won't hurt you... "

Daebak ;; [ O n e S h o t ]

Eunhyuk drove around the high populated city, passing several red lights as he went. He drove swiftly in his custom made, midnight black Mercedes. He stared through his tinted windows as he passed numerous civilians, smirking at the intriguing ones. He pulled to a stop as he reached his destination, parking in a front space. He threw on his black shades and exited his vehicle, smirking suggestively at the women who were currently staring in awe at him.

He stood in front of the club an admired the crimson letters on the sign, Daebak. Now that was something to be appreciated. The lighting lit up his pale face making him glow and appear more attractive if that was even possible. As he walked inside, women made their way towards him and greeted him with suggest smiles and mischievous eyes.

"Wanna go play... At home... In my bed...?" Spoke a confident women, suggestively biting her lip. Eunhyuk rolled his eyes signaling his disinterest.

Another women slid past her. "How about we play cops and robbers?" She winked then her lips as she looked the red head up and down. He ignored her as well...

Once he'd slid past the mob of women he made his way towards the bar.

Eunhyuk rested his elbow on the counter then smiled at the bartender. "May I have a Soju Cocktail.." He thought a moment. "Watermelon flavored." He smiled a gummy smile, exposing a set of pearly white teeth.

As he waited he noticed a younger man a few seats in front of him. He bit the inside of his cheek in contemplation. Slowly, he slid over to the midnight-haired man and sat beside him. The boy looked up at him as he sat down, eyes innocent. He looked so young and his skin looked so soft and touchable...

"H-hello?" The boy spoke, tilting his head to the side childishly.

Eunhyuk smiled slightly. The boy was adorable and had an accent. A Mokpo accent. "Hey!" His smile grew. "My names Eunhyuk.." He bowed slightly then gazed into the boys big chocolate eyes. So innocent.

The boy bit his bottom lip and Eunhyuk gulped. How could someone so innocent look so y..? "M-my name is.." The boy hesitated, sheepishly glancing down. "Donghae..." He shyly glanced back up, eyes wide, smile creeping onto his lips.

"Want something to drink...?" Eunhyuk murmured mischievously.

"My mom said not to accept drinks from strangers.." Donghae spoke quietly, breaking eye contact. Eunhyuk murmured incoherent words and Donghae curiously stared at the older male. "A-are you okay, Mister?" Donghae whispered. His eyes widened in worry.

Eunhyuk chuckled at the boys words. "Of course.." He chuckled placing a hand on his shoulder. Donghae visibly trembled. "Loosen up, I won't hurt you... You're too handsome for me to hurt.." That made him blush crimson as he glanced down at the floor. Eunhyuk placed a finger underneath his chin and tilted his head up. "Don't be embarrassed.."

"W-who said I was embarrassed? I just think that you're being a .." Donghae murmured sticking his tongue out at the older.

Eunhyuk was baffled. His mouth hung agape as he stared at the younger male. "? Why would I be a . What are you like 12?" Donghae laughed.

"Of course you're a , why else would you wanna buy me a drink and say how 'handsome' I am?" Donghae smirked intelligently. "I don't hang out with people like you."

Eunhyuk bit his bottom lip. "I'm not a ..." He whispered. "And I won't hurt you... I just wanna be friend, y'know what I mean?" He smiled a monkey like smile.

Donghae raised and eyebrow then laughed. "Okay! We'll be friends then." He smiled brightly in content. "Let's go play a game! Like... Like soccer! Or rock, paper, scissors!" His eyes widened with childish excitement.

"Uhh... Sure, sure!" Eunhyuk replied with a warm smile. "If that's what you want, Hae."

Donghaes eyes lit up, "We're getting nicknames now? You're Hyukkie then." He smiled broadly then ran his hands through my red hair, admiring the contrast of black and red. "Your hair is really cool looking."

Eunhyuk smiled his gummy smile. "Thanks," He paused a moment to listen to the blaring music, unusually a slow song was playing. He glanced at Donghae again and caught him staring, big chocolate eyes shining. "Wanna dance or something?" The older inquired, winking at his cute dongsaeng.

The dongsaengs heart raced as their eyes connected. He glanced at the crowd of slow-dancers and gave a tiny smile. "Okay, Hyukkie~" Donghaes smile broadened making Eunhyuk almost die from aegyo.

"Alright.." Eunhyuk quickly took a sip of his watermelon flavored soju then stood up. "Come on, let's go." He held a pale hand out to Donghae who took it and blushed slightly.

Eunhyuks favorite song slow song had just begun and he smirked as he lead the brunette towards the dance floor.

"I love this song~" Donghae cheered, voice droned by the music. The artist was Super Junior and the song was Sorry Sorry Answer. He loved the song almost as much as he loved the group.

They made their way hand-in-hand towards the middle of the dance floor, red and yellow lights aimed right at the center where they settled. Donghae glanced up at the lights with a small smile; the lights casting a soft glow on his face. Eunhyuk noticed this and bit the inside of his cheek checking out the younger from head to toe. He was more than just cute, he was oddly beautiful.
When their eyes met, they paused assuming position.

Donghae smiled sheepishly as he wrapped his arms around the olders neck while Eunhyuk placed his hands on the younger’s waist. Eunhyuk cleared his throat and flashed a gummy smile.

'You're so, so beautiful... I'm entranced by your appearance, I'm entranced.'

Eunhyuk couldn't keep his eyes off the handsome man he was dancing with. Neither Donghae could keep his eyes off Eunhyuk, they quietly gazed in each others eyes, turning slowly. Eunhyuk smirked while the tiny smile the younger had widened very slightly.

'I'm captured by your gaze, I can't turn my head around either... I'm a fool...'

Donghae felt like there was no one else in the room except him and the stranger he calls Hyukkie. To him, nothing else mattered anymore.. He felt nothing could tear their gazes away. Although Eunhyuk won't admit it, but he felt the same, he'd never felt that way before... He felt so attracted to this dongsaeng but he didn't quite understand why... He wanted Donghae to like him... He wanted Donghae to be his and only his...

"Hyung," Donghae blushed as he spoke. "I-I kinda like this..." He whispered quietly. "I think I like being here with you..." He admitted sheepishly staring into the hyungs eyes.

Eunhyuk raised an eyebrow and smirked. He wrapped his arms tightly around the younger’s waist, pulling him closer towards his body. "Is this okay?" He asked leaning closer, voice seductively pulling Donghae closer.

He nodded vigorously, "Y-yes..."

'My heart feels like it will burst, when I hold on your hand and we kiss'

Eunhyuk removed a hand from his slender waist to place it in the small space between them. He put the younger’s pale hand against his heart making the younger gasp and gulp loudly.

"I-I... Am I... Your heart.." As he spoke Eunhyuks heart beat increased slightly. "Are you okay, hyung?"

Eunhyuk leaned forward, tilting his head slightly. Their breath mingled and Donghaes breath hitched in his throat. Eunhyuk parted his lips slightly moving slightly forward so their lips just barely touched. Their eyes remained connected as Eunhyuk finally filled the gap pressing his lips softly against the others. Donghaes eyes widened in bewilderment as Eunhyuks eyes fluttered closed. At first, Donghae didn’t respond to the kiss, but then felt his face flush and he kissed back.

'I can't imagine losing you, A life I live without you... Living a life without you...'

Eunhyuks tongue darted out to Donghaes bottom lip asking silently for entry. Donghae panicked and was about to say something when Eunhyuk took that as an advantage. His tongue pressed passed his parted lips and into the moistened cavern, ing slightly. Donghae tasted sweet, almost like candy... His tongue tangled with Donghaes while Donghae just gasped at the unfamiliar action. Donghae felt slightly uncomfortable and accidentally bit Eunhyuks tongue making him groan...

"Mmm... .." He nibbled Donghaes bottom lip slightly then pulled it in between his lips.

"Hyukkie hyung, a-are we li-" Donghae began but was silenced with Eunhyuks lips.

Eunhyuk leaned back and bit his bottom lip as he looked at his dongsaengs bruised lips, smirking slightly in accomplishment. "Shh, Hae.. Just feel the moment.."

Donghae blushed then nodded slowly. He moved closer to Eunhyuk enjoying the warmness of his embrace. He had a feeling that Eunhyuk wouldn't hurt him.. In the beginning he thought that he just wanted a one night stand, but now it's as if he'd met a whole new Eunhyuk. The one who he trusts. The one he'd be willing to submit to in the short amount of time they'd met.

Donghae laid his head on Eunhyuks shoulder and sighed contently. The older rubbed his dongsaengs hips tenderly as he slowly grinded himself against him. Donghae froze at that. He'd never even thought about grinding against someone ever in his life! He felt ridiculous letting the older have his way with him but at the same time, he didn't have a care in the world...

"Donghae," He whispered, breath hot against my ear. He the shell then chuckled as I shivered. "I wanna do this again sometime.."

The dongsaeng nuzzled his head into the hyungs shoulder and sighed. "Me too, hyung~ Who knew the stalker would be so close with me...?" He wondered in astonishment to himself making Eunhyuk smile.

"When we're together... We'll be called 'Eunhae'.." Eunhyuk smiled a gummy smile. Donghae pulled back.

"W-what?" He giggled.

"Y'know, shortening our names.." replied Eunhyuk coolly.

"Ohh.." Donghae smiled. "Okay, we're Eunhae... The eunhae couple.." He stuck his tongue out at the older cutely in an attempt at aegyo. It was a success. The older couldn't resist kissing his lips once again.

Eunhyuk growled as he hungry kissed down the younger’s jaw line causing Donghae to and grip Eunhyuks shirt as he tilted his head. Eunhyuk smiled against his velvety soft skin as he harshly at the flesh on his neck. Donghae whimpered and tangled his fingers in Eunhyuks hair..

"A-ah... Hyukkie~" Donghae ed. Eunhyuk bit into his collar bone roughly. "Eunhyuk!" He half screamed. He harshly at the spot and pulled back examining the reddened mark he'd made.

Eunhyuks cold hands crept into Donghaes shirt making him shiver. The hyung rubbed the younger’s chest then rubbed his way til he found his s. He withdrew his hands and the pads of his thumbs then his hands shot back into his shirt. Eunhyuk rubbed the buds with his moist thumb pads until Donghae mewled and his s became erect.

Donghae captured Eunhyuks lips in a kiss and their tongues darted out to meet each other. The two organs fought for dominance. But in the end, Eunhyuk proudly one and on the younger’s tongue until he pulled Eunhyuks hair tightly causing Eunhyuk to groan.

'I realize the heat, the lie. baby give me can't a lie...'

"I think... I love you.. Donghae..." Eunhyuk mumbled in between kisses.

Donghae panted as they pulled apart and turned so his back would be against Eunhyuks chest. That made Eunhyuk excited. He wrapped his arms around Donghaes chest and pressed his hips against the younger’s making the younger gulp at the hardened organ he came into contact with.

'We don't make a sound and we keep feeling this space'

The older man ground his hips against the younger, groaning against his neck while the other pushed back against the older.

'We feel the love syndrome that we're falling deeply into'

Donghae was twirled in a circle then was dipped down, leg hooked around Eunhyuks waist. The older smiled then leaned down and kissed his quickly. Donghae panted as he was swiftly pulled back up and gulped at the older.

Donghae began to sing, "Let's never change, let's never break up.." He sung sounding identical to the one who originally sung it.

"Let's say we love each other more than ourselves~" Eunhyuk smirked.

"Even a hundred times, even ten thousand times on and on our precious love~" They finished in unison.

They faced each other and smiled. "Wanna dance to another song or go to my place?" Eunhyuk questioned rubbing his against Donghaes.

"Mmm... Y-yes..." Donghae ed.

Eunhyuk smiled a gummy smile then winced slightly. Damn ... Eunhyuk offered Donghae a piggy back ride and Donghae gladly accepted.

When the made it outside, Donghaes mouth gaped open. "Y-you have a mercedes?" His face brightened.

"Yeah.." Eunhyuk whispered proudly...


Eunhyuk opened his house door with Donghaes legs around his hips, tongue in his mouth. Eunhyuk ground his hips at an agonizing pace against Donghae making the younger pout into the kiss. Eunhyuk chuckled into the kiss and went a little faster, not bothering to lock the door. He threw his keys somewhere and backed Donghae against a wall where they broke apart for air.

Donghaes pale skin had flushed a light shade of pink as he panted, pink-bruised lips parted as he lustfully stared at Eunhyuk. Donghaes thighs tightened around his waist as Eunhyuk grinded at a consistent pace making Donghae and throw his head back against the wall. The younger helped remove the shirt from the older and finally got to see the abs he was rubbing back at the club.

The older pulled off Donghaes shirt & jacket, leaving his tie in place. Donghae shivered at the temperature of Eunhyuks cold house, but was quickly warmed by the heated body which was pressing against him. The hyung gripped Donghaes thighs pressing him more onto his clothed . Donghae ed and fumbled with the button on his dress pants, but managed to pull them halfway down his thighs where the pooled up.

"Eunhyuk..." Donghae ed, pre- beginning to seep from his .

Eunhyuk attacked his neck with numerous nips and bites marking his territory. "You're only mine Donghae.." He murmured against the skin, voice raspy, making this moment more exotic than it already was.

Donghae tilted his head, fingers pulling Eunhyuk closer to his exposed flesh. With his free hand he undid Eunhyuks jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers. His hand gripped the dripping organ and pumped it slowly making Eunhyuk pause his actions to muffle his groan in his lovers neck.

"Dammit Donghae.. You're.. Really turning me o-" Eunhyuk finished with a outstretched as the younger rubbed his thumb over the head. Eunhyuks breathing became labored. "Fu-.." He spat as his hips into the waiting hand.

Donghae smiled innocently as stared into Eunhyuks eyes. Eunhyuk groaned then pressed their foreheads together.. He shut his eyes tightly as Donghaes grip on his tightened.

Donghae paused his actions and smiled deviantly. "Do you want me to rub you with my hand...?" He questioned innocently biting his lip. He rubbed his hand up and down the olders at a quick pace making him pant. "Or..." He unhooked his thighs and got to his knees and breathed against the others hardened member. "Do you want me to ?" He from the base to the head and dipped his tongue in the slit.

"A-aah... H-Hae.." His fingers tugged at the younger’s hair. "Y-you're not i-innocent like I thought you w-were.. You're a s-ual deviant..." He murmured in between pants.

Donghae frowned and kissed the tip of the head. "That's not what I-I asked, you know.." He giggled. "Do you want me to ?" He took half of his hyungs length into his mouth and slowly bobbed his head.

"O-oh... Jeez, Hae... Unngh... Ugh... D-don't tease... Me.." He panted, finding it hard to swallow. "You're gonna... Make me... .." Eunhyuk groaned, ing his hips into the younger’s mouth.

Donghae removed him from his mouth and coughed. "Ow..."

"Oh damn, I'm sorry!" Eunhyuk apologized massaging the younger’s scalp. "Finish up, s-so we can go to my room.." He finished eyes rolling in the back of his head as Donghae took him into his mouth and began bobbing his head, eyes staying locked on his hyung. "D-damn..." The grip in the younger’s hair tightened making Donghae clench his eyes shut from the slight pain.

Donghaes tongue and Eunhyuks like it was a popsicle. He grazed his teeth carefully along the shaft and swirled his tongue around the head making Eunhyuk shut his eyes and clench his teeth. His hips rolled in the younger’s face again until he came.

"O-oh Donghae.... Y-yes..." He ed, voice hoarse. "I-I... gonna.. nngh, ugh..." He came into the younger’s mouth and Donghae choked and removed him from his mouth and watched as his hyung press his hands against the wall and pant heavily above him. The sticky liquid still shooting at intervals making Donghaes pulse. He wanted that for himself... He wanted his release soon..

Once the waves of bliss ended for Eunhyuk he got on his knees beside Donghae and kissed him long and hard.. "Ehh, hyung..." Donghae murmured kissing back and rubbing his against his hyungs thigh. "I-I..."He tried but couldn't force the words out.

Eunhyuk picked his lover up bridal style and walked upstairs til he got to his bedroom. He flipped on his light switch and gently lay Donghae in the middle of the bed. Eunhyuk climbed on top of him and his tongue into his mouth and nibbled on it making Donghae .

"I-I... I want - no- need you Hyukkie... P-please..." Donghae pleaded eyes wide with lust. Eunhyuk his lips and kissed him again.

"What do you want... babe?" Eunhyuk teased, panting. He hovered the younger on the bed and stared down at his lips

Donghae gulped. "I... You… Me… P-please..." He flipped himself over exposing his round bottom. The older wet his lips again and brought his lips to the younger’s ear.

"Me? You want me to... what?" Eunhyuk teased the younger’s earlobe. The younger stuck his bottom up in the air and pressed it against his hyungs revived .

"Take me..." He whispered against the bed sheets.. "Please... M-make love.. to me..." He whimpered, practically begging the older, making him pleased & even more .

Eunhyuk kissed the younger’s shoulder. "Ohh, now I understand.. You want me to make love to you? You want me to take you..?" Eunhyuk bit his shoulder. "Earlier at Daebak you tried to deny me.. Now you're begging?" Donghae whimpered as he pressed his against Eunhyuks .

"H-Hyukkie..." Donghae whimpered. "I need you... Inside me.." He glanced back at Eunhyuk eyes wide with seriousness and tinted with lust. His beautiful face was red and flustered, his damp hair lay in his eyes and his thin perspirated body glowed in the light.

Eunhyuks own pulsed just looking at how serious Donghae wanted this... He panted and nodded.

"I-I will... We'll make love.. as Eunhae.." Eunhyuk spoke, voice barely over a whisper.

Donghae flipped himself over so he could look at Eunhyuk better and laid there, body sprawled carelessly making Eunhyuk wanna take him right then and then. The older pressed his fingers in the younger’s mouth; said person took them in and them roughly and drenching them in his saliva. Eunhyuk ed as he withdrew his fingers with a pop.

"Ready?" Donghae nodded fervently.

Eunhyuk massaged his opening with the first finger, loosening the tight ring of muscle before ing the finger in. After a minute or two, he finally pressed the finger in. Donghaes pale body froze as he bit his bottom lips trying to deceiver if this was pain or pleasure.. He knew one thing it wasn't comfortable... The dongsaeng shifted uncomfortably on the bed, trying to get used to being
invaded like this. His hyung glanced down at him making sure there were no signs of pain and added the second finger.

"A-ahh.." Donghae whimpered as the second was entered. He didn't like the feeling of being intruded like this.. It kinda hurt having something inside him, so he knew it'd be painful making love. Especially with someone as big and long as Hyukkie...

Eunhyuk kissed his sweaty forehead. "You okay?" Donghae looked up and nodded with a small uncomfortable smile. "You'll get used to it, I promise."

He scissored the two fingers around stretching him further apart. With his other hand, he spread his legs farther apart so his fingers could go deeper. He continued scissoring his fingers then them in and out of the fragile man below him making the younger . When Eunhyuk decided he was stretched well enough, he added a third finger.

It was different then the first two.. Donghae thought, moving around the three fingers. Eunhyuk kissed Donghae lightly then wiggled the three around making Donghaes breath hitch in his throat.. Eunhyuk had hit the jackpot. He smirked as his pressed two fingers against the spot. Donghae instantly ed and pressed against the fingers.

"Ooh... Mhmm... R-right there..." Donghae ed cutely, making a scrunched up face. Eunhyuk noted the spot so he'd know where to when he put in the bigger package.

Eunhyuk stretched the three fingers making sure to press against the spot when he did. Donghae closed his eyes and enjoyed the administrations he was receiving until the three were removed. Donghae blinked as he opened his eyes and saw Eunhyuk retrieving a small bottle of lube from his desk.

Donghae sat up slightly and pulsed as he did so.

He watched as the older squirted a decent amount onto his hands and enjoyed watching as he pleasured himself while coating his . He looked so y with his red hair falling into his eyes and the way he cried out as he touched himself. It made Donghae even more eager just watching Eunhyuk put on his own show. Eunhyuk winked at Donghae, smirking as he noticed the younger examining him.

"How do you want your first time..?" Eunhyuk smiled his gummy smile.

Donghae pouted. "Why do you assume I'm a ...?"

"You're real nice and tight, you're a .." Eunhyuk chuckled.

Donghae scrunched his face up, "Shut up!" He stuck his tongue out at his hyung then got on all fours. He glanced back at his red headed lover, signaling he was ready.

Eunhyuk gulped, "I'll try to go slow..." He whispered placing the head of his at his opening. "Are you sure you want this.." Eunhyuk murmured rubbing Donghaes hip. Donghae nodded and clenched his eyes shut.

Eunhyuk hesitantly pushed the head inside his opening, while the man below him bit his tongue to keep from screaming until it bled. Eunhyuk pushed more of the head in and Donghae yelped and a few tears fell from his eyes. Eunhyuk massaged his back softly while pushing more of himself in.

"I'm sorry... I wish it wouldn't hurt you so much..." Eunhyuk whispered rubbing his lovers back

He sluggishly pushed the rest of himself in until his filled Donghae to the hilt. Donghae couldn't hold it in anymore... He burst into tears and clutched the bed sheets tightly. He cried out in pain as he was filled. It was as if something ripped his lower half apart. Like a knife had cut through him... It stretched him out way beyond his limit and the pain was unbearable.

On the opposite end, Eunhyuk groaned at the heat and tightness that enveloped him. He liked the feel of being inside Donghae. He liked the warmth he brought onto his desperate .

"I-it... Hyukkie... It hurts..." Donghae cried into the sheets. "M-make it stop.. Please.." Donghae pleaded sounding so vulnerable.

"Donghae... I'm sorry.." Eunhyuk couldn't do anything but wait til the pain recited. So he waited patiently, tempted to just him senseless. He heard the cries of pain stop and Donghae glance back at him with red, puffy eyes.

"I-it doesn’t hurt anymore.." He bit his bottom lip until it bled. Of how Eunhyuk just wanted to kiss his wound and promise him he'd never hurt him on purpose and cuddle with him...

"You promise?" He inquired beginning to pull out slowly. He nodded then looked down at the bed sheets, gripping tightly. Eunhyuk pressed back in slowly and he ed quietly.

"Please... Just... do it, please.." Donghae pleaded with a sniff.

Eunhyuk obliged and slowly began to move in and out, setting a slow pace. He had to make sure his lover was comfortable before pounding into him. However; Donghae got used to the feeling of being filled and got tired of the slow pace Eunhyuk had set. He began to meet with Eunhyuks s, pushing roughly back against him making Eunhyuk grunt in satisfaction.

Their bodies moved in sync as their s met and the sound of skin on skin echoed throughout the room. The red head spanked Donghae roughly making the younger yelp in pleasure. He wanted more than just a yelp or a gasp he wanted the brunette screaming his name..

The red head grabbed fistfuls of the younger’s hair and pulled him until his back met with Eunhyuks chest. The olders chest heaving heavily against the younger’s perspirated back. The brunette cried out at the new angle and arched his back so their hips met deliciously. That wasn't enough for Eunhyuk though, he wanted - needed more.

"E-Eunhyuk!" Donghae cried out as the older spread the latters legs open wider with his legs. The new angle allowed the older to go deeper into the younger making him whimper and beg for more.

Eunhyuk smirked. "Want more? Beg for it.." He panted against the younger’s ear, tongue dipping into it. Donghae groaned as he pressed back against Eunhyuk..

"H-Hyukjae!~" The younger saw stars as Eunhyuk hit the right spot. He continued to pound faster against that spot, feeling the younger tighten around , knowing his climax was near.

Eunhyuk s an arm down Donghaes thigh and hooked it around his waist creating a better angle and stretching Donghae even farther.

"A-ahh!" Donghae screamed as Eunhyuk hit his sweet spot head on. His heart beat rapidly in his chest as he struggled to catch his breath. The glow in his eyes were becoming hazy with pleasure but was heightened when the older s his other hand around to touch his neglected member; the sensations sending an electric jolt through the latter. "H-Hyukkie.." He panted. "M-more~"

Eunhyuk smirked as he swiftly jerked his hips forward meeting Donghaes sweet spot making him tremble below the older. Donghae clutched the bed sheets as Eunhyuk also started to pump his in sync with the rapid s.

Donghae couldn't hear or feel anything that wasn't Eunhyuk. The sounds of their labored breathing echoed throughout the room making Eunhyuk more excited. He quickly pulled out and flipped Donghae so his back was against the sheets.

"I wanna see you when you for me..." Eunhyuk whispered biting against his neck. Donghae ed as he re-entered him swiftly.

Donghae made a move to wrap his thighs around his slim waist, making them both in pleasure. All this stimulation was getting to Donghae and he was getting closer to his unwanted climax. He wanted the moment to last almost as much as Eunhyuk did. With a few more powerful s Donghae was barely breathing. He clamped his mouth shut and his eyelids fluttered to a
close... He couldn't take all the stimulation at once.

Eunhyuk applied more pressure as he pumped his pre- soaked and used that as lube. He rubbed the younger’s roughly, while still managing to rapidly into the younger male below him. Eunhyuk grunted as he slowly nudged Donghaes leg onto his shoulder.

"D-damn it, Hyuk!" He screamed being stretched once again. He mewled and his lips were captured. Their tongues tangoed as they playfully nipped and each others tongues.

Eunhyuk leaned forward taking one of Donghaes rosy s into his mouth and bit it harshly making Donghae squeak. He the and it, pulling it in between his teeth then blowing his hot breath on it. Donghaes hands slid up Eunhyuks slickly perspirated chest towards his s and pinched them tightly making the older grunt and push into him harder...

Soon, the stimulation became too much for Donghae so he succumbed to the stars. Stars shot across his eyes as he gazed passionately into his lovers eyes wanting this lust-filled moment to be prolonged and not end as quickly as it did. His body arched off the bed making Eunhyuk grunt. Donghaes fingernails dug deeply into Eunhyuks flawless skin as he came all over Eunhyuks stomach, screaming Eunhyuks name at the top of his lungs. Eunhyuk panted above him and watched as Donghae came and used that as inspirational. He pounded faster wanting to also.

When Donghaes walls clamped tightly on Eunhyuks he lost it. Eunhyuk came deep inside Donghae, his warm seed filling him to the hilt. The man above him collapsed on top of him and their chests met and heaved heavily against each other evenly. Donghae gulped loudly as Eunhyuk ghosted his finger in the insides of his thighs making him sigh in content. Donghae rubbed Eunhyuks sweat-drenched hair and kissed his perspirated shoulder lovingly.

"I-I..." Eunhyuk breathed. "Saranghae..." He breathed into Donghaes hair.

Donghaes flushed body turned a deep crimson and slid Eunhyuk off him and crawled into his chest. "I-I think... that I might... L-love you, too, Hyukkie~" Donghae giggled out of breath from his climax.

Eunhyuk embraced Donghaes heated body closely against his vowing to never leave him and to always be by his side until the end of time... They lay there like that until they feel asleep with dreams of their night...


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