Hungry Like The Wolf

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The pack is on the hunt.  They are after you, Kris.  Don't be scared.  Just let out the beast.


Title:           Hungry Like The Wolf
Pairing:       Wu Fan (Kris)/ Huang Zitao (Tao)/Luhan, EXO Side Pairings
Rating:        Mature (Language, uality, Adult Themes, Wolves)
Forward:     The pack is on the hunt.  They are after you, Kris.  Don’t be scared.  Just let out the beast.




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Have you ever been in the wrong place…

At the wrong time…

With the right wrong person?




That’s exactly what happened to Kris.  Orphaned practically at birth, he existed as a loner.  Even in his own pack he had only two ‘friends’ and no aspirations to climb any higher.  Kris readily accepted his station as last in the pecking order because it gave him freedom to make all the money he could ever want without interference or questions.  However, prowling around under the radar was not just how he made his living.  He liked it too.  It suited him.

So that was what he was doing: minding his own business when fate suddenly decided to throw him…literally.  Kris landed in the neighboring pack’s territory, where he should never have been in the first place.  He had no money, no allies, and no way to get out of there without attracting a lot of unwanted attention.

But that wasn’t all.

This rival pack was in the process of choosing a new alpha... 



Source: sooxiu



He had already fought off all challengers.  Sehun had been named his right hand; Luhan’s beta.   The only thing left to accomplish was a final sacred ritual before his confirmation as alpha.  The brand new almost-leader was hunting to capture the mate of his choice:  the incredibly elusive and sensual Tao, the only unmated pureblood in the world.

Unfortunately, Tao made a costly mistake…and unleashed chaos on them all.

Now the whole pack is after Kris, Tao, and Luhan.  

The three are being

They are
vastly outnumbered.

And though they find they can’t stand one another, they might as well be howling at the moon if they think it will stop the
hunger now gnawing inside each of them.


Sometimes things are meant to be no matter how wrong they are.


First Chapter is posted!


Warning:  This is , boy x boy, so there will be adult situations and .  If this isn't your cup of tea, thanks for stopping by and have a great day :D  No money will ever be made off this story, it  never happened, and I do not own EXO or anyone in SM Ent.  Title of story is from the song 'Hungry Like The Wolf' by Duran Duran.



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BlackDiamonds #1
Chapter 4: girl, you haven't updated in forever. It has literally been 3 years apparently. You should update soon.
KAI3546 #2
Chapter 4: this is so interesting I hope Luhan will be able to be released from Tao, so he is able to find his own mate I like it how Tao and Kris are together more lol I hope you will continue this story!!!
Perfiction #3
Chapter 4: Can't wait for the next update and good luck with this amazing story.
StayPositiveMyLove #4
What Video Was The Gifs From?
reveez #5
Chapter 4: oooh interesting
cuddlytao #6
Chapter 4: wow interesting
cyd4294 #7
Chapter 4: why chanyeol whyy u do that to kris?
Sweetzule #8
Chapter 4: Its hard to find a good fic to kill time when the good authors are busy the struggle is real out here Please come back OTL
[deactivated] #9
Chapter 4: wow... just wow! wonder how those three will survive and i can't wait to find out suho's story and who kris really is... hope to see an update soon!