Let Out The Beast/ Exotica

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Huang ZiTao was bitten one year and three months ago by the Alpha of Exotica, the pack of werewolves that ruled the city of Seoul. He was bitten specifically to be his mate, and Tao had been less than thrilled. He fought to escape from the pack for six months before they finally agreed to let him live on his own, but he still couldn’t escape Kris. 


Every month Kris hunted him down, no matter how far Tao tried to run, Kris found him by the light of the full moon. 



Written because of that evil teaser, I blame EXO for everything....

This story has received an 'A' review by: Shooting Stars

credits to selcouth►ing  for the awesome poster <3


Also I have decided to enter a writing contest for the fun of entering a writing contest and so far i've entered:

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xxLilJoshie13xx #1
Chapter 6: Bless this chapter so much
Toyoto #2
Chapter 21: wow ... ok
that was really good
i like the relationship
KimHyunaTaeyeon #3
Chapter 22: I did skip some chapters, but i really liked this story!
Lemonny_chan #4
Chapter 22: Ok, so this has to be one of the most intense stories that I read..
And will also read the sequel...
universalkat #5
Chapter 21: wait so im a little confused, is this before or after the big fight? because in my opinion everything says its before, but the info also leads that something could have happened to tao and that kris has once again lost him.... please explain?

also, this is the second time in all my life of reading fanfiction that i have ever cried.... ;-; oh god, im tearing up just typing this!!!
Linneyth #6
Chapter 3: Now that I'm finally rereading after half a year, I'm spotting my biggest issue with this story.
All the wrong ships! Sudo? Selay? Kailu? What the Hell was I doing reading this...oh. I know. Aside from that, this story is pure genius. Great job author-nim. You make people like stories that they would otherwise skip.
a-xiuhan-h #7
hi, i just found this yesterday (thank's god!!!) and it was awesome T.T, thank you for writing such a piece of art! ^.^
LilAsianAngel #8
Rereading this for maybe the 6th time now, doesn't get boring ^^
EXOtic3513 #9
Chapter 7: "Twilight was its own brand of horror." Relatable