Truth or Dare

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The plane ride had been long and tormenting. Kim SangWoo talked a lot, in fact a tad bit too much. His nephews were all snoring and it was obvious the family doctor, Somin the family nurse, the family lawyer, the surf instructor, the ski instructor, the servants and cooks were all entertaining their boss for the sake of it.

The pilot was secretly gleaming because he was driving the plane in auto-pilot mode and was privileged enough to catch a nap and not listen to his boss yap on.

JaeJoong and Park Bom on the other hand were sitting right at the last row of the private jet away from their father,  just like JaeJoong had warned. He knew this was going to happen.

‘Wow, this is the first time I’ve been on a plane, can you believe it?’ Bom nudged her brother’s arm excitedly, ‘Omona! Look over there! A big fluffy pink cloud!’ She squealed in delight.

‘Bom, if it is my responsibility to educate you, there is no such thing as a pink cloud.’ JaeJoong said. He looked bored as he knew the conversations with his sister weren’t making any sense at all.

‘Oppa, if you would just use your imagination! Imaginations are beautiful! They are the doors to even greater things that could happen!’ She clasped her palms together happily.

‘Oh really now?’ JaeJoong smirked, ‘Imagination huh? Like how I imagine you and I in bed with my in your pus…’

Park Bom cut him off, ‘Yah! That’s not what I meant!’ She pouted.

JaeJoong sulked long and hard. ‘This ride is boring. And you’re not helping either.’

‘Well suit yourself. I’m going to look at the pink clouds and rejoice in my own imagination as you sulk on your own.’ Park Bom was obviously mocking the older male.

‘God damn you’re as annoying as Appa.’ He tugged on his own hair. ‘6 more hours until destination. I think I’m going crazy!!!’

‘Now now kids, whose going crazy at the back there?’ Sangwoo posed his question to no one in particular.

‘JaeJoong Oppa is!’ Park Bom replied.

‘Oh so uri JaeJoong is going crazy? What’s happening to you? Wanna sit on Appa’s lap and tell Appa about it?’ Sangwoo questioned, and the entire cabin surged into an uproar of laughter. 

‘Appa you’re funny!’ Park Bom remarked.

‘Hmph.’ JaeJoong scoffed, ‘Him and his recycled jokes.’

‘Yah! Bommie-ah, wanna play true or dare? Me, Yoochun, Changmin, Somin and Yunho’s playing.’ Junsu strode to the end of the cabin.

‘Oh my god truth or dare, I love that game! We used to play it with Omma and the other children in Gwangju!’ Park Bom spazzed in anticipation.

 ‘Junsu you’re not going to invite me to play?’ JaeJoong scorned at the younger male.

‘Well I wasn’t intending to. But oh well, since you invited me to invite you, would you like to join the game with Bom?’ Junsu rolled his eyes.

‘Oh sure, I was waiting for that. Let’s go.’ He smiled like a child who has just gotten candy.

‘So let’s spin the bottle. Whoever it points to chooses either to reveal a truth or do a dare.’ Yoochun spun the bottle as the rest sat down in a circle around a little table.

The bottle pointed towards Changmin.

‘Truth or Dare’


‘Ok I want you to chose a random person on this plane, tell her you wanna see her in her thongs tonight.’ Yoochun laughed in ersion filled eyes.

Changmin roamed around the cabin for a minute until his eyes met Somin’s. Somin turned away in disdain but the tall male towered over her and gazed deep down at her, ‘I wanna see you in your thongs tonight, and I mean it.’

Somin blushed, ‘Whatever.’ She said and brushed off his comment with a smug look. Changmin moped.

The bottle spun round and round again and pointed towards Yoochun.

‘Truth or dare.’

‘Truth.’ He said.

‘So what is the most scandalous thing you have ever did or know someone did?’ Yunho chuckled.

‘Scandalous? Oh how about… blood siblings who slept together. Scandalous enough?’ Yoochun wriggled his brows playfully. He was looking straight into JaeJoong’s eyes although he knew the older of the 2 was not to be toyed around with, but he didn’t care. He was having the fun of his life watching the pair of siblings panic. Especially Park Bom who could hardly conceal the fear in her eyes.

The bottle spun round and round now pointing towards Somin.

‘Truth or dare?’

‘Truth…’ She replied hesitantly.

‘Are you a ?’ Changmin questioned in the most primitive manner.

SoMin nodded slowly, earning a round of Ooos and Aaas from the rest.

‘Me likey.’ Changmin whispered into her ears softly so no one else could hear him. So Min blushed profusely. ‘You say that again I’m going to knock out all your teeth.’

‘Ooo feisty biatch.’ Changmin remarked as So Min elbowed his ribs.

The bottle spun and spun only to point at JaeJoong.

‘Truth or dare.’

JaeJoong breathed hard. He contemplated on his choices now that more than half of the people here were untouchable, the other quarter didn’t like him too much and the last quarter was beginning to suspect him.

‘Truth.’ He finally said.

‘What do you think of overly obsessed brothers?’ Junsu questioned, confident that he was going wrecked JaeJoong’s cool.

‘I think they…’ JaeJoong paused with a snicker, ‘I think they love their sisters a lot. Yeap, that’s what I think. They love their sisters.’

‘Perhaps a little too much?’ Junsu cocked a brow and Somin frowned at his rhetorical question.

‘Yeah perhaps.’ JaeJoong gave a flat smile, his eyes briefly meeting Park Bom’s.

 Ignorant to Changmin and  Yunho at what was really happenning, the 3 continued on with the game indifferently. Yoochun on the other hand was too amused by the sight of jealous, confused and indifferent individuals trying hard to get along.

No he didn’t think they really enjoyed playing the game or genuinely desired to play the game. Each of them only wanted to test each other out, wanted to hear what each other really thought, wanted to do something to catch the attention of the person they secretly crushed on. Yeah that’s what this game is really about. Truth or Dare.

Well maybe… maybe all except for Yunho. But that’s a different story. Yunho was kind of … politically retarded and never knew the meaning to the game.

‘I’m tired. I need to rest.’ Park Bom was getting uneasy so she faked a yawn, right before JaeJoong followed suit. ‘I’m tired too.’

Unknown to the others, JaeJoong had followed Park Bom right into her personal cabin. Only Junsu and Yoochun cared enough to notice. Well, Junsu did like his cousin for sure and Yoochun strangely enough, was desperate for some entertainment. He could not wait for this whole Hoo Ha between Junsu, JaeJoong and Park Bom to turn into a big fight. What’s more funny would be watching his Sangwoo Ajussi get a shock of his life when he finds out about his son’s and daughter’s outlandish relationship.

‘Baby I’ve been craving for your lips.’ JaeJoong cornered his sister in the tiny cabin.

‘OH MY GOD! HAHAHAHA! THE GAME JUST NOW WAS FUNNY! AND SO SUPER SUPER SUPER FUN.’ Park Bom suddenly barked in a loud boorish manner, almost uncouth.

‘What the hell…’ JaeJoong whispered, taken back by his sister’s obvious shouting.

‘Sssshhh. Oppa. Someone is eavesdropping. I think it’s Yoochun. I recognize his breathing because I noticed he has athsma. ‘

‘Oh…’ JaeJoong mouthed an ‘O’.

‘Let’s do something funny shall we, Oppa?’  Bom took hold of a bucket of water. They slammed the door open and splash the bucket of water on Yoochun.

‘Omo, why are you standing here. We thought there was a spy.’ JaeJoong could hardly contain his sinister laughter.

‘Yoochun Oppa, are you ok?’ Park Bom feigned ignorance.

‘Ok my ! You 2 better watch your back. I’m not lying low.’ Yoochun growled.

‘Empty threats.’ JaeJoong shrugged, and conceited like he always was.

‘Bom, you stay away from Yoochun, get me?’ JaeJoong’s tone sank.

‘But he’s your cousin… He’s harmless right?’ Bom -screwed her head to the right.

‘Harmless your head. He might look like a nice humorous guy, but if you ever anger him, he would put a bullet through your head. I know him too well.’ JaeJoong’s breathing escalated. ‘So just…. Listen to me ok.’

‘But what about Junsu…. He’s my favorite cousin…’  Park Bom protested.

‘Your favorite?’ JaeJoong arched his brows in discontentment, ‘What do you mean he’s your favorite. You can’t have 2 favorites!’


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