Taemin & Naeun Couple


SHINee Taemin and Apink Naeun Couple First Page/Story or whatever you called in AFF~

I'll post their news,videos,pictures and others~

I decided to do this since they are going to be couple in WGM!!^_^

TaeNa/TaEun/NaMin Couple!

Poster 1:

Poster 2: 


Poster 3:



Handsome Taemin and Beautiful Naeun <3


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leoking #1
Chapter 571: can you send me the video in taeun deleted scene?it has been removed.-.gomawo~
baebaeloser #2
i really miss this couple :'(
LuhanWifeey #3
Chapter 570: After finishing taeun wgm I don't know what to do with my life anymore. Srsly
Smilee #4
Chapter 571: This one is completely made up by a delusional omg.
Chapter 18: They really look like high school students which are inlove. <3 Oh gosh. #Taeun
Chapter 1: I really love them both <3
jewelicious #7
Chapter 24: These two have a secret that only the 2 of them know:-) every gaze and moves. soooo natural----(aside from the start, both were awkward). I think they're going out secretly-- (a Lil bit exag but its what am suspecting) --those things which they have in common are evidences.
munchlax17 #8
Chapter 572: Hello ~ I guess I got late in knowing this couple. I was watching at home their episodes on Eng sub and I think I was still in the mid part of it and I would have to say that they really have feelings to each other. Just basing it on the comments, I think I'll be having a hard time finishing their journey. It was just so sweet and and I'll find it difficult for me to even watch it.. Aigoo. I hope authornim, as my fellow commenters suggested, if you could also give us updates about the two.
I honestly don't know where or how I should start supporting them AFTER their WGM stint. There are questions on my mind that I hope will be answered on the right time - on their right time..

I think I may be counted as one of their loyal supporters. I'm a Blackjack and I honestly don't know much about the two but I recently started to know them thru YT..Aigoo. I got really affected by them. So old of them, I'm 25 and a working professional with a boyfriend too, why am I being like this?
Velliessa #9
Chapter 305: did you know where did they do this photoshot~~
gyne422 #10
Chapter 571: omooo seems like they were missing each other ><
taem should approach her on backstage u.u