[Trans] Taemin - Naeun in WGM Episode 2

Taemin & Naeun Couple


Boat Moment

#1 at the parasailing place, a guy says “it’s too windy, difficult to do parasailing today” TM “it’s difficult but possible?” :)

#2 Taem shouting to ppl on passing boat, “we got married!”

#3 during fun boat ride TM “isn’t this dull? ajussi please go faster!” then the boat drives fast, TM “ajussi awesome~ oppa cool~” xD

#4 on boat, taem was covering only himself from water spray - “I’ve lived only for myself”, but he learns fast how to care on a date :)

#5 TM getting seasick, NE suggests getting up, TM reluctantly does, staggers back but pretends he didn’t, saying “oh look, seagull over there”

#6 seeing NE with no fear, TM says he wondered “what’s this girl, how far can she go? my pride got hurt”

#7 when they were getting out of boat, NE worried abt her short skirt being blown up by wind, TM covered her back with his raincoat

#8 thankful for TM’s good manners, NE says she wondered if he’s done it b4, ‘how can he b so good wt experience? i’ll keep eyes on him”

#9 NE mixes the honorific and plain in talking, TM “what’s your identity?”


Grilling, Eating together

#10 grilling, TM “do u like it well-done or medium?” NE “medium” TM “see, we r on the same channel”

#11 naeun “have u ever grilled for a girl be4?”

taem “hmm…i think I have”

naeun “o_o”

taem “on a trip, for the pension ajumony” :)

joking that he grilled for pension ajumma on a trip w/ friends, TM “sorry I once looked away for a woman”

#12 taem makes naeun feed him!

naeun was hesitating, n taem picks up a piece of meat and tells her to hold it, then opens his mouth

TM “usually busy eating myself, don’t like feeding others cuz its cheesy, surprised when i did it 4 her I’m oppa so felt i should take care”

#13 taem and naeun LOL over anything, and the MCs are like, “what’s so funny about it?” o_o;;

#14 to question “do u think ur hubby has a good humor sense?” NE “yes to me it’s like ‘unlimited challenge’, he’s like yu jaesuk 2 me”

TM “i think we have the same humor code, i’m thankful to her for laughing so much, she’s smile donation angel”


At the beach

#15 taking a walk, TM “since debut i’ve never had a chance to walk with a girl like this”

#16 naeun “you wanted to sit down (it sounds like “hug” in korean), taem is embarrassed and blushes! :)

#17 #taejoke talking abt the day NE “when did u enjoy most?” TM “b4 i met u” NE -_- TM “it’s a joke sorry (showing palm) hit me here once” xD

then more seriously TM “we’ve become more comfortable and friendly, so i like now most” <- well-said bb

#18 taem and naeun playing with waves, the MCs “hold hands hold hands” but they don’t and just play like kids xD

#19 taem’s last comment “i didn’t know we’ll get closer like this, i think we r connected n it’s likely to be first love” <—so scripted :P



[wgm] in next week preview, taem shouting in the middle of crowds at Myeongdong “we got married!” >,<

[wgm] it seems next wk taem will test how strong fans’ hearts r; he gets aggressive “happy when i’m w you, i get 2 think of u often”



taejoke #1 TM (peeling orange) “i washed my hands” NE “when?” TM “well, in the morning :)”

taejoke #2 TM “orange is most delicious when peeled in the evening with hands washed in the morning” >,<

taejoke #3 (when salad was blown by wind to sit on sofa) TM “it’s salad garnished with sofa

taejoke #4 TM (taking off shoes n socks to get into water) “I’ll get shorter” <—is this a joke or selfkill? ;P

taejoke #5 talking abt the day NE “when did u enjoy most?” TM “b4 i met u” NE -_- TM “it’s a joke sorry (showing palm) hit me here once” xD

Credit to Jujugal

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leoking #1
Chapter 571: can you send me the video in taeun deleted scene?it has been removed.-.gomawo~
baebaeloser #2
i really miss this couple :'(
Chapter 570: After finishing taeun wgm I don't know what to do with my life anymore. Srsly
Chapter 571: This one is completely made up by a delusional omg.
Chapter 18: They really look like high school students which are inlove. <3 Oh gosh. #Taeun
Chapter 1: I really love them both <3
jewelicious #7
Chapter 24: These two have a secret that only the 2 of them know:-) every gaze and moves. soooo natural----(aside from the start, both were awkward). I think they're going out secretly-- (a Lil bit exag but its what am suspecting) --those things which they have in common are evidences.
munchlax17 #8
Chapter 572: Hello ~ I guess I got late in knowing this couple. I was watching at home their episodes on Eng sub and I think I was still in the mid part of it and I would have to say that they really have feelings to each other. Just basing it on the comments, I think I'll be having a hard time finishing their journey. It was just so sweet and and I'll find it difficult for me to even watch it.. Aigoo. I hope authornim, as my fellow commenters suggested, if you could also give us updates about the two.
I honestly don't know where or how I should start supporting them AFTER their WGM stint. There are questions on my mind that I hope will be answered on the right time - on their right time..

I think I may be counted as one of their loyal supporters. I'm a Blackjack and I honestly don't know much about the two but I recently started to know them thru YT..Aigoo. I got really affected by them. So old of them, I'm 25 and a working professional with a boyfriend too, why am I being like this?
Chapter 305: did you know where did they do this photoshot~~
Chapter 571: omooo seems like they were missing each other ><
taem should approach her on backstage u.u