[Trans] Taemin - Naeun in WGM Episode 2

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Boat Moment

#1 at the parasailing place, a guy says “it’s too windy, difficult to do parasailing today” TM “it’s difficult but possible?” :)

#2 Taem shouting to ppl on passing boat, “we got married!”

#3 during fun boat ride TM “isn’t this dull? ajussi please go faster!” then the boat drives fast, TM “ajussi awesome~ oppa cool~” xD

#4 on boat, taem was covering only himself from water spray - “I’ve lived only for myself”, but he learns fast how to care on a date :)

#5 TM getting seasick, NE suggests getting up, TM reluctantly does, staggers back but pretends he didn’t, saying “oh look, seagull over there”

#6 seeing NE with no fear, TM says he wondered “what’s this girl, how far can she go? my pride got hurt”

#7 when they were getting out of boat, NE worried abt her short skirt being blown up by wind, TM covered her back with his raincoat

#8 thankful for TM’s good manners, NE says she wondered if he’s done it b4, ‘how can he b so good wt experience? i’ll keep eyes on him”

#9 NE mixes the honorific and plain in talking, TM “what’s your identity?”


Grilling, Eating together

#10 grilling, TM “do u like it well-done or medium?” NE “medium” TM “see, we r on the same channel”

#11 naeun “have u ever grilled for a girl be4?”

taem “hmm…i think I have”

naeun “o_o”

taem “on a trip, for the pension ajumony” :)

joking that he grilled for pension ajumma on a trip w/ friends, TM “sorry I once looked away for a woman”

#12 taem makes naeun feed him!

naeun was hesitating, n taem picks up a piece of meat and tells her to hold it, then opens his mouth

TM “usually busy eating myself, don’t like feeding others cuz its cheesy, surprised when i did it 4 her I’m oppa so felt i should take care”

#13 taem and naeun LOL over anything, and the MCs are like, “what’s so funny about it?” o_o;;

#14 to question “do u think ur hubby has a good humor sense?” NE “yes to me it’s like ‘unlimited challenge’, he’s like yu jaesuk 2 me”

TM “i think we have the same humor code, i’m thankful to her for laughing so much, she’s smile donation angel”


At the beach

#15 taking a walk, TM “since debut i’ve never had a chance to walk with a girl like this”

#16 naeun “you wanted to sit down (it sounds like “hug” in korean), taem is embarrassed and blushes! :)

#17 #taejoke talking abt the day NE “when did u enjoy most?” TM “b4 i met u” NE -_- TM “it’s a joke sorry (showing palm) hit me here once” xD

then more seriously TM “we’ve become more comfortable and friendly, so i like now most” <- well-said bb

#18 taem and naeun playing with waves, the MCs “hold hands hold hands” but they don’t and just play like kids xD

#19 taem’s last comment “i didn’t know we’ll get closer like this, i think we r connected n it’s likely to be first love” <—so scripted :P



[wgm] in next week preview, taem shouting in the middle of crowds at Myeongdong “we got married!” >,<

[wgm] it seems next wk taem will test how strong fans’ hearts r; he gets aggressive “happy when i’m w you, i get 2 think of u often”



taejoke #1 TM (peeling orange) “i washed my hands” NE “when?” TM “well, in the morning :)”

taejoke #2 TM “orange is most delicious when peeled in the evening with hands washed in the morning” >,<

taejoke #3 (when salad was blown by wind to sit on sofa) TM “it’s salad garnished with sofa

taejoke #4 TM (taking off shoes n socks to get into water) “I’ll get shorter” <—is this a joke or selfkill? ;P

taejoke #5 talking abt the day NE “when did u enjoy most?” TM “b4 i met u” NE -_- TM “it’s a joke sorry (showing palm) hit me here once” xD

Credit to Jujugal


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gyne422 () says about chapter 571:
omooo seems like they were missing each other ><
taem should approach her on backstage u.u

pinkpoetryyy () says about chapter 571:
pity taeun

KaiTaemin () says about chapter 166:
Didn't they write letters to each other that will be revealed one year later? WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE??

kpop2012 () says:
I love it ^^

heoseob () says about chapter 569:
I knew they're real.....DAEBAK....TAEUN HWAITING....I always believe in you guys ^^~

stsumiko () says about chapter 569:
I guess Naeun knew that they are going to end, and she found it a regret not taking the initiative to go to taemin and so during their last few episodes, she daringly did alot of skinship. If this is true, Naeun would have Really like taemin.

ritucool () says about chapter 569:
What noo I saw the complete and I can't believe it. My sweet TaEun couple. I hope they continue to secretly date or something. Or I pray for them to find their loved ones. Saranghaeyo my biases

gyne422 () says about chapter 567:
he really proved his words before, he really cried at that time. Seems like he's in deep love with her already... I hope so..

gyne422 () says about chapter 565:
woaaaahh they were playing card?? really??? awww love it!! ><

Neko-Meow () says about chapter 567:
Seeing the [COMPLETE] somehow makes my heart hurts :(
This is just the new beginning for them as a couple outside the show.
I hope. Please. TaEun forever <3

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