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Characters Girls Generation and Super Junior!
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18 People With 9 Different Love Stories!

These 18 Individuals all aspire to be the same thing = A Doctor! Read how Fate Stirs their Life Up,Force Them to Meet and Mix Their Two Seperate and Different Worlds Into One! Will love come in unexpected turns or will Hate ruin it?

There are 3 Stages My Story will have.The 3 stages are.....

First Stage= JYP University! This is where 2 of the SuperGeneration couples will be in.This is the biggest and greatest University in Korea.Everyone wants to come here but unfortunately only the ones,who are chosen by JYP himself,are allowed to be accepted as privileged students.This University is the best for students who are already decided in what career field they want to go into which helps students achieve their potential in that chosen Career Field  whether the students want to be the next future Superstar or The Next Gold Medal Winning Athlete in the Olympics etc.

Second Stage=SM Junior Hospital!This is where 3 of the SuperGeneration Couples will be in.The Strictest yet Best Hospital to come for people who want Internships in the Medical Field but beware many people who aimed to be in YG Senior Hospital drop out of SM Junior Hospital since SM Junior Hospital is also the best in working their interns even if they are tired.This hospital aims to be the best and it is the best due to the harshness of SM.This Hospital just helps their selected interns for a basic understanding of YG Senior Hospital (Next Description) This isn't a permanent job so the interns are here for a just 2 years.The Interns in this Hospital will do stuff such as treating patients and doing Operations etc.The only difference is that the Operations are the less Serious Ones while YG Senior Doctors will handle the more Serious Ones since YG Doctors have more knowledge of the Medical Field.If you want to be a doctor in YG Senior it is a MUST to do a Internship in SM Junior Hospital it is because SM Junior Hospital and YG Senior Hospital are a Collibrate Hospital.He has a daughter doing her internship here! (I will reveal who she is later)

Third Stage=YG Senior Hospital!This is where the 4 Remaining SuperGeneration Couples are.The ultimate stage in my story.People who have survived SM Junior Hospital have said that it was a relief being in the YG Senior Hospital and even if it was lots of effort,which it is,it was all worth it.YG Senior Hospital is the Hospital Every Person who desires to be a Doctor because not only is it the most prestige hospital it is also known as the most amusing hospital to be in,either as a patient or the staff,because YG really cares for every person in the hospital.Interns who have reached from SM Junior Hospital to here will have a permantent job.This stage is the least harshest and more of a carefree stage rather then the other 2 stages.YG is the boss but he also has 2 of his daughters ( I will reveal who they are later) working in here.



Who are the Couples from SuperGeneration?

Well Here They Are :)

  • Couple Number 1=

Leeteuk                                     X                          Taeyeon                                         =TaeTeuk(Leader Couple)

=This Couple Will Be In SM Junior Hospital.


  • Couple Number 2=

Donghae                                    X                      Jessica                   =HaeSica (Ice Fishy Couple)

=This Couple Will Be in YG Senior Hospital.

  • Couple Number 3=

Sungmin                    X             Sunny                       =SunSun(Aegyo King and Queen Couple)


=This Couple Will Be in YG Senior Hospital

  • Couple Number 4=

Siwon                                   X         Tiffany                               =SiFany(The Charming Couple)

=This Couple Will Be in SM Junior Hospital

  • Couple Number 5=

Eunhyuk                  X             Hyoyeon                 =HyoHyuk(Dancing Queen and King Couple)


=This Couple Will Be in YG Senior Hospital

  • Couple Number 6=

Yesung                         X             Yuri                                       =YulSung(The ''Weird'' Couple)


=This Couple Will Be in YG Senior Hospital


  • Couple Number 7=

Ryeowook                   X               Sooyoung                  =SooWook(Shikshin and Cook Couple)

=This Couple Will Be in JYP University

  • Couple Number 8=

Kibum                             X                    Yoona                      =YoonBum (Natural Beauty Couple)


=This Couple Will Be in SM Junior Hospital

  • Couple Number 9=

Kyuhyun                                 X             Seohyun                                 =SeoKyu(Maknae Couple)

=This Couple Will Be in JYP University


*The Story is not mine it is from a TV show! I just translated the language into English since the plot is so good   I wanted to share it with you all :D


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AYOhyoyeon #2
Chapter 64: HYOHYUK <3
supergenerationjiang #3
Chapter 64: sorry i missed 2 chappies:(((( wifi has stunk in the past few days ughhh and the laptop in using has been randomly spazzing so i dont want to belike half way in the long responses and have it delete cuz thats annoying as hell as all authors know lol ill write my long novel comments again soon~
soshexo129 #4
Chapter 63: TaeTeuk aigooo... when are they gonna be okay.... HyoHyuk is back is back... Sifany hahahaaha faanyy moment... HaeSicaaa cant waitt! SeoKyu Kyaaa sweeetness
kwonyuri1205 #5
Chapter 63: Hyohyuk together again, yeaay!! N yesung planning to confess his feeling for yuri.. cant wait for the next chapt, authorniim.. update soon~
snsdjjang59 #6
Chapter 63: Yay!Hyohyuk is finally back together!!!♡♥♡♥
Xxbeyondinfinity #7
Chapter 62: I love this story I really like soowook they are funny and when I was reading I can't help but laugh because like everyone else is in normal places like Yulsung at the lab ect and than there's Soowook at… the jungle lol XD
supergenerationjiang #8
Chapter 62: Taeteuk is really making me cry in the past chappies :(( don't be like this teukie" :'( and try ur best tae, hang in there and pay attention to ur marriage :)

The misunderstandings with haesica is makig me so fustrated >< JUST TELL HER DONGHAE, LET DOWN UR EGO FOR A SEC!!! And Sica~please try to be tolerant. And Eunkyuk-try to understand Hae!!! But like really yesung, u couldnt say anything -_- lol

Omgggg Sungmins jealousyyyyyyyyy~~CANT YOU SEE SUNNY >< Lol but Sunny and yesung making yuri jealous turned out to have a different result here lol poor sungmin :((( and that fall <333 so awkward :((( but so cute^^

Yuri is getting jealous~possible she likes yesung? ^^ just accept his lovee! But tbh sunny is good at helping this couple:)) yesung getting scolded by sunny was the funniest thing, their friendship is hilarious lol

Soowooks arguing is really starting to become over the tiniest things but the magazines thoe XD at least we have nice clothing to look at like their sarcasm is just XDD

(Explanation for skippig in sifany) ok hyuk now thats just cold-_- I was like so proud and happy with hyo droppig her pride, confessing allll that to hyuk and him having the nerve to say it isn't the truth like WHYY

(I also realized I skipped sifany&hyohyuk cuz yulsung and sunsun are together lots) Siwon refusing to leave AND tiffany getting fustrated and flustered XDD but this arranged marriage isn't cool mr& mrs. Hwang -.- but like fany just needs to find a way to lo love siwon <33

I would love this moment but because of the last chappies I'm getting iffy :/ kibum has been to umm abrupt and mysterious and has been having some mood swings :/ and ik yoona is getting really confused with him, cant blame her. But his teasing was pretty cute tbh but because of the dance scene I thnik its good yoon didn't easily give in~please don't be like this kibumm yoona really cares for u♡

Oh seokyu >< <33 too cute for words~shy seohyun, caring kyuhyun~ accept his love seo<3
AYOhyoyeon #9
Chapter 62: sad T-T
snsdjjang59 #10
Chapter 62: I love how jealous both sungmin and yuri is and hyoyeon finally confessing she like him♡♥