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New Years (Part III)

Only One - B1A4 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdlRQkoEa1E)      --------------------- Narrator’s P.O.V:     You eyed both CNU and Jinyoung as they avoided your gaze. One of them had to break and tell their story soon. Finally, CNU sighed, “Fine, I’ll go first.”     Gongchan was still lightly sniffling. He leaned his head on Sandeul’s shoulder. Baro was unfazed, as expected. CNU opened his mouth and began, “Remember the first day we met? The day when your mom told you that I had to sleep on the bed because I had a bad back?”     You nodded, remembering that day clearly. You had questioned CNU’s back pains but asked nothing more after you saw his hurt expression.     CNU gave you a wry smile. “I was abused by my father and stepbrother ever since I can remember. I had a sister about the same age as me, but she had run away in terror from my father and stepbrother. She never returned. My father would come home drunk and beat me when he was angry. My stepbrother unleashed all his anger on me whenever he was frustrated from school. I would cry and cry.” You gasped at his story.     “I distinctly remember one day of my childhood. I was at home when my father approached me in a drunken rage. He roared at me and angrily slammed his fist on my back. My stepbrother did the same. I heard sirens and felt immense pain on by back. Everything else was a blur, and before I knew it, I was in the hospital then I was sent to the orphanage. My back pains still remained, however, although they are minor.” CNU’s hand curled up into a fist at the memory.     You stared blankly at the floor. “I don’t know how to react.” You said bluntly. CNU smiled a little bit, “Don’t say anything at all, then. That’s why I’m so grateful for you guys right now. If I ignored my sister’s words and became violent, who k...

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Angelapham0715 #1
Chapter 43: Finished re-reading this story and I still love it so much xD
galbie #2
Chapter 43: Even I couldn't pick one
muzikmaster #3
Thanks everyone! Enjoy! :)
Gyuziz #4
Chapter 29: F.Cuz's LeeU is a part a of rookie group named M.Pire right? Keke. LeeU or Lumin because my bias in M.Pire
yeppeunina #5
Omg I'm a new fan of B1A4 and I'll definitely read this! ^^
saekitear #6
Chapter 43: I totally love this.
muzikmaster #7
Thanks everyone for your love! :D
mark-robatic #8
One of the first fanfics I ever read on asianfanfics. Ooh the memories~ You're such a good author!
yumiwumi #9
Chapter 43: SQUEALZ xDDD
exoticviplyf #10
Chapter 11: omg baro <3