You Are Meant To Be Mine Always

by KeunSo
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Bae Suzy || Ok Taecyeon || Kim Bum || Kim So Eun and others...


Hello! This is Keunso! This is my first fanfic, so it might be a little bit of a (total) fail, so sorry if I ruined your eyes or brain ^^''


Thank you very much  -LocKey Graphics Request Shop- for this amazing poster! ^^



TaecYeon and Suzy knows each other for their whole life. Since Suzy's parents died in a car crash when she was young, TaecYeon's parents took her in because they were best friends with her parents. 


They were in oppa/dongsaeng relationship till one night they spent in beach. What kind of relationship they'll have after one night stand? What will they do when they found out that Suzy is pregnant?


writen by KeunSo

TeacZy fanfiction


*Sorry for the title change! [♥9 MONTHS♥~♥I'm In Love With You♥]


~I've never thought that he'd be the one for me. I've never thought I could be this happy with somebody.

Even though People say we're too young, I don't care, the important thing is that we love each other and we're happy together...~



*TaecYeon is 20 and Suzy is 18 in this fanfic :)

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Kaylre () says about chapter 1:
Yah, Author-nim when will you update? I'm waiting like forever!!!!
Update please

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OMG, I love this story, soo awsome!!! Please UPDATE!!!!!!

rakhun () says about chapter 14:
update sooner please :)

rakhun () says:
please please update the next chapter. i really love this story

TaecZy-MyungYeon () says about chapter 14:
Update soon Pliss <3 i love Taeczy <3

TaecZy-MyungYeon () says about chapter 14:
update soon pliss :D

shumz456 () says:
update soon

NndtyaTaec () says:
TaecZy ^o^

Update soooon~~

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i wanna know what happened to taezy :o
plz update soon ^^

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