Kpop Themes for Google Chrome Users. :D

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Kpop Themes for Google Chrome Users. :D - main story image


This "Stroy" has many different themes for different groups, so don't be fooled by the tag groups they change everytime. ^-^

The photo of Big Bang for this Forword main photo is one of my themes I have created, I just wanted to show how one of my themes would look on my computer screen. You might think it's not my screen but it is, its just that I took off the a lot of my screen because I have some personal links and tabs (like online shoppping links) that I save and I dont want to advertise. XD This is the link to the theme if you want it:

So the other week I found out I can put a background/theme to my google chrome.


So I was looking up some kpop th...

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IMPORTANT!! MUST READ!! Comment and subscribe for updates on the themes I will soon make. :D

And If you have an instagram you should follow me! Account name: ShanShan__n


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SakuraLove () says:
Could you please do some Topp Dogg themes ^^
Pleas and thank you >.<

Riicchan () says about chapter 521:
I love this one !!!!

AmsoUsan () says about chapter 518:
GAHH I LOVE THEM ALL~ sorry for posting so much ^ ^

AmsoUsan () says about chapter 517:

AmsoUsan () says about chapter 516:

AmsoUsan () says about chapter 515:

AmsoUsan () says about chapter 514:

Driven_sky3 () says about chapter 43:
Can I request some Sistar themes as a group? I only see one theme in here but it's sistar19 ^_^

Riicchan () says about chapter 414:
I love the CL one haahahaha <3

AmsoUsan () says:
SAWPPPPPPP , I WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST A BIGBANG G-DRAGON PLEASE . I LOOKED AT LIKE ALMOST ALL OF YOUR THEMES AND ME REALLY LIKEY :33 Sorry for the CAPS, I kinda felt like it ^ ^ Thank youuuu~ AND OMG I WANT YOU TOO DO SOME OF MY BTS PICTURES !! And I'm not sure If I should PM or comment???? So sorry, I would like to comment with the links:PP
1. I don't know where my GD picture went, so could you please find me one? or if not it's okay if you don't do one :))
2. I'd like these BTS picuters :DD

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