Kpop Themes for Google Chrome Users. :D


This "Stroy" has many different themes for different groups, so don't be fooled by the tag groups they change everytime. ^-^

The photo of Big Bang for this Forword main photo is one of my themes I have created, I just wanted to show how one of my themes would look on my computer screen. You might think it's not my screen but it is, its just that I took off the a lot of my screen because I have some personal links and tabs (like online shoppping links) that I save and I dont want to advertise. XD This is the link to the theme if you want it:

Please no not subscirbe then unsubscribe, it hurts my feelings when you guys do that TT^TT


So I was looking up some k...

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Chapter 520: thank you. !
xXxRei_YuyaxXx #3
Hi I totally love this. Its so cool and awesome! ^^

And I was wondering if you can make a SPEED theme from there album SPEED CIRCUS, or from Zombie Party or from Look At Me Now? All of them are albums and the title songs of the album.

I was also wondering if you can make 100% from Real 100%, Guy Like Me, We,100%, Bang the Bush, and from 100% V as well.

Thanks and I am sorry I asked so much sorry again
bora19s #4
Chapter 539: love sistar
Amira5 #5
Can you please do some TOPP DOGG and
if you can All VIXX era ? *_*
Pretty please!
kpop_fanz96 #6
Chapter 99: I admit that this pic are soooooo hot, but, huhu... i'm trying not to dirt my mind.. XDD
hatredwithpassion #7
Chapter 69: This one always has me thinking dirty >_<
SakuraLove #8
Could you please do some Topp Dogg themes ^^
Pleas and thank you >.<
Riicchan #9
Chapter 518: I love this one !!!!
AmsoUsan #10
Chapter 515: GAHH I LOVE THEM ALL~ sorry for posting so much ^ ^
AmsoUsan #11
Chapter 514: THANK YOU~