Corridor Kisses

The P0rn Business
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As they were walking down the hallway to head back to the auditorium, Donghae suddenly started laughing.


“What?” Hyukjae asked.


“You were epic,” Donghae grinned.


“Shut up, we’re probably in deep ,” Hyukjae crossed his arms.


“But you saved me from that idiot!” Donghae exclaimed.


“You would have been perfectly fine telling him off yourself,” Hyukjae replied.


“That’s true, so why did you do it?” Donghae asked, scooting closer.


“I don’t know, okay?” Hyukjae snapped, face turning a little red. Actually, he knew why, and he knew Donghae figured it out already.


“You know I already know right?” Donghae chuckled.


“If you know I already know you already know, then why do you ask?” Hyukjae asked back.


“Because I know you already know I already know but I still want to ask you what you know I already know,” Donghae said in one breath.


“I’m confused,” Hyukjae stated.


“Me too,” Donghae agreed.


They chuckled before continuing their journey again. Somehow, Donghae’s hand found Hyukjae’s and they ended up holding hands.


“Is it really bad if I feel like kissing you now?” Donghae asked.


“Not really,” Hyukjae replied.


“Good,” Donghae smiled, before he dragged Hyukjae into a small lane which led to somewhere else so that they could have some privacy. 


“So you’re done with real life?” Hyukjae asked as Donghae hovered his lips onto his own.


“Yeah, you look very y being my knight in shining armor, I need to reward you,” Donghae replied before he took the pair of lips softly.


“Hm,” Hyukjae ed and opened his mouth when Donghae’s tongue asked for it. He let his arm circle around Donghae’s neck. It’s more like a habit really.


Donghae pressed him against a wall as he explored Hyukjae’s cavern thoroughly. Hyukjae just let him do all the work this time. Besides the fact that he was lazy to fight for dominance, he knew Donghae would let him if he was in the mood, and today was just not the day.


He groaned in dissatisfaction when Donghae kept his hands firmly on the sides of his waist. Why the hell doesn’t Donghae want to explore further? Putting one hand down onto Donghae’s waist, he tried to pull their lower bodies closer to each other but failed.


“Not that one,” Donghae smiled and broke the kiss.


“Coward,” Hyukjae muttered, pulling his hands away.


“We’ll wrinkle our clothes,” Donghae chuckled, pressing a kiss on Hyukjae’s nose before he pulled away. “C’mon, let’s go.”


Hyukjae started fanning his face as they made their way out of the secluded hallway and into the main one.


“What are you doing?” Donghae asked.


“I need to cool down fast. I’m half hard,” Hyukjae replied.




They had just gotten back to their seats when they were approached by the authority together with the man who was punched by Hyukjae.


Excuse me, Mr. Kim, I need to have a word with you about the behavior of your two stars,” the authority, a tall but frail man in his forties, told Heechul as the brunette who got punched pointed at Hyukjae and Donghae.


“He said he needs to talk to you about them both,” Tiffany translated.


“What did you guys do?” Heechul asked.


“I punched him in the face in the washroom earlier,” Hyukjae replied honestly, pointing at the man who was sporting a bruise on his sort of handsome face.


“What in the world did you do that for?” Heechul exclaimed, bewildered.


“He d me against my will,” Donghae explained.


“Oh, then you’re forgiven,” Heechul replied without hesitation.


“Thought so,” Hyukjae shrugged.


“Tiffany, explain the situation,” Heechul requested to the girl who was ready to interfere.


“No need, I can explain,” Donghae cut in, and he did just that.


The authority nodded in understanding, but the frown on his face stated that the trouble was not over yet.


This won’t do,” the man with the thick Italian accent said, “According to the rules and regulations any form of violence will result in immediate suspension of the company from the competition. I’m sorry but we must abide to the rules no matter what the circumstance is, unless Mr. Austin Viles decides to call a truce.”


“What did he say?” Hyukjae asked Donghae.


“He said that because we broke the rule of no violence our team needs to be suspended unless Mr. Big Guy decides not to press charges,” Donghae translated briefly.


“What?” But he molested you first! So I’m supposed to sit back and let people molest you just cause self defense is violence? What about a rule on ual harassment? Where’s that rule? Why isn’t it wrong?” Hyukjae exclaimed angrily.


Donghae translated the whole thing to the authority, who said something in return.


“You’re not going to like this, but he said that a little bit of groping is considered a friendly gesture of attraction and it’s not really a problem, unless it becomes close to ,” Donghae replied.


“That is ridiculous!” Hyukjae exclaimed, “No matter what form, harassment is harassment when the other party is not in consent!” he huffed in disbelief.


“Hyukjae, cool down, we’re in a foreign country, people are much more open minded here,” Heechul patted Hyukjae on the shoulders. “There’s nothing we can do. Right now we need to get a truce. That’s the most important.”


“That’s right, and I’m willing to offer you one,” the brunette who got punched by Hyukjae said in a heavily accented but otherwise perfect Korean with a smug smile on his face.


“You can speak Korean?” Hyukjae exclaimed.


“Yes, I’m a Korean fanatic! I love Korean food, Korean music and most importantly Korean men! I was really surprised when I heard you speak Korean, it must be my lucky day,” the brunette, Austin Viles his name, explained in enthusiasm.


“That is not important, the important thing is, you’ll call for truce right?” Donghae asked.


“Only on one condition,” the natural brunette smirked, before he pointed at Hyukjae, “I want to go on a date with him tomorrow.”


“What?” everyone who understood Korean shouted together except Hyukjae, who just stood there and blinked stupidly, wondering if he should have heard ‘I want to send him to hell’ instead.


“Wait a minute, you just said you wanted to go with me on a date?” Hyukjae asked to confirm, just in case his ears were that bad and he needed to run before he was killed.


“Yes,” Austin Viles replied.


“But I punched you!” Hyukjae exclaimed.


“I know, and baby, even since you punched me I couldn’t get you out of my mind,” the huge man said longingly, clutching on Hyukjae’s hand, much to his horror. “I have fallen in love with you helplessly. Please go on a date with me.”


Everyone stared at the two of them without blinking. Just… how in the world did things turn out that way?


“Well,” Hyukjae cleared his throat, “I’m sorry but…” he started when Heechul suddenly cupped his mouth with his hand.


“The truce, the truce!” he whispered desperately before he released Hyukjae.


“I am very willing to go on a date with you,” Hyukjae blurted with a fake smile. Damn, this was even worst than being killed.


On second thought, this was a little better.


“I object!” Donghae shouted but Kyuhyun was quick to gag him up and drag him away.


“Ignore him,” Heechul grinned at Austin, though Hyukjae could tell he was displeased about this matter.


“Oh good! Then, let’s meet next morning for breakfast and we’ll see from there!” Austin beamed, “Bye my darling!”


There was an awkward moment of silence.


“Can someone please pass me a bag? Cause I need to puke,” Hyukjae stated.


“And now I’m the one who needs to punch someone,” Donghae muttered after Kyuhyun let him go.

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