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EXO Facts


Favorite Cartoon of EXO Members

1. D.O : Doraemon l Pororo
2. Suho : Micky Mouse l Spongebob
3. Kris : Shaun The Sheep l Dragon Ball
4. Luhan : Dragon Ball l Donald Duck
5. Baekhyun : SCOOBYDOO l Micky Mouse Series
6. Sehun : Gardfield l Micky Mouse Series
7. Chanyeol : Tom And Jerry l Doraemon
8. Kai : Pororo l Avatar Series
9. Tao : Panda Series l Barbie Series
10. Chen : Donal Duck l Garfield
11. Xiumin : Baby Huiy l Spongebob




130529 Tao changed his DP and status again.



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JelaKhin #1
Chapter 243: Hope you'll be back soon~^^
Love4Minute2NE1 #2
Chapter 243: Of course. I will remain patient for updates. o u o Good luck with their performances then. e w e
mignonette #3
Chapter 242: The best ^^~
camzform #4
Chapter 242: Can't wait for the other versions of the MV to be released~
JelaKhin #5
Chapter 242: Eureureong eureureong eureureong dae xD
Love4Minute2NE1 #6
Chapter 242: /screams GROWL! ; AAAAAAAA ;
Hanbyul07 #7
Chapter 241: I can't wait too
Love4Minute2NE1 #8
Chapter 241: Aww Suho! <333 I think my heart is fluttering from his simple yet sweet message. LOL = w = I'm glad he's happy though!
camzform #9
Chapter 241: Oh my god. At first look I really thought it was Siwon of Super Junior O.O