Chenchen vs Baozi Completed!

by alepoopz
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Xiumin (Minseok), Chen (Jongdae)


Minseok always liked Jongdae's voice, he always stared at the younger's temples because the veins were.. ooh.

He decides to confess one fine night, but what scares him is what happens before the confession.



Hi guys!! Havent written a fic in eons and i just decided to write a xiuchen one cause a reader reminded me to!

This fic is dedicated to kimminhara for reminding me :)

Hope its not too shabby!



One boring afternoon, Minseok decides to use his Macbook.

Eyes half-lidded, he walks into Yixing and Jongdae's room by accident and grabs Chen's Macbook out.

He opens Jongdae's Macbook as he rubs his eyes and his pupils start to widen, seeing his own face set as the wallpaper.

...And of course with Jongdae's arms draped over his shoulders.

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ssant0kki21 () says about chapter 1:
the d....... XD

Laoxin () says about chapter 1:
Omg that was so adorable and short >u<

InspiritHanaYeol () says about chapter 1:
Really minseok, the d? xD

onetruethree801 () says about chapter 1:
lol at the end. xD

Starlight_Moonflower () says about chapter 1:
"Really? Am I getting the d too?" HAHAHAH. I DIED. Minseok ah.

babyseung () says about chapter 1:
haha the d xD
so cute~

EXOtic-bear () says about chapter 1:
This made me laugh!! So cute!!

KPopPrince () says about chapter 1:
.. HAHA i like this :D

XiuMin was jealous ...

paperapples () says about chapter 1:
It's so cute! (●>v<●)They both have their couple photos as their bg!!
I feel like a dork asking this, but what 'd' was Minseok referring to? I've had my guess but.... lol

xiuseok () says about chapter 1:
that was so adorable. weheeeeee!

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