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A little pink tongue darts out to wet pretty pink lips. Pretty pink lips that are currently turned up in a knowing smirk. Pretty pink lips that he knows from experience will taste like strawberry. Pretty pink lips that look the best wrapped around his .

Minho swallows the lump in his throat, dark eyes trained on that tongue that knows exactly what it’s doing.

“Minho-ssi?” the interviewer’s voice floats into his cloudy consciousness.

Minho starts, realizing that everyone in the studio is currently staring at him expectantly. He fights back the blush. How can he do a thing when his mind is somewhere else? “Could you repeat the question?” he asks politely.

Jonghyun rolls his eyes and Kibum smirks, looking at Minho head on. Minho’s mind whirls off into a seething vortex of last night’s memories, memories of sinking in deeper and deeper.

He realizes that he’s spaced out again, wanting to possess, wanting to touch. He’s missed the interviewer’s question a second time.

“Uh, what?” he asks, and Jinki kicks him in the shin.

The interviewer’s smile is a little tense, like she’s sort of pissed off he’s not paying attention to her. He may be the guest, but this is her show, after all. “Which is your favorite song on the new album and why?”

This, at least, is a brainless answer, one that he has rehearsed a billion times since the release of their latest album. He can spout out the answer without really thinking and the interviewer moves on to ask Taemin a question about the choreography in their comeback video.

Minho sighs and lets his eyes slip over to Kibum once more. The elder’s eyes are still glued to Minho, and it’s driving him crazy, smiling that mysterious smile and making eye contact. Minho shifts uncomfortably in his seat, trying to unobtrusively alleviate the ache between his legs. Kibum only smirks as if he knows exactly what’s going on in Minho’s head. In all actuality, he probably does. He’s a sneaky bastard like that.

Eventually the interview ends and the host thanks them all for coming. Then their managers are herding them back into their car and they’re finally alone.

“Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?” Jonghyun demands, frowning at Minho. “You made us all look like idiots back there.”

“I was just a little distracted,” Minho mutters, running his fingers through his short hair.

“Well get it together,” Jonghyun mutters. “We can’t afford to space out on television appearances.”

“Give him a break, Jjong,” Jinki says with a weary sigh. “It’s been a long day and we’re all tired. Let’s just go home and get some sleep.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” Taemin agrees, letting his head rest on Jinki’s shoulder as the car steers them towards their dorms.

Kibum leans forward, whispering in Minho’s ear. “I can’t break free,” he says in his husky voice. “It’s all because of you. I’m going out of my mind…I want you…”

Minho has to close his eyes, willing away the inevitable that springs to attention in his too-tight jeans. Kibum knows just what to say and how to say it to get under Minho’s skin in the best – and worst – possible ways.

It’s not Minho’s fault that he’s completely wrapped around Kibum’s little finger. It’s not his fault that his body and mind endlessly crave the elder, that he can’t concentrate on anything, that he’s slowly going out of his mind when he’s not with his hyung.

He can hardly wait until they’re back at the dorms. Jinki disappears into the kitchen to cook dinner, with Taemin as an eager helper. Jonghyun goes to take a nap, so Kibum and Minho are free to shower.

They shower together often, claiming that it saves water and time. If the others know the real reason behind it, they don’t comment on it. They also don’t comment on how long the two stay in the shower, not coming out until their fingers are pruned and the water is running cold.

“You’re such an ,” Minho accuses, slamming Kibum into the bathroom door the second it shuts behind him, scrambling to lock it even though the others probably know by now not to go into the bathroom when Minho and Kibum are in there.

Kibum smirks even as Minho’s lips devours his hungrily. “Oh, and why is that?” he teases, hands slipping up beneath the younger’s shirt to pull it up and over his head, tossing it into the floor to be forgotten.

“Whenever you look at me, it feels like I’m being electrocuted,” Minho accuses breathlessly, fingers fumbling with the button on Kibum’s jeans. “I can’t do a thing all day because of you. It’s like you’ve stolen my heart.”

Kibum tugs him in for another heated kiss, tongues sliding over lips and teeth, hands clutching desperately. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Minho can only chuckle as they shed what’s left of their clothing and stumble into the shower, the hot water cascading over sore, tense muscles. It’s not long before Minho has Kibum pinned up against the cool shower wall, one leg hiked up around the younger’s waist. Kibum is still stretched from their rendezvous that morning, so Minho slides in with ease. He squeezes his eyes shut as Kibum’s body him in, fitting together perfectly like a puzzle made for each other. He sighs and inhales Kibum’s familiar scent, wishing that this feeling could last forever.

They move together, a synchronous dance that they’ve perfected over the years of being with one another. It’s the sinuous, sensual, intimate moment that Minho lives for, that he thinks about all day when he’s unable to touch his lover.

The water is running cold by the time they’re finished, exhausted and drenched but content. Minho turns the water off and Kibum throws towels around their shoulders and they simply stand in the steamy bathroom for a long moment.

“Do you ever think about giving this all up?” Minho asks after a while.

Kibum frowns, his brows knitting together in confusion. “Us? Giving us up?”

“No, of course not that,” Minho says quickly. He sighs. “I mean, giving up being an idol.” He pauses. “I would give this all up for you, you know.”

Kibum’s expression softens and he pulls Minho in for another kiss, this one sweet, sensual, loving. “I know you would,” he whispers. “And I love you for that.” He kisses Minho again. “We’ll run away together someday.” 

For: Kaikhione

Prompt: "All Day I Think of You" by 2PM

picture cr. to knotberry


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