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My Fake BoyFriend


What if MinYul was just set up to cover Minho's real girlfriend....

How would you feel when you have to give your  fake boyfriend that you had feeling's for back to his real girlfriend???


My first One shot yipeeee please do comment & subscribe!




Choi Minho

-SHINee's Flaming Charisma

-Faked Boyfrinded with SNSD Yuri




Kwon Yuri

-Girls' Generation Black Pearl [SNSD]

-Faked girlfriended with SHINee Minho




Park Seul Ki [play's as Minho's real GF]


-A Model

-Minho's real girlfriend


-Normal looking


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MinYul5699 #1
Chapter 1: So GREAT !
GEUNSHINeeShidae #2
Chapter 1: Sequel! :))
SMCouples #3
It was fast but intresting!!!