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Jung Daehyun, Bang Yongguk


In which the life of a blind man collides with another man blind of his purpose walking the earth.





A/N:I'm having a break. My chapters need a major editing before I proceed with the next so bare with me. Sorry. >_<


Reviewed by: placingfifth @  {백조} e v a l u a t i o n ❣❣

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wings_halo () says:
daehyunnie getting his face screwed is not enough yah noona noona yah yah yAH NOONA

givivi123 () says about chapter 5:
Yonggukkie, come save DaeDae, NOW! Anyway, Author-nim, will you be updating anytime soon?

anikounnie () says about chapter 5:
update soon!! i want to know what will happen DD8 pleeeease!!! x_x

daefoodangercookie () says:
Even if I don't really like Daehyun being almost assaulted here, I like how this fic 'walks slowly', the tempo isn't rushed so I as a reader could really absorb the situation and how the characters felt. This is great <3

Jackson00 () says about chapter 2:
i like the idea of an almost kiss.

EunYoun () says about chapter 5:
D: Please update soon! This is a terrible place to leave Daehyun! He needs saving! And Youngguk needs to take care of him. There's a certain kind of pride/pity that you have in Daehyun in this, to be so fearless in dealing with the inevitable of his illness, but this is too much!

I can't imagine a scarier situation, but on top of that, you can't see! He could run into these same men two days later and not even know, except to hear them speak. :( We need closure! Please keep going!!

heeyoung_kwon () says about chapter 5:
Oh no no no no noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Someone, ANYONE, pls save Daehyunnie X(((((((((((

Reya_K () says about chapter 5:
damn *cries*
sick bastards
i hope someone will help Daehyun before something worse happens

decalcomania () says about chapter 5:
Wow. Wonderful wording, amazing imagery. I'd say it's beautiful but this scene isn't really one that evokes beauty. Nonetheless, it's almost refreshing to read scenes like this, very graphic and very real, not just glanced over like some authors do. I'm anticipating you next update ^^

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