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"You are a unwanted child! Don't call me Dad! Get lost!" 

Over all these years, you changed from a bubbly child to a cold, distant and reserved teenager. No one cares to tear off your mask. No one cares about your existence. You are just a nobody, in everyone's life. 

"Will they be different? Will they be able to tear off this mask of mine? I'm tired of acting like i have no feelings. Please... Save me." 



Choi Yeojin(18)

(Yes it's Minju from Two X. ^^)

-second year at Seoul High

-quiet, reserved, cold, distant, uncaring, always alone. 

-likes: dancing, singing & your dream is to debut as a singer. 

-dislikes: talking to others. 

-have a brother, Choi Junsu. 




Bang Yong Guk (22) -a graduate from Seoul High, leader of B.A.P

Kim Him Chan (22) -a graduate from Seoul High, the ulzzang of B.A.P

Jung Daehyun (20) -in the last year at Seoul High, lead vocal of B.A.P

Yoo Youngjae (20) -in the last year of Seoul High, lead vocal of B.A.P

Moon Jongup (19) -in the third year of Seoul High, main dancer and vocalist of B.A.P

Choi Junhong (18) -in the second year of Seoul High, lead rapper & dancer and maknae of B.A.P






Hi guys! Back with my second fanfic and it's also about B.A.P! Hehehe i love them! <3 I hope you will enjoy this fanfic as much as I enjoy writing it. I may not be able to update as fast as my first fanfic so please bear with me and continue to support this fanfic! Please do not hesitate to leave a comment and let me know of ways to improve! ^^ 



***This fanfic is purely based on my own imagination. If there's any similarity with other author's plot, please note that it may be just pure concidence. ^^


All gifs used are credited to their respective owners! 


There will be new characters included so please look forward to their appearance~ ^^




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zldhwyjh_98 #1
Chapter 65: Is it sad that I finished this while story in a day???? This was so good not gonna lieee. Hehehe olease write moreee
Furrylim #2
Chapter 65: Is this Link a part 2 story
Furrylim #3
Chapter 65: Is this Link a part 2 story
Masimaru_Howon #4
Chapter 39: YAY UKWON !!!!!!
In recent fanfics i have read, UKWON IS THERE!!!!
/throws confetti/
Masimaru_Howon #5
Chapter 10: NO!!!!!
WHY IS SHE LEAVING?????!!!!!!!
jaydeetea #6
Chapter 65: So sad. Sigh.
Well, I'm off to the sequel! XP it better have a happy ending!~~~
rometalia #7
I like the way you make the conflict :)
TheChuglyOne #8
Chapter 65: * simple rules. Sorry accidentally pressed send.
TheChuglyOne #9
Chapter 65: Its great you have a sequel out :) !
Have you tried a poster request shop? I could pm you the links of some good ones if you want. They are really nice as long as you follow the
Chapter 65: Yay sequel!! I knew I won't regret subscribing! I love you, author-nim!!! ^^