K-pop Click and Drag Game


obsessed with click and drag games? but cannot find them?

then I welcome you here!! :D

In this story, I would be posting click and drag games of different bands.

You can request by commenting below, and I will try my best to find it. :3

"What are Click and Drags?", you may ask.

Basically, it is to click on a fast moving GIF and drag, which you will get one frame. In each GIF, there will be either a person, action,object etc.

Ready to play with all the click and drags? ^~^ Do comment your result too! <3

If the GIF freezes, you simply just need to refresh the page :)

If you don't want to keep dragging, I suggest you printscreen/screenshot :)

Date Created: 6 Nov 2012
Last Updated: 30 June 2013

DISCLAIMER: These GIFs belong to their rightful owners, and I do not own any of them.
TIP: Click on the numbers to be directed to the chapter! :D 





2NE1: #1 |

After School: #1

B1A4: #1 | #2 | #3 |

B.A.P: #1 | #2 | #3 |

Bangtan Boys (BTS): #1

Big Bang: #1 [T.O.P] | #2 | #3 | #4 |

BEAST: #1 |  

Boyfriend: #1 [Love Style] |

EXO: #1 | #2 (M) | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6 | #7 [XOXO] |

FT Island: #1 |

INFINITE: #1 | #2 | #3 |

MBLAQ: #1 | #2 |

SHINee: #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 |

Super Junior: #1 | #2 | #3 [EunHae] | #4 | #5 | #6 |

Teen Top: #1 | #2

U-KISS: #1 | #2




If You Were In A Kpop Group: #1 | #2 |

YunBoA: #1

TaecZy: #1 |

Kpop Family: #1

Shut Up Flower Boy Band: #1 |


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KangShinNyu #1
Chapter 9: best friend: jonghyun
crush on you: key
first kiss: jonghyun
flirt: onew
tease: jonghyun
playful rival: jonghyun
first time: taemin
lover: jonghyun
cockblock: key

I give key a
KangShinNyu #2
Chapter 8: chen hug you under cherry blossom and kiss you w/ ful passion...
KangShinNyu #3
Chapter 5: you met during: not young era
your best friend is dongho
you marry: kevin
you honey moon in: paris
number of kids: 2
tried to cockblock you: eli
KangShinNyu #4
Chapter 3: you will meet taemin on a windy day in your bed and he's singing..he sees you and faints(what the heck?! lol) will be a start of nightmare...

KangShinNyu #5
Chapter 45: girlfriend: dara (but i'm a girl though...i just tried it...)
bestfriend: bom
sister: bom
awkward with: minzy
teases you alot: dara
hates you: bom (O0O)

does this mean bom is my sister whom i consider as my bestfriend but in reality hates me alot?!!

huhuhu (sobs)

KangShinNyu #6
Chapter 46: agency: s.m entertainment
members: 9
position: leader
years together: 1
fan color: black
visual ranking: 4
other language i know: thai
do i go solo?: yes
KangShinNyu #7
Chapter 44: first love: taetae
first kiss: jin
ex boyfriend: yoongi
boyfriend: jungkookie
crush: taetae
best friend: taetae
future husband: taetae
honeymoon: hawaii
number of kids: 3

...i didn't get my bias chimchim....


I didn't cheat so that's why...

but WHY??!! It's full of TAETAE!!'s fine...he was my ultimate bias before jimin destroyed my list...he's now 2nd...<3 <3
hcaebb #8
Chapter 43: Chanyeol took a double take when I sat in front of him and as he leaned closer to me from over the table he said "so tell me, what's your name?"

hcaebb #9
Chapter 1: lmaooo.

You woke up in T.O.P's room and you decided to take selfies. Later you decided to surprise him with a big booty ho. He was so surprised he broke up with you. Finally, after a long day T.O.P kisses you and passionately kisses you goodnight.

That last part kinda doesn't make sense since he broke up with me for surprising him with a big booty ho lmao.
BambiDear #10
Chapter 44: First Love: V
First Kiss: Jimin
Ex-Boyfriend: RapMon
Boyfriend: Jungkook
Crush: Jin
Best Friend: J-Hope
Future Husband: Suga
Honeymoon: Paris (YESSSSSSS)
Number of kids: 1

well damn I got all of them xD