Lie For Two

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Good girls shouldn’t lie. Well, who would listen to that when your reputation can be ruined before you even have one? People lie all the time. But there is something more terrible than just a simple lie. It’s high school – a jungle full of girls talking about boys, clothes and make-ups. If you don’t want to be an outcast, you need to find these topics attractive.

So I lied just to fit in that high school jungle. I lied about having a boyfriend I’ve actually never had my entire short life. But soon things got more complicated and I needed a proof to make them believe. I needed a real, handsome, smart and polite boyfriend to show everyone. Why on earth did I have to make him so perfect? There was only one guy close to that description – Baekhyun, a role model and top student in our school. Also pretty unattainable for someone as ordinary as me.

Well, that’s what I thought till I found out about his little secret...



Seriously people, don't read the comments, it's like a spoiler minefield.


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Hello guys! I needed a small distraction from my studying so I ended up thinking about new story XD Writing fic where Baekhyun isn't all that sweet was too tempting, I think he has some evil potential haha :D Hope you will like the idea as much as I do and remember, don't lie! :D


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15/10/2013 Next update should be around Sunday so stay tunned and sorry it's taking so long but I'm freakin' busy XD!

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baekmilover2 #1
This was a very very beautiful story . thank you ?
baekmilover2 #2
Chapter 31: Ok im sad for chanyeol ?
Chapter 2: THIS fic really great
Chapter 2: WOWWW
bapdaehyun2 #5
Chapter 33: Oh and I love how things Eun Jin, it was so funny. So I can tell that I love your sense of humor ;) It was stressful but pleasant to read this hystory. Just to remember this nice sentence : “ great, I will have to burn it later” (after Baek accident allergy)
But I found a lot of these types of sentences, and I laughed. I will remember Eun Jin xD
bapdaehyun2 #6
Chapter 33: Whaou your story touch me so hard! You know that I already imagine (almost written) a story like that, with a Baekhyun which doesn’t listen and act as a jerk. But anyway I want to tell you how I understand all the feelings of Eun Jin and how you beautiful describe it! Congratulations for this create story. I think that I can not describe to you all that your story makes to me but you have to know that I like it very lot! I still have a lot of emotion. (Sorry for my English... I am French x) )
Oohchimi #7
Chapter 32: This fanfic is so good! One of the best fanfic I have ever read! I couldn't stop reading it and I actually finished reading this in a day! Thank you for writing such a beautiful story!
I've been binge reading on your stories the past few days. I'll be hopping to Make Me Regret next after this.

And dang, I've never really read the ending properly before which is why I never upvoted this, and now I am regretting all of that now that I reread this the second time. AMDNKAKSKSK Now I am in tears because heck I really thought they didn't get together in the end (because I literally went into a roller coaster of emotions throughout the story just to find an ending where they don't end up together aaaaah) and then I reread each word of each line and realized that she didn't marry Chanyeol and is not marrying Chanyeol. God, I so regret the fact that I didn't read this properly the first time, but I am glad to go back and I'll be giving this fic what it deserves because this is truly a masterpiece!
Love this story so much!! Brings back the feeelsssss <3
Thank you author for this wonderful fic! The ending was beautiful even though I was a bit confused at first. It has been a great journey reading this story