The Beast Within

The Beast Within

We were sitting in the DJ booth, hosting Sukira. Leeteuk, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Donghae and I. And I heard it, rumbling over the music that played in the background. It was early March and it was the first thunder storm of the year.

My little Fishy loves water, but there’s nothing he loves more than a thunder storm.

I resisted, so hard. Resisted looking at him, because I knew. God, I knew that his eyes would be on fire. I could feel his stare burning into me already and when he shifted closer my brain paused at the way his thigh pressed against mine.

I heard Donghae exhale next to me and closed my eyes, my mind already filling with the anticipation of what would happen as soon as we got back to the dorm, or hell, any enclosed space away from onlookers.

I heard him laugh and it shattered my thoughts.

“Eunhyuk-sshi, don’t fall asleep~” One of the female studio hands said. I grinned and laughed.

“I guess I’m just tired, I’m not going to fall asleep, I was just resting my eyes.”

I felt Donghae’s hand slide over my shoulder and I didn’t dare brush it away or try to move away from it. I knew better. It was hot, burning the fabric on my body into my skin, fusing them together.

I didn’t stop his chin from resting on my shoulder or him from whispering hotly into my ear that he was going to me so hard.

I swallowed. God, how I loved him in that moment, how he moved away, leaving me cold, leaving me alone with my chill bumps and my already tight pants. The show wasn’t over fast enough, we couldn’t get into the car fast enough.

We couldn’t get to the dorm fast enough, everyone had somewhere they wanted to stop, but I could feel his eyes stripping me, practically feel his thoughts screwing me from the back seat.

I chanced it, looking back at him when everyone had gone into a store. Bad idea in hindsight. His hand was on my collar, yanking me from the middle to the back seat, my mouth slamming on his as he practically massacred the inside of it, his tongue ing against mine and it was so perfect, so exciting to see him so dominant.

He pulled away and I looked at him through bleary eyes as he shifted, laying in the seat and pulling me on top of him, his hand flinging my belt open, yanking the fly open on my jeans and ripping the zipper apart. He shoved his hand in my pants and panted at the I already had, the slickness already on the tip after he moved my boxer briefs down.

“Hae,” I choked out, voice taught and strained. He just looked at me and wrapped a leg around my waist, shoving me down against him. I hissed at the bit of zipper digging into my sensitive skin but ed at the way he scrubbed his crotch against mine.

When he started pulling on my shirt at the neck I kissed him again, humming at how the threads popped and split, the sound of the fabric ripping apart until the thing was completely rent down the middle. His hands slapped against my skin and ran all over and it was the hottest thing.

I wanted nothing more than to yank his jeans off and bury myself inside him like normal, but it was storming, and I knew that’s not how things went down when it was storming.

His reaction to a storm could be likened to a werewolf on a night with a full moon. When it stormed, a beast inside him clawed to get out and I encouraged it so much. Because I liked it. I wanted it. Wanted him going crazy, ing me senseless while he was under this spell, this magical enchantment of natural forces.

I don’t even know how it happened, but I found myself pressed against the other side of the SUV, ripped shirt pushed open, his hands pulling my legs around his waist. My eyes rolled back, watching the rain drops roll down the back glass before I heard the clink of his belt and the rip of his zipper.

He was going to take me right there in the back of that SUV. And I knew better than to object. Even when I heard a door open, I knew better than to say anything. When his fingers pressed into me, I knew to , he liked to hear it.

“The !”

My head lolled to the side to look up front. Leeteuk. But I couldn’t be bothered with his expression, couldn’t concentrate on anything but the teeth digging into my abdomen while two spit slicked fingers ed me. My head hit the window and the pain vanished as quickly as it registered.

“Guys!” Leeteuk shouted.

And chills ran through my entire body at the way Donghae’s head flew up, jaw clenching in Leeteuk’s direction. He was like a beast whose dinner was being interrupted, feral, rabid and I couldn’t look away from that jawline.

“Get the out,” Donghae growled. “Get out!”

I groaned, his fingers were still ramming in and out of me, you could hear it, the sound of his hand smacking against me each time.

I heard the car door open and close quickly and Donghae looked back at my stomach, going back down to bite and at my abdomen. Then he was yanking my leg out of my jeans and boxer briefs, shoe flying off somewhere and sock coming half off.

He was fast, yanking me down and shoving his in my mouth just enough to get it wet enough to his liking. He pushed me back, arm hooking under my bare leg as he shoved his hot inside me, searing me, ripping me, and it was so exhilarating.

His hips snapped and pounded, powerful, hard, needy and determined. It felt so good, so real, so right to have him inside me like this. For all I knew the whole ing vehicle was shaking, but I didn’t care. I just wanted him to keep going.

My hands gripped his waist, pulling his shirt up, but that was too organized for this. He barely slowed his ing to rip his own shirt open and yank it off himself. I groaned and let my hands appreciate his skin, let my fingers press against his straining muscles.

I felt his hand on me, on my , he d it, hard and fast and I was losing it quickly, then he growled again, hand squeezing so ing hard at the base and I groaned again.

“Don’t you dare,” he commanded and it was enough to make me obey, biting my lip as the armrest under the window dug into my shoulders unpleasantly. “Look at me.”

My eyes snapped open and looked into his. Wild. That was it, that was all that was there. Unbridled, wild, primitive, carnal lust, simply oozing from every pore on his ing body and god, the way he his lips and tossed his head back would have had me ing all over the ing place if he hadn’t been holding me back.

When his eyes met mine again, they were softer, and he closed them, but when there was a loud crack of thunder, they opened and the smirk that spread over his face was nothing short of obscene and I braced myself because I could feel his demeanor change more than see it.

He pulled my hand to  my length to replace his and my wrist itched to move my hand, but the look he gave me was threatening and so I just squeezed. I loved this control he had over me. It was so hot, the way his eyes were so commanding.

I my lips and cried out as he put a death grip on my hips and pulled me against him with every one of his s. Then he was leaning over me, hips grinding and twitching and slamming all at the same time and I felt him explode inside me, shooting off and it was hot, fire, burning my insides, charring me and god it was so ing perfect, the way he growled and grunted with each spasm that rocked his body, made his muscles twitch, his pecs flinch in aftershock.

He let his head fall between his shoulders and my eyes closed, hand still firmly holding on. His arms wrapped around my middle and he lay against me, head on my shoulder. His breath was wet against my hot skin as he panted, goosebumps forming over his skin as the hot stuffy air around us suddenly made him cold.

“H-hae…” I breathed.

He slowly pulled himself up and looked down at me. He wasn’t through playing. Not at all. He reached down and produced his shirt from the floorboard, pulling out of me slowly, causing me to relax all over, but tense up moments later as I realized I almost let go of my . If I had done that, I definitely would have made a mess.

He stuck the shirt under my after he wiped himself off then made a ‘come here’ motion with his hand.

“Give it to me. I want to see it.”

I groaned and did what he wanted, strained, forced his out of me and he ran his hands over my stomach and thighs as he waited and watched.

The moment I felt it sliding out of me, he in a slow breath and let it out in a long, pleased hum. He smirked at it, brushing his fingertip over my still stretched open hole, dipping it inside a bit, causing me to jerk slightly at the sensations it shot through me.

He kissed my knee and at it as he cleaned up the mess that was running down my skin and pooling onto the shirt he’d placed under me. He wiped me clean of his release and wadded the shirt up, tossing it back to the floor then pulled his pants back up.

“Get dressed,” he ordered and I rolled my eyes in disbelief that I would have to maintain this and NOT until we got back to the dorm. But I didn’t make him tell me twice. I got re-situated, found my shoe, and he ing teased me, taunted me, running his hands under my loose covering that was once a whole but was now a ripped shirt, brushing over my and pulling.

“You better not , not until I say.”

“I won’t,” I breathed, and I found myself pulled back to sit next to him.

“Text Leeteuk.” He commanded, sitting sideways in the seat next to me, forearm resting on my shoulder as he started messing with my slightly damp hair. I fumbled for my phone and did so with shaking fingers.

“You’re such a good pet,” Donghae whispered. I looked at him and he smiled small, knowing that he was using my line. His hands gripped and tugged at my hair and I groaned quietly when his other hand went back to teasing my s.

The back door opened to the SUV and Donghae didn’t stop. I knew he wouldn’t and I knew I had to keep a straight face. I watched Kyuhyun get in, grinning deviously at me, I just kept my poker face. Leeteuk got in the front, not even bothering to look back at us, but he closed his door pretty hard. The driver got in, then I watched Ryeowook climb into the SUV, his eyes down and a bright pink hue resting on his cheeks.

The vehicle started and Leeteuk the radio, thankfully. But that didn’t stop Donghae from leaning close to me his mouth hovering close to my ear as he whispered and purred obscenities into it, making this wait unbearable for me, not to mention his hand was was still tugging my hair and the other one was still pulling my .

He chuckled low against my ear because he saw that I was turning red from holding back. Every bump that the SUV hit caused my to get a rub that each time almost took me over the edge.

I was going insane, didn’t know how this was ever going to work, because I was leaking so bad, and knew that if I let myself go he wouldn’t be so kind to me for a long time. I knew that from experience.

Then suddenly his hand was on my crotch, fingers gripping and stroking me through my jeans and he barked his order at me. “.”

And I did, shouting out and panting and each jolt was accentuated with an “AH!” as I coated my skin and my underwear with only god knows how much , a lot, so much, my hips bucking and rolling out of reflex.

Donghae was grinning next to me, like a kid that had won a lifetime supply of candy. And all I could do was relax against the seat and loll my head to look at him, ignore Kyuhyun’s evil laughing under his breath.

Yes, I’m whipped. Completely. Wrapped around Donghae’s little finger. He says jump, I ask which bridge. It’s always been that way, since I met him, since I first saw him, keeping him happy, satisfied, satiated, has been my goal.

And as I lay here now, with him in my arms, reflecting on this memory from last March, I can only close my eyes as I see a flash of light dance across the walls of our dark bedroom, my heart rate already jumping up a notch.

It’s February. Rainy season has arrived early and when I feel his hand slide over my stomach, nails scraping when the thunder comes, I can only brace myself, prepare myself for the beast that is Lee Donghae.


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HaeOpp #1
Chapter 1: It was hot, definitely. This Donghae so beast might explain so many "rainy days" on Hae & Hyuk twits It would be funny LOL
EunhaeCum #2
This was soo hot omg I really liked it!!
Kaname12 #3
Chapter 1: kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love it when hyukjae is submissive:)
make a sequel please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Illyria #4
Chapter 1: I'm glad I bookmarked this because I just rediscovered it and it is still awesome :)
mid-night_dreamer #5
Chapter 1: Oh my gawd! So, soo hot! I love this Donghae. He's usually the submissive one in their relationship, but this one was just too great. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully i can unmelt myself off my seat.