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Monday Couple


Hey person who's reading this *waves*

Well, so basically i like the monday couple, so i have decided to write a fanfic based on them.

I get the inspiration from any song lyrics ( i am trying to focus on k-pop songs ) and i write a story on the monday couple based on the song lyrics.

You can request for me to write a chapter on a song through commenting.


i'm horrible at english , so don't mind me sometimes^^



Song Ji Hyo

Kang Gary/ Gaelly Gaelly

and the rest of RM cast (if written)


Well, its kinda really a oneshot for each chapter as each chapter has a different song each,

So uh...

u can submit a song that you want me to write, or i will just keep picking songs that i prefer and write based on them~

All of them are gonna be Monday Couple biased.


NO .


okays, that's all for now, susbscribe if you want and happy reading! 



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Miss_XoXo #1
wahhhh like it
racheose #2
Chapter 4: this is my favorite TT~TT i ship you spartace... but MC is very special to me too, Gary stop making me fall for you X( ok i've gone crazy...
fx_harmonix #3
Chapter 5: very creative with the songs. Now I have some new music to listen to and more MC moments
Fadedmoonlight #4
Chapter 5: Shssjjd how sweet. <3 im loving all of these songs
Fadedmoonlight #5
Chapter 4: Lovely update, author-nim. Painful but lovely <\3
DiraTaeNyLocksmith #6
Chapter 3: Update soon pls~ I Love Running Man n Monday Couple
Fadedmoonlight #7
Chapter 3: Sjshdudjdjdjd poor gary and poor Jihyo. Tsk Tsk for their lack of communication. And I completely approve of this song <3 it's such an amazing and catchy song and also shows the friendship between the Commander and the Kids. Thanks for the wonderful u
Fadedmoonlight #8
Chapter 2: Aww my heart hurts T^T the Monday couple <3. This was a great update. Thanks author-nim!
But in reality, let us rejoice since Monday Couple is back!!!
D-LITEfullKiwi #9
Update soon! Me luv monday couple too! Running man fighting!
Fadedmoonlight #10
Chapter 1: Ajsjsjs T^T I miss them so much. <\3. I seriously do. I'm glad that at least here they had a happy ending. Whether it be Spartace or song song or Gaesica, Monday Couple still rules my shipping heart.