A Spartace couple fanfic


Hey, guys. I keep watching running man with my delusional mode on and it inspired me to write a fanfic~

I'm SOOO  delusional , so... i decided to write one fanfic~

This isn't my first fanfic, but, i am stlll horrible at english so please forgive me.

So....subscribe and comment please!  I WILL HUG YOU FOR IT

*gives virtual hugs*







NOTE: This story will be written in many different POV's. I'm sorry if you get confused :/


He had liked Eun Hye.

But that was before.

Now, he is in Running Man,

Another girl had captured his heart.

He can't deny his feelings for her.


Quite confused.

Usually known from the people around her as Mong~

But its true, she is really that blank. and she doesn't even know her true feelings.

But if someone manages to become very noticable to her,

it shows that she pays attention to that person a lot.




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Mithani #1
When will you gonna update authornim ?
Mithani #2
Chapter 11: this is my 3rd or 4th time i read this story :(((
when will you gonna update???
einsara #3
Chapter 11: thank you for writing this....this story was nice...hope you can update it...thank you again
Mithani #4
Chapter 11: When will you update ?!!!:(:(
Spartace fighting
Mithani #5
Chapter 11: Spartace forever
Update soon
Mithani #6
Author nim update soon
Spartace jjang and forever
Fighting ^_^
Mithani #7
Chapter 11: update soon authornim
hellofanfics #8
Chapter 4: Hehe!:) I'm from sg^_^yay!
hellofanfics #9
Update pls...^^
kimchiemong #10
Chapter 11: Authornim, please update this please...