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"Tiffany ya!!!!!" Yuri pointed to Tiffany.          



"Tiffany ya!!!!!! " Yuri shouted and pointed to Tiffany. Yuri is very excited now, she is one huge fans of Tiffany. She so excited that she can meet her idol, who is so close to her now, while unexpected.



"Yah!!! Jinja!!!" The tall shiksin whom stood beside Yuri, shocked with her mouth opened widen and eyes pop out, almost drop down from her.



"Daebak!!! Hwaaaaa!!" Two maknaes flattered. Their jaw droped.



"Wow!! She is pretty!! " The choding player murmur.



Not all the girls in the room is on exciting mode, but in confuses mode.



Jessica and Sunny looked at the tan girl with widen eyes. There get lots of question marks pop out on top of both girl's head, 



'Just now, Doesn't Taeng mentioned her name as 'Miyoung'??? Something wrong? N... Wat the head tis player said?! Desired to die?!' Sunny minds. Blonde with short hair glared on her player girlfriend.



'What's now? Does Yuri know this girl? She looked like so happy now, and her eyes... What the heck Yul's eyes is twinkling?! She like this girl huh?!' The ice cold girl not really happy now.



The most shocked in these girls acted were be Taeyeon and Tiffany. Both of the girls don't no what the reasons these girls so excited. Both dumbfounded. Taeyeon gain back her mind first.



"Tiffany? You guys know her?" Taeyeon said and she walk approach to Tiffany, sit beside her. Taeyeon can felt Tiffany been freaked by these girls from Tiffany's eyes, even the latter doesn't express her boggle on her face.



Tiffany lead closer to Taeyeon unconsciousness, she felt safe from Taeyeon. Maybe be it was because she is the only one she know in this room. Just maybe.



"Yeah! She is my favour!!" Yuri grinned, she said out without thinking though her mind. Yuri lost control.



Taeyeon shocked after listened what Yuri said, felt a bit uneasy. Tiffany totally freak out, she grabbed Taeyeon's arm. One girl at the corner silent, cold aura can felt clearly around her and pumping thread on the corner of her eye can be see.



"Hahahaaa! YAY!!! Kwon Yuri! What the hack you saying!! Pabo!" Shiksin smacked the lost control girl's shoulder. 



"Unnie,  you so funny!" Doe-eyed girl laugh like alligator.



"Unnie, you doesn't know her?" Seohyun said Taeyeon. The oldest girl nodded.



"She won't  paid any attention to those not attract her at all. Properly Tae won't know who she is." Hyoyeon exclaimed so that her voice can be hear by all in this noisy room.



" So, you know her?" Sunny glared on her girlfriend, she still felt uneasy for her girlfriend praised other girl pretty.



"Yeah! Of co...

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Michael_lee15 #2
Chapter 56: taengsicc plsss :'( XD
Leon_Tang91 #3
Chapter 56: I was and still is busy mian
Missed out a big number of chapters too @@
I'll get back to this after all my things are done which actually won't be anytime soon.
I forgot the storyline too so I'll have to read everything again and 顺便 edit lol

P.S: Actually thinking plot twist as TaengSic is better *slapped* hehehe
Master_orange #4
Chapter 56: Ima still here a author-shi
nuriiiin #5
Chapter 56: you're back...am i dreaming? lol are you okay dumbo? well, hope everything's fine for you there, fighting! :D

this story is about taeny, right? what happened between taengsic in the past?
lucky9 #6
Chapter 56: so deep down taeng got feeling for sica but cant hv her.. why??
faralurvsu #7
Chapter 56: Is this about taengsic?? Or taeny? It's a bit confusing here. Are you just playing confusion game here, author? Hahaha.. I think I saw your game. ;)
Nody94 #8
Chapter 56: Yeaaaaah i'm here .. Finally an update !
Waiting for the next one !
BJPark #9
Chapter 56: I'm happy for your comeback #^_^#
Taeyeon start to open up to Tiffany. A good starter for Taeyeon
I hope you author are healthy and have a good life out there ~^O^~
salutdee #10
Chapter 55: woahhh... your story is daebak author (XoX)
i can feel all teh mix emotions.... really touch me :))
you really know how to twist hehehe... i hope you will update this, and hope too that the empty feeling that Tae have after yulsic is just a short moment... because i want taeny hahahaha XD
have a nice day author^^v
BeunTe #11
Chapter 55: just write taengsic)))) update soon))) thank you)))