Red Riding Hood Society


After his only relative, his grandmother, was killed by a werewolf, Baekhyun was adopted by the leader of the Red Riding Hood Society.  It is an organization to fight against the werewolves, but...


What happens when he finds out that he can actually hear werewolves speaking in wolf form and a certain werewolf saves his life?  

What happens when the leader of the Red Riding Hood Society, finds out that his lover was actually a werewolf and a spy?

What happens when a certain werewolf is attracted to someone who absolutely hates werewolves?



Thanks to supernerd from Supernerd Prod Graphic Requests for the wonderful poster and background~


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Pabo-sshi #2
Why don't you update??? :((
byunbaekpotter #3
plez...plez...plez.... update soon authornim!!
HaruKoiUta #4
Chapter 14: I love this story ♥ And I cant wait to read wat happens next! XD Plz update soon!!! ^^
exosupershine #5
Chapter 14: Update soon
taemluvva #6
Chapter 11: aaaaaaawwwww Xiuuuuu~ >\\<
finally,,, my baby's show up!
honestly, i feel little suspicious since Lulu's scene with baby face guy!!
love u, authornim <3
hottest #7
Chapter 14: I love baekyeol ^^ update soon authornim!
peangpong #8
Chapter 14: I feel like I've disappeared for a long while lololol ;; /slappedcosthisaintsomethingtolaughabout
Not sure if you even remember me T.T
But hai OvO/
And ;^; I still relleh love this story
Leek update soon unnie o u ob I'm still stalking- I meant following u_u;; you silently Ohohoho
easeguidelight #9
Chapter 14: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Kaisoo moment! Auuuuuuu!
And please! Please! Make Hunhan relationship even better! They're my second OTP (after Kaisoo knocked them down:p)!!!
And I'll not push you for updating more often. I do understand the difficulties. Do keep up with your good work!
VieVIP #10
Chapter 14: You're back!! T___T <3
ouch. I understand why Sehun being like that, but man you should a least trust your lover, no? it's hurt for luhan's part :"(
and YAY FOR KAISOO~~!! *\(^O^)/*
aww I wish this was longer~ >_<
can't wait for next chap! FIGHTING~!!