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Good Bye Love Pain


Main Cast :    Choi Minho – Im Yoona (MinYoon)


Other Cast :   Kwon Yuri as Minho’s first love

                        Choi Soo Young as Minho’s older sister

                        Lee Jinki a.k.a Onew as A Doctor

                        Kim Tae yeon as Yoona’s co-worker and best friend.

                        Lee Taemin as Yoona’s foster brother

Characters :

Choi Minho

A kindly, ...

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annyeong chinguuu ...


Actually, I'm not interested in writing a fic :D

I just like to read fanfic from other...

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VinaKimberly #1
Chapter 4: Finally you are update. After 2 years aaaaaa update more
Jonginiekyung #2
ahh yuri-aaahhhhh!
VinaKimberly #3
i hope you update soon after my national exam. Wish me luck
candyredhearts #4
this story is so unique^^<br />
i hope you update soon~(:
minyoon #5
waitng for yoona :)
JDog610 #6
Mhhh this is really good! Haha, minho yelling goodbye to his family, so CUTE! Where's lovely Yoong? Update soon! *subscribes*
minhonna #7
@lonely : xie xie ...hehe<br />
<br />
thx for ur support saeng :D<br />
hope i can update soon :D
LonelyDay #8
the last part was so cute! "what a dorky son he is..." xD anyway , make sure to update more soon okay? :)
Feedya #9
wow, nice story, so sad Yuri have a leukimia :(<br />
and can't wait for Minho meet with Yoona hhe*<br />
pdate please :D
minhonna #10
@minyoon: yapz.. i'll try to update ...<br />
i still imagine for the next chapter ..:D