Quicksand in the Dark [One-shot]

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Love does things to people.


This story contains DISTURBING THEMES. Enjoy. =))))))))))


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killer_ah #1
Chapter 1: Huhuhu...daebak!!!! You're amazing...and i'm a psycho because i love this....ahahahahhah!!!! :-)
leemaerin #2
IVE READ THIS on LJ but forgot the title so i cant read it again. it is awesome. this kind of possesiveness can actually lead to pshyco love, yes. what hard to imagine is you can not know how you found your death, it can be a car crash or being stabbed by your own childhood bestfriend, high school sweetheart and your very first love. the back-plot story is amazingly written!! thanks for making such a damn-i-imagined-innocent-donghae-eating-raw human meat-story hahaha
Leah3k #3
Chapter 1: I'm so concerned for actually liking this kind of things. Still, OMG how good is it!
ReapJewelfish #4
I've been waiting for stories such as this... Bravo! I love it, seriously love it. Makes me wonder if you ever read or watch Hannibal?
Sinbihae #5
Chapter 1: That is absolutely amazing. I am speechless. Just wow!
eunnahaela #6
Chapter 1: This is good. Wow!!!
muuyuki #7
Chapter 1: oh crap that was so great! O.O im very speechless right now tbh...
Chapter 1: Your story is amazing.... Love your writing style...
Chapter 1: I applaud you! This was incredibly good, how it started and then when backwards, is amazingly good!
Sweettrouble #10
Chapter 1: Every time i need to read some creepy love story filled with just the right amount of passion i come to read your stories. I absolutely love it.