❝ QUOTATIONS ❞ --reincarnated!
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 5- trust 
 5- trust 


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MyeolchiHyuk #1
Chapter 10: Aliens topic...
So true and curious about the quotes "do you believe in humans"...
--doyouhearme #2
Chapter 10: aliens o.o
mysteriously_unknown #3
Chapter 9: this made me think about life haha
--doyouhearme #4
Chapter 9: " If you have a choice between me and her, choose her because if you really loved me there wouldn't be a choice. "
So deep and so true!
Typical-Singaporean #5
Chapter 9: Yup, life is all about choices, and maybe I should have chose to do my work instead of being on aff XD
MyeolchiHyuk #6
Chapter 9: Its true..
Esp abt flipping the coin..
I usually will do it when in between to choose...

Thanks for the update...
MyeolchiHyuk #7
Chapter 8: the meaning are so deep...
thanks for posting and sharing it with us..

thanks for the update..
MyeolchiHyuk #8
Chapter 7: Love all the quotes...
Esp the meaning of it..

MyDeerLikesBacon #9
Chapter 6: I agree with all of them

The snarky reply to 'marry him' lol

And the last one is so cute! A chick rage-quitting XD
mysteriously_unknown #10
Chapter 5: winnie the pooh is so sweet~ <3