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TitaniaSidra  Thank you! I'm glad you love the quotes! And you're welcome! <3

Bugsbunnee  LOL! I have friends who think boys in kpop boy bands look the same too! XD

FtCnFan6226  Hope you like this chapter!

daybyday  You're welcome! Hope you like those in this chapter too! And updated!

kateleen  Hohoho my soon to be co-author! Hahaha a lot of the fangirl quotes happened to me too and updated!

SarangDivaKey  Hahaha! We did that too when we were searching for the quotes! Glad you love the quotes and you're welcome!

danlyy  LOL that don't happen to me because i don't watch unsub videos, but i'm glad you could relate to the quotes!

SecretLover  ME TOO!!! OMG *High Five!* Happens every time!

live_laugh_love  Haha really? Maybe i should search for his photo too :P hahaha! And i understand how you feel! I don't dare to laugh when my mother's near too! I don't have a poster either, but that quote was funny! And you're welcome!

ily4everbang Woo~! A moderator! Honoured to have you commenting!

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Rabbits98  Hahaha! How much do you earn as a full-time fangirl? :P

Kris-C25  LOL I still can't match all their names with their faces haha XDD

Kimjade  Cute quotes for cute fangirls like us XD

turtle  Of course! We'll do it in chapter 11 :))

koreancuttie311  Haha i guess that happens to everyone ^^ Your bias must be chanyeol then!

InspiritElfAngel  LOL yes, that's describing you... and me... and everybody elses who read the chapter haha XD

kima_siksin  Awww the word PERFECT <3 Thank you~

kpopfreak  Sure! <3 I'll do it in chapter 12 :))

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the_MrsWU #2
Chapter 36: do you have like qoutes for liking your boy bestfriend ? :3
tehreem #3
Chapter 38: youe quotes are awesome i wanna share them on my FB can I???????????
--doyouhearme #4
Chapter 66: the baby's so cute :(
we'll miss reading new quotes from here!
Typical-Singaporean #5
Chapter 66: awwwww~
thank you for showing me the beauty of quotes :')
Myendless #6
Chapter 66: Aww :')
I hope to see you guys update again but somethings has an ending.
Best of luck!
And thank you.<3
momothedumpling #7
Chapter 66: sank yew sew much foh da quotes ;)
mystyangel35 #8
Chapter 66: thank you very much for the fun and inspiring quotes ;; we will miss this <33333 stay forever awesome
Daesungoppa4ever #9
Chapter 66: Aw I'll miss getting updates from this fic but sighs every starting must have an ending.. Thank you for all the quotes you've compiled for us with effort and love, that has made me smile and reflect on my life.
mysteriously_unknown #10
Chapter 65: thank you for all the quotes! ^^
Typical-Singaporean #11
Chapter 65: Haha I like 21 XD