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 5- trust   5- trust   

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MyeolchiHyuk #1
Chapter 8: the meaning are so deep...
thanks for posting and sharing it with us..

thanks for the update..
MyeolchiHyuk #2
Chapter 7: Love all the quotes...
Esp the meaning of it..

Chapter 5: 'Ohana means family. And family means nobody get forgotten or left behind'
I think this is the quote that left the most impression to me when I was a kid :)
MyDeerLikesBacon #4
Chapter 6: I agree with all of them

The snarky reply to 'marry him' lol

And the last one is so cute! A chick rage-quitting XD
mysteriously_unknown #5
Chapter 5: winnie the pooh is so sweet~ <3
MyDeerLikesBacon #6
Chapter 5: Brings back memories~
Typical-Singaporean #7
Chapter 5: Gosh disney can be so inspiring and touching at times haha
MyeolchiHyuk #8
Chapter 5: Disney quotes!!

Love it..
exoxohan #9
Chapter 5: omg disneyyy !! ><
MyeolchiHyuk #10
Chapter 4: Awwww.. so sweet and chessy lines..