The Last December - A Visual Novel


Hi, this is two sisters from Singapore trying to make their very own visual novel!


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Banghimlo 0 points #1
Chapter 8: Stay strong girl! I know you can do this!!
They look amazing there :D
0 points #2
Chapter 8: aww hope all goes well for you!
sorry to hear about you sister though.
but i'm sure it'll get through it to the end!!
yeochins #3
Chapter 7: finally managed to run through the demo a few weeks ago. i really like it!! your drawings are so pro
Chapter 7: Lol I still haven't gotten the chance to view. XD no actual desktop. Will do the survey after I actually checked it out. ^^
Banghimlo #5
Chapter 7: No problem! ^^
Banghimlo #6
Chapter 6: Hope you will get a spot ^^
Banghimlo #7
Chapter 5: Wishing you guys a good luck!!
Banghimlo #8
Chapter 4: You guys are awesome!!
Banghimlo #9
Chapter 3: December.What a unique name <3
ALoneEXplorer #10
Chapter 6: I've already sent karma points... Just to show some support. I wish that small support may be able to help you and your works. Good luck and fighting authornim!!