Into Your World

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Most girls grow up dreaming of the perfect proposal, complete with a hidden diamond ring, a romantic dinner, a big crowd of passerbys, a speech about never-ending love, and maybe even a serenade from a string quartet. 
That was never me. 



This is the short sequel to My Best Friend that takes place about five years after the first part. Um I guess this will still make sense by itself but it'll be better if you read that part first. I ing love Minhee and the poster she made me <3 

Goddamn I've written three new oneshots in the past week cause I haven't been able to work on my on-going stories without my missing Paparazzi chapters. I feel like I'm dying, Jason. DYING. 






WHOOPS. I marked the story complete and never posted the chapter...awkward. Final chapter is up now!

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grats on the ft~
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Grats on ft sub
Chapter 11: Me likey!
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Congratulations ~ ^^
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Chapter 11: I love this couple!!
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Chapter 11: Deabak! If I have a grandmother like that I'll really go crazy bananas! Hahaha
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