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Hello .

The first chapter will be the table of contents.

I usually don't write in 'you' POV form, but I will on the majority of the chapters. If not, it will have a made up name in which you can conside...

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AlastrionaKitsu #1
Chapter 5: nose bleeding...
I'm surely gonna re-read all of them
MiChaSoo #2
Chapter 5: Why... why would you do this to me... Kyungsoo... puhrease have me...
kdramafan #3
Chapter 10: OMG!! *.faints*
This is amazing!!
My feels....!!
Love them all....
I have to say D.O is my favourite from this collection even though he isn't my bias ....
All of them are well written and i will definitely be re reading these!!
Fighting ....
I wish this was continued ....❤️
Keisum #4
Chapter 7: bose bleeding........
cupcake17 #5
Chapter 5: WOW!!! d.o part is amazing.
i can't imagine innocent look like kyungsoo could do something hot like that
liyanaTik #6
Wow I really like it all
LadySyndra #7
Chapter 10: Chapter 3: Why invite his ex-girlfriend to his engagement party in the first place?
XjelleNathan #8
Just a sudden urge to re-read this stories!!! I loved it soooo much >////<
resham98 #9
Chapter 10: waaahh amazing loved it :) !!!!!!
nichelle #10
Chapter 6: Love Yixing's part, ermergerd.. So smexy xD