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Hello .

Welcome to my EXO Drabbles. This is just a little something to increase my writing abilities. I've read many fanfics and to be honest, I'm not very satisfied with them, so I thought what's so hard about them? And this is where this came in. 

I will not updatearrow-10x10.png often.

like many of you, i have schoolarrow-10x10.png to deal with and a busy life.
so updates will not be frequent.



The first chapter will be the table of contents.

I usually don't write in 'you' POV form, but I will on the majority of the chapters. If not, it will have a made up name in which you can consider that person being you, but of coursearrow-10x10.png who wouldn't want to be having with EXO ;)))

- - - - - - - - - - water u doing? - - - - - - - - - -

roll like a buffalo to
the table of contents.

- - - - - - - - - - heaven is anywhere anytime ♥ - - - - - - - - - - 

Updatearrow-10x10.png: December 10, 2013
This collection is now discontinued because I am a lazy er and I now hate EXO. Kthnxbai. Any complaints pleasearrow-10x10.png file it to my nonexistent secretary.

Updatearrow-10x10.png: December 11, 2013:
Under new management - former co-author, present owner!





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meryljill #1
Chapter 2: that was so hard core....
Vicky7177 #2
Oh my god!!!
KBelle #3
Chapter 10: Xiumin being my ULTIMATE BIAS this just makes me love him even more. ^^ #XiuDaddy
Arianneplasencia25 #4
Chapter 10: i have to hold my breath in every part of story, oh my god... minseok oppa pleaseeee T_T
Kazura #5
Chapter 2: my feels----- Yifann
surely I'll read all of themmmm omg
AlastrionaKitsu #6
Chapter 5: nose bleeding...
I'm surely gonna re-read all of them
MiChaSoo #7
Chapter 5: Why... why would you do this to me... Kyungsoo... puhrease have me...
kdramafan #8
Chapter 10: OMG!! *.faints*
This is amazing!!
My feels....!!
Love them all....
I have to say D.O is my favourite from this collection even though he isn't my bias ....
All of them are well written and i will definitely be re reading these!!
Fighting ....
I wish this was continued ....❤️
Keisum #9
Chapter 7: bose bleeding........
cupcake17 #10
Chapter 5: WOW!!! d.o part is amazing.
i can't imagine innocent look like kyungsoo could do something hot like that