Paper Planes



-3 months later-
__Bang POV__
Dear Bang,
Are you well? Since it's thursday I won't be able to see you today, but I'll still think about you okay? I'll try to get youngjae to work in the operation room later tonight, maybe I can see you? I've missed you a lot lately, I feel selfish since I want all of your time.
We'll have a bit of time to talk tonight though nae?
Until then!
Love, Zelo.
P.s. Hyung, the inmates by you are very nice. You  should talk to them one day alright?
I smile and hold the letter to my heart. Zelo....I really hoped he was coming soon, I haven't seen the younger more than a second this each week. We had grown so close these past few months, and I loved meeting with the younger. His smile was so sweet and comforting...I couldn't help but get excited when that hall door opened each day.
Quickly I composed my own letter.
Dear Zelo--
I've missed you more...I hope I can see you, I don't have much to do without my favorite dongsaeng around. I don't think you wanting my time is selfish, If it were up to me you could have every minute of every day.
I don't think I'll talk to them anytime soon. Sorry kid, but I'm not the social type.
With love,
I look at the letter once again and shake my head.
With love,
Much better.
The familiar creaking sound of the door in the hall brought me to reality, and I already felt giddy. He was here-finally back...
"Oh, Bang-hyung!" Zelo calls out, heading up to my cell. A letter came that I must've missed this morning from your brothers." 
"Ah, gomawo," I smile, taking the letter and handing him the one I had just written. "So Zelo, how are you?"
He takes the paper and folds it up, shoving it into his pocket. "I'm okay...tired, though. I feel like I just ran a marathon..."
"Poor thing," I frown. "I wish I could make you feel better..."
Zelo lights up. "I would feel better if hyung hugged me!"
"If only I could..."
The maknae pouts for a moment before looking at me. "You can..." Quickly he pulls a key out from his pocket and unlocking the cell door.
"Zelo, that's-" I begin, but he's already inside the cell, working on closing it from the inside.
"It's fine, hyung. I just want a hug," He pouts, wrapping his arms around me. "I don't want hugs from appa or Youngjae...I want Yongguk hugs..."
I chuckle at his stubborness, and I blush when I realize how close he is to me, how soft his lips look.... "Y-You can have as many as you need..." I say, remembering that he had spoken to me.
"Jinja?" The younger laughs, holding my closer. "Don't say that, I'll hug you all day..."
"I'm not opposed to that."
Zelo hits my shoulder and bursts out laughing. "Though my father and security is...which is why I won't be able to give you as many hugs as I want to...."
I nod and let out a sigh as he pulls away from me. "Speaking of which hyung..."
"I know, I know," I sigh, hugging him once more before he unlocks the cell again. 
"I promise I'll see you soon hyung, a-and I deliver you lots of mail!"
"You better," I tease, and he sticks his tongue out at me before he turns around and I watch his shadow fade into the distance...
Once Zelo's gone I lay down on my bed, picking up the note from himchan and Daehyun. The matoki's in the corner always made me so happy when I saw them. In this one, mine had its arms wrapped around both Himchan's and Daehyun's, all of them happy. 
I chuckled before tearing the envelope open, reading the message and noting that it looked like Himchan's handwriting.
Hey Bang,
How are you? Nevermind, that's kind of a stupid question, isn't it?
I hope you're doing okay, at least. Daehyun and I are surviving, I got a new job that pays a fair amount and Daehyun works part-time as a waiter so we get a discount on food down at Onew's chicken hut where he works.
He really misses you, he won't admit it but he does. I saw him asleep on your bed last night, crying and holding your jacket. I've decided to take the day off of work soon and bring him down there to see you. Besides, I might be able to introduce you to my boyfriend. He works at the prison you're in, I hope you'll see him soon.
We miss you!
-Himchan(and Daehyun)
A visit from my brothers? Maybe when he introduces me to his boyfriend, I can introduce him to Zelo. Of course...he's not my boyfriend, but...agh bang, what are you even thinking?
I put a hand on my head and sigh. Maybe I just need Himchan and Daehyun to protect Zelo once I'm gone...
"Wan shang hao, Tao gege," I hear Zelo's voice spouting out a strange language when he opens up the door a few days later.
 I lean up against the bar and see a dark-haired boy at another cell getting the younger's attention. I can't lie, I did feel a little jealous...
The boy chuckles. "Ni hao, Didi."
"Ni hao ma?" He asks.
"Wo hen hao...Kris zai nar?"
Zelo rubs his neck. "Ah, mianhae gege, but I still don't know much chinese...." He gets embarrassed when 'Tao' laughs again.
"It's alright, it's sweet of you to try."
"Xiexie gege~" He smiles. "Next time we talk I'll try to remember more okay?"
"Ming tian jian, gege!" zelo says and grins at the Chinese boy one last time before directing his eyes to my cell.
 Instinctively I look away, pretending to have busied myself with something other than zelo. But of course I couldn't. Zelo was my sole entertainmeent. My only joy here, and that terrified me. I relied on him so much to keep sane, despite the short time I knew him.
 "Bang-hyung, I'm back!" He grins at me, and I turn to face him. 
"Oh, zelo, I didn't see you there," I lie, directing my attention towards him. "H-how are you?"
"I'm fine," he shrugs, taking out his keys and unlocking my cell door. I put my hands on the bars to stop him from opening it. "Zelo, don't." 
The younger pouts, his hands still trying to pry open the door despite my strength. 
"Bang, if you were a bad guy do you think you'd be trying to convince me not to open the door?" He pouts. "This isn't fair hyung, I wanna see you..." 
"You can see me from there." He groans and rips one of my hands from the bars, struggling with the other.
"I want to hug you..."
"You used that excuse last time," I chuckle.
"I want to kiss you!" I was so caught off guard by the answer my grip loosens and he runs inside the cell. 
"That's a lot better," he nods, and I'm still frozen. 
"Z-elo..?" I begin, face flushed. "What was that about...k-kiss...?" 
He just giggles at me for a moment until he looks up at me. "I did it so you'd open the door, but if hyung would let me...I would want to kiss him." My face turns darker red when he looks up at me, an innocent smile on his face. "Can I, hyung...?"
"W-wae...?" It was the only word that I could think up, I was so nervous.
"Because I love hyung," He admits, flustered as he works up his courage to say the next words. "I-I have for a really long time!"
"W-Why....?" I say again, confused. "Zelo, why would someone like you like someone like me?"
He thinks for a second. "Molla...I just do. You're sweet and fun...and g-good looking...and I really, really like you..."
"I like you too..." I say before I even realize. "But..."
"No buts!" Zelo chuckles. "I don't like complicated things. I just need simplicity, and I need a kiss from my favorite hyung~" He chuckles as he reaches up to kiss me, and I'm stunned by the action. "I love you, hyung."
"Zelo, I..."
"I can't take it slow anymore Bang...We don't have time to take it slow. So, just so you know...I love you."
His reasoning makes me laugh, but I can't deny it's truth. If anything ever were to start between us, we wouldn't have long to make memories with eachother... "I love you too, Zelo." I blush, holding him by his waist. "I love you too."
With the little time I have left on this earth,I'll love you. I promise I will use all of that measly time trying to please you, Zelo. I want to be worthy of you.
A/N I'm so sorry this took so long to upload!! It took me too long because my computer erased it and it took me a million years to redo(because I forgot what I wrote OTL) It was such a long chapter but somehow when I rewrote it it was short ;_; I'll make it up to you all by uploading my new chapter within the next 1-3 days!
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