EXO-M at KCON Fan account 121013

by BenBens_Panda
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EXO-M at KCON Fan account 121013 - main story image
Tao: *speaking Chinese*
Fans: *screaming*
Kris: do you guys understand Chinese? Why are you guys screaming?

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TaoRis moments
When tao introduced himself, he forgot what he should say, it was supposed to be like "are you guys getting a good time?"
but he forgot it and asked Kris.
Kris asked Tao "How do you do it tao?" ---aegyo
cr: Lae Lee


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vintageLollyta () says about chapter 819:
This. I know this. I have the picture of Taemin and Kai together in that Spa. XD I'm commenting about CHAPTER 833. I'll give the picture TO YOU, so you can post it if you want. XD

Raynei96 () says about chapter 74:
Wahh, daebak. You know how to hide Kris.

X_JoeyczySehun () says about chapter 138:
HunHan~! XD

iloveulove () says about chapter 61:

chibixdomo11219 () says about chapter 74:
u have a clip for it

AppleParsleylace () says:
glad that i found this ><

kimdeyya () says about chapter 819:
omg, I just read Lay asked the fans around him "Who is Lei Lei?" and I cant help laughing so hard and rolling on the floor XD hahahahaha Lay u cutie dumb

K-pop1017 () says about chapter 792:
Um..luhan is for prostitution?

MaryReeds () says about chapter 698:
o.O What font is this?

MsPLUMA () says about chapter 139:
I really love KAISOO! FTW! I really wish they're real.

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