Lost in Transit (Tao's Version)

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Being lost is terrible enough when you have fans trying to tug you around. But being lost in a foreign country, with even more fans grabbing you, is even worse.


Based on a fancam I saw of Exo landing at LAX. Kris was towards the front and Tao was in the back.  Poor baby looked so beyond confused and lost. He needed Kris.

I might write one from Kris' POV. I'm not sure yet, but I bet I will eventually.

Read Kris' Version

Read part 2.


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hannibalfreak #1
Chapter 1: So much of feels... '-'
SiaShin #2
Chapter 1: crying taoooo, oh the feels (つД`)ノ that poor scared baby panda ;^; you silly thing, kriseu would never forget his maknae~ HA, in the end dui has to buy him stuff, i just love Tao, hes so speshurr(^ω^)
happybubblelove #3
Oh my goodness, this was absolutely adorable.
It totally being lost and thinking that no one's looking for you... ><
Poor baby Tao... Duizhang needs to watch his didi more carefully!
Awesome story! :)
Futuristic #4
This was adorable, I really liked it! I just thought that maybe you should look through the second half of this, because there are more mistakes in the second half and also, you shift a little between first and second person. Just thought I'd let you know ^^
Sunnysideofcookies #5
This was so cute~
I know how it feels to be lost, so I totally understand Tao
I also know how it feels to lose someone so I understand Kris xD
I'm gonna go stalk your other stories now ^.^
MMachine #6
Aww Tao come to asmi I won't leave you alone (gets murdered by Kris) anyways this story was short and sweet and perfect. I should stop grinning xD
OblivionOfMisery #7
Do not leave your children unattended. XD
Like what happened in Disneyland. Haha.
--inspiritic #8
Aww baby Tao was terrified!! Who wouldn't be but thankfully kris saved him.
so4fty #9
Ould you do a sequel with all the members' reactions
angelsmiles #10
Awww! poor baby Tao! That would be scary!!