You Need An Answer


= boy x boy, boy love. Don't like it? Then don't read.

Character: Big Bang

Pairing: G-RI (Ji Yong<3Seung Ri) 

Warning: Swearing and angst and

: Part 3, Part 4 and Bonus part

My first fanfic posted here :D be nice ^^ It is about Seung Ri confessing his love for Ji Yong.


Seung Ri is in love. It is wonderful for people to fall in love, but not for Seung Ri. As a member of Big Bang, it is not easy for him to be in love with someone. Especially with the wrong person. It's not like he doesn't want to be in love with that person. It's just that, it won't work. It will be a scandal. Why? Because the person he loves is the leader of Big Bang. Therefore, Seung Ri decides to hide his feelings, but he can't anymore. So what happens when he confesses???


Just face it Lee Seung Hyun. You’ve fallen for him. Fallen too deep. You are in love with him. Lee Seung Hyun, you are in love with, Kwon Ji Yong.


“I LOVE YOU!” you yell even louder the tears are flowing out and you are holding both his hands. “I CAN SAY IT CLEARLY NOW!”


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jlee14 #2
Chapter 11: OMO~! I LOVE IT! And the song is AWESOME~! You have great talent!!!!
xxMyNameIsASecretxx #3
Chapter 13: Wooh~ Love it!
foreversucks #4
seungri!!!!!!!!! <3
Xx-ForeverAlone-xX #5
Chapter 13: AAWWWWWW c:

Nice work~~~ hehe
--SimplyMe #6
Chapter 2: nice beginning! love it!
Daesunggie #7
Yay! They're so perfect together c;
Oh snap!! New reader!, my heart almost stopped at the heartbeat stopping part!! It's was so dramatic!! But I'm glad they ended up happy!! :) I'm so gonna read the sequel!!
BabyYoo #9
So cute awwww <3
DesignIsVip #10
Yippie ~ this was cute .
Daesung's eyes was ruined BUT Taeyang was ears. Yay ~

Great GRi fic <3
DesignIsVip #11
Lee Seunghyun is Seungri
Choi Seunghyun is TOP :)