A painfull nightmare

The day that pain turned into pleasure. (Changed into a story)
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( Christines P.O.V)

I was with my best friend in his living room just hanging out like a regular friday night but this wasn't just any friday night.

" Christine you know your my best friend right?" Yoseob asked me.

Yes my bset friend is Yoseob and fact is I'm in love with this crazy, amazing, adorably cute dork. I have always been by his side good or bad, but thing is he's neevr by mine much it's me against the world. Or more like yoseob's fans from school. Yes he is the schools most popular boy and I'm just some girl.

" Yeah sure I've always known that why?" I asked. What could he be asking about this is out of character for him.

" Well you know Maybella from the other class right well I like her but I have no reason to talk to because I'm a complete stranger... So I was wondering if you could try to be friends with her and get her to like me." I was about to cry I knew it but I can't do that in front of him.

" Christine help me pleaseee." He pouted at me expecting that I'd say yes.

" No I will not help you more like I don't want to help you with this so leave it alone." I whispered. He was shocked speechless.I have never said no to him before.

But I can't help him get another girl, it would just be breaking my heart in the process.

Plus I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing that I helped him get together with that . How do I know she a well one time I saw her talking to a bunch of her friends and she was making fun of them and then another time I saw her go out with one guy, then she left but then came back in with another. She's a total .

"Crhristine why not don't you want me to be happy?" He looked upset and a little angry.

" I will not help you ok? So stop asking me." I was walking out of his living room. That was the last straw dosen't he ever think about my happiness.?

( Yoseob's P.O.V)

Christine and I always hang out at my house on Fridays it's like ritual so we just sat there watching some television.

I suddenly decide to ask about helping get together with this girl I had my eyes on in another class. But to my disadvantage I have no reason to aproach her, so I'm hoping that Christine will help me.

" Christine you know your my best friend right?" I asked trying to butter her up.

" Yeah sure I've always known that why?" She replied.

" Well you know Maybella from the other class right well I like her but I have no reason to talk to because I'm a complete stranger... So I was wondering if you could try to be friends with her and get her to like me." Christine was silent for a moment so I decided to use my secret weapon.

" Christine help me pleaseee." I used my super adorable pout, it was a last option.

" No I will not help you more like I don't want to help you with this so leave it alone." I heard her whisper. I couldn't reply, Christine's never said no to anything I've asked her before.

How come she wont help me now?

"Christine why not don't you want me to be happy?" I asked a little hurt and angry which had suprised me because I'm never angry.

" I will not help you ok? So stop asking me." She replied while walking out of my living room. I thought that she was my best friend who helps me through everything, I can't just let her leave this way.

I grab her arm inabling her to get out.

" Let go I want to go home." She said sounded said for soem reason.

I look up into her eyes and see tears starting to fall down them.

" Why are you crying Christine are you alright?" I asked I was concerned, Christine never cries. I have never seen her cry anyway and I'm her best friend.

" No I'm not alright, your hurting me." What did she mean I had already let go of her arm so how could I be hurting her? Oh God please don't let it be this.

" You love me don't you? That's why you wont help me with this." I couldn't believe that I actually asked her.

" No of course not what would make you think that?" I can always tell if she lies and I know she is now. I feel as though I have been excluding her. And making her life miserable I am a horrible friend.

I touch her arm to check if she alright but something happens I suddenly notice that I am not so innocent any more and how could she possibly affect me that way?

( Christine's P.O.V)

I feel his hand on my arm and turn to look at the hand that is burning a hole through my arm. But I notice something quite more shocking, I feel like laughing.

I look at Yoseobs face and see him scowling at me.

" What it's not like I did anything. Your in control of your body not me." His scowl just become darker.  I started laughing.

" Stop laughing Chrissy or else your gonna regret it." Huh regret will I. What can he do in that state.

I keep laughing but then he grabs my shoulder with his other hand and softly pushes me to the couch I fall down with a flop.

How could I have not noticed what he was doing only seconds before. I see him pulling his pants down, only to see that was hard and ready for action. I gulped down my laughter and just stared at him with wide eyes.

" I will make you feel as though you are helpless got it Christine?." I shook my head yes but what did he mean he's not going to hurt me is he?

He walks closer and takes my hand and brings it down to his boxers. I am nervous.

" It's ok don't be scared. Here why don't I just take these off too." He said then started taking his shirt and boxers off. looks even bigger.

I am so wet it's unbelievable. I just want to screan with ual frustration, this has never happend to me before.

He comes closer and sits down on the sofa. So I get of and get on my knees in front of him.

I gently touch s head and when I do Yoseob let's out a . It encourages me to continue with what I'm doing, so I put to fingers together to form a ring and start pumping him up and down. Meanwhile you could hear his endless s in the backround. I decided that, that was enough so I enveloped his shaft with my mouth and started to him while pumping my head up and down.

( Yoseobs P.O.V)

I never thought that any girl would be this good. I mean it doesn't seem like Christine's new at this. Maybe she's experienced or something.

That is when I feel her envelope me with her mouth her warm, wet mouth. My breath was becoming haggard and shallow I wont be able to hold it much longer.

" Christine please stop?" I wanted her to stop because I had something else in mind.

Her mouth disconnected from my member and I felt a little sad at the loss of warmth.

I then make her stand up and start to undress her slowly letting my hands linger in spots. She was squirming the whole time. As soon as she was in her last to articles of clothing I then take of her bra and take hold of one of her prefect s. Admiring their shape and color, creamy and tempting.

When I started to lower I decide that I want to explore I mean this is my first time ever doing this.

I don't know what she likes so I decide to ask her.

" Christine what do want me to do to you?" I ask her seductively.

" I want you to take of my and play with me, touch me and make me feel pleasure then I want you inside me, making me scream your name when I come." She whispered her eyes shut.

I came then I couldn't hold it anymore. All my jusices came squirting out.

while that was happening I realized that the whole time I had actually been asleep and in my bed at home. I just had a wet dream.

I have to call Chrsitine and tell her to get over here quick. I want her this second.



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