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Live with me SBS New Show!


It gives a new show in SBS named: Live with me!

( a show like this doesn't exists :'D)

2 Members of different boygroups or girlgroups

will live 3 Months with the each other and

have the success missions.

Our Thai Prince Nichkhun from 2PM is one of the 2 Members

but who is the other Member?

It is a Person he has nothing to do with.

It is.. Our cutie Seungyeon from Kara!

What will happened?





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miggykcy #1
Chapter 17: I will keep waiting for your update!! ^^
msryus #2
Chapter 17: yah.. u really did it..
good job chingu...
msryus #3
Chapter 16: glad u update.. miss ur story..
khunyoona #4
update plsss. i want to know who the stalker is. :)))
syluv247 #5
plz keep continue the story
support you "__"
cinta88 #6
why dont you uptdate long time???continue plizz
Jacy_Ahio #7
when will you update this.... i'm waiting for it...
syluv247 #8
update plz...
waiting for the story
Krystal5 #9
Can you change the font to the old one i can not read with this font
syluv247 #10
cant wait for the next chapter
plz be a longer chaper....