High School War { under co. }




Girls Generation is a group of talented, intelligent and gorgeous young ladies that are currently studying in Seoul High School for the elites.
They rule the whole school, in other words, they are the Queenkas. Everyone is afraid of them but at the same time, adores them. 
But what happens when a group of young men who call themselves Super Junior transfers and takes away their throne?
Will they fight each other or fall for them in the end?


credits to: guitarholmes for poster



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soshi_zhen #1
Chapter 51: update please!!!
supergenerationjiang #2
Chapter 1: Anneong i want to read this but can anyone tell me what couples are in it THANK YOU!!!!
Yoon_Eun_Hye #3
update soon :)
tkfkdgodyxudos0409 #4
Chapter 51: Please update as soon as possible! ^__^ it was such a nice story . xD
ishk32 #5
Chapter 51: PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!!!
Eralovesnsd #6
It's such a great story
Icefishy568 #7
Lol u watch brown sugar macchiato i wonder who is ur fav love the stroy so far
Confuseshogo #8
Chapter 51: Update soon^^
Sebongie1717 #9
Chapter 51: YAYY!!!! you updated author-nim thank you so much i have been waiting ages for the update. ;)
exotaeng9 #10
Chapter 51: update soon^^