Zelo : Girl You're Mine ♥



You :-


Your name : Park ........  .

Age : 16 .

you are a cute who loves red rose and rilakkuma things

you have a nice smile ^_^ . and

you are soo patient but sensitive and have a good luck but isn't work with love .




Zelo :-


Real name : Choi jun hong .

Stage Name : Zelo .

Age : 16 .

he is a cute guy who knows rapping and danceing well .

he is in B.A.P band .

the study really difficult for him ^~^" .


And B.A.P





      You're Best Friends







                      Park min young ( Yoo Mi ) in the fanfic                   






This your first year in high school 

    You are very  happy because you are in high school

     Is everything will be ok 


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Zahjen #1
Love your story pleasee update~
kpopmaniic #2
Love your story!
kookie_zelo123 #3
jjbapkpop #4
Chapter 7: hard to understand but overall it's pretty good for someone who is still learning the language. Keep on fighting. I can tell you this, English is one of the easiest language so hope you improve and best wishes.
heyyitscher #5
Chapter 7: I LOVE IT!! PLS UPDATEEE!! :)
Unknownguy #6
i love its good update soon plz :D
xxamytjeexx #7
Chapter 7: I love it :D
imgonnamarryjunhong #8
Chapter 7: i love it! please ipdate! : D
EdPotter #9
Chapter 7: i'm not the type who'll leave comments negatively, but i really need to say this..
this story is interesting, but you need to improve your language skill. i won't mind having a bit grammar mistake but if the most of it are wrong, it will disturb the original story plot or twist the real meanings.
and add something like "_____" to show that someone is talking. if you write it continuously, the readers will have a hard time of reading. besides that, the story is fine :)
babysoneforever #10
Chapter 6: Update please! :)) It's interesting. ;)