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Der Märchenclub


The tale of Cinderella's bloody shoes and the plea of the hanged Rapunzel: a fairy tale is never this absurd.




Der Märchenclub

{The Fairy Tale Club}


Title               : Der Märchenclub

Genre           : Angst, suspense, horror, drama, psychological, mystery, thriller, mild romance

Rating            : PG-13, generally. M, in one of the chapters....

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Little children, what fairy tale do you want to hear tonight? 





1st Teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICBi2HvGyLo&feature=relmfu

2nd Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8ZLdn5FWYs&feature=relmfu

3rd Trailer:





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KwonMirae #1
Chapter 55: I've finally finished reading this story and of course I think this story is really awesome. I really love the plot and about the characters' fairytale roles in this story, I think it's really a great idea. If this story was made into a movie, you will see me as the first ones that watched this movie (Well, I really like it if this was made into a movie). Ended with happy ending. This story is really jjang!
Frances312 #2
Ah, I finally finished reading DMC and wow this is seriously going to be my favorite story from now on. I love the characters' roles especially Heechul and Jessica (also Kibum, Taeng and Sungmin) oh and I also like the plot twists, like wow I didn't expect that person to be the main antagonist (well, maybe but I still got shocked). The ending tho omg hahaha, I want a happy ending but yeah. Thank you for writing this story, author!
Echo-tan #3
Chapter 38: Omg did u get the name fai from the tsubasa chronicles???
Born_With_Style #4
I re-read this and feel very bad that it isn't an actual book.
I can say this is my most favourite fanfiction ever and also most favourite story after the Harry Potters. mAYBE BECAUSE hp REMIND ME OF MY CHILDHOOD.
Shinspirit1326 #5
Chapter 55: Awesome would be an understatement, this story was indeed a MASTERPIECE. Oh, how much I've cried in this story. I've read this slowly to understand every details. I loved how different this story from the others. Aside from that, I loved the plot twists, the characters (especially Kibum's role), and the plot. I also liked the way you write this-it brought many mixed emotions to the readers. I was kind of thrilled with the ending....it creeped me out XD I'm still wondering what happened to Kibum and Jessica. I've felt the emotion-the agony, sorrow, anger, pity, etc. I love this story and I will never forget this! GOOOOOOOOOD JOB Author-nim!
windbeee #6
Author-nim, let me kiss you first :* :* :* :*
It was awesome, really, the feeling duh,
and when i read the chapter when Ryewook died last night i cried so hard, that was the most memorable scene for me.
but still over all, the plot twist, the characters' development, everything was just so awesome.
a lot of surprise, surprise happened >< in fiction, and i love it ><
it was really awesome
*forgive me for the grammar mistakes*
BlackMaskedGirl #7
Chapter 32: I feel like reading Kill Me Heal Me in a book, lol. Good story, anw
HYounieS #8
Chapter 4: My friend was once told me that your fan-fic is dabomb! But I don't have time for it. Now when I started reading a few chapters, I feel like continuing it to the very end!
YoungScobee #9
chocolulu #10
Chapter 55: NOOOOOOO!!!! omg. That ending though. This would make a good tv series. Just saying. LOL