Der Märchenclub


The tale of Cinderella's bloody shoes and the plea of the hanged Rapunzel: a fairy tale is never this absurd.




Der Märchenclub

{The Fairy Tale Club}


Title               : Der Märchenclub

Genre           : Angst, suspense, horror, drama, psychological, mystery, thriller, mild romance

Rating            : PG-13, generally. ...

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Little children, what fairy tale do you want to hear tonight? 





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joonmyun_SUHO #1
Chapter 55: DAEBAK!! I love this fanfics! You leave me speechless!
ChoiKyuNa #2
My friend recommendation this story because this story is really great and i read this story. I suprised only from foreword this story is excellent.
omonachu #3
Chapter 48: Omg never been this happy of Nightingale's appearance.
sonekitty #4
I had just finish reading this ff and it was super awesome! The way you wrote this story was amazing! I think you should become a writer someday, hehehehehe. Anyway, thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for writing this incredible story! Daebak author-nim!
yugyeom-ssi #5
Chapter 20: I was expecting that Jessica might be killed or something but obviously she's the main character so -
But however, I'm getting more excited!
yugyeom-ssi #6
Chapter 17: Okay I just couldn't with Kibum being super cool in this fic omg I'm dying
nandaniptr #7
Chapter 49: well im so amazed of kibum's character. to be honest, he is my fav chara since you described him so goddamn cool there. i dont know yet where is he stand, antagonist or protagonist side...but still i fangirling over kibum *_*
this chapter is made me goosebumps. omg that lee hyukjae part...geez im freaked out!!!!!!
nandaniptr #8
Chapter 30: GEEZ IM STARTING TO READ THIS AND IM BECOME ADDICTED. tbh im not a fan of snsd/sj but this story is so amazing! lately im craving for mystery/thriller/psychological ff then taadah i found this! your story is so freaking good so i think it must be rude not to leave a single comment there. :'D
i held my breath when i read the last sentence omggg im so curious lemme finish this story ok im going to read next chap bye