Der Märchenclub

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The tale of Cinderella's bloody shoes and the plea of the hanged Rapunzel: a fairy tale is never this absurd.




Der Märchenclub

{The Fairy Tale Club}


Title               : Der Märchenclub

Genre           : Angst, suspense, horror, drama, psychological, mystery, thriller, mild romance

Rating            : PG-13, generally. M, in one of the chapters.

Warning         : long story, long chapters, characters’ death, mentally-disturbed character, cross-dressing, violence, mild gore, mature content in some of the chapters, author is not a native English speaker

Beta                : Yocaterpillar (Chapter 1-5, 7), the_soshified_one (Chapter 34)

Pairing           : *not in probability order*: HeeSica, HaeSica, YoonHae, YoonChul, SiFany, BumSica (Kibum x Jessica), SunSun, EunSun (Eunhyuk x Sunny), SooChul, HaeFany, KyuTae, TaeTeuk.

Summary       :


  • New readers, don't read the story's comments. Spoilers are everywhere there. 
  • Heed the warning. I’m serious about them.
  • I may do horrible things, even to my bias. It doesn’t mean I’m going to do horrible things to them per se, but I just want you to note down that if it’s for the sake of the story, I don’t mind doing anything drastic. So now, I apologize in advance if I "ruin" your bias.
  • Don’t complain if the pairings I choose in the end is not to your liking. Don’t take it for granted that I will do my usual OTP either. Again, I’m the type of writer who’s not afraid to write cruel things about my OTP.


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Little children, what fairy tale do you want to hear tonight? 





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Jessica returned to South Korea after she received an invitation to  Seoul’s most prestigious, high class society. Der Märchenclub, club for the elite, brotherhood of the wealthiest heir and heiress.

It was a world of fairytale to the others, but it was an absurd, sugar-coated one for her.


Where Cinderella cut her toes...

[the red sole, the red heels, blood in the glass slipper]

Where Jack was eaten by the Giant...

[chomp, chomp, chomp. You taste good, Jack. You taste good]

Where the Fairy Dust remained an illusion...

[you can fly, Peter… Just jump off that cliff… you can fly!]

Where Rapunzel hung herself from the tower...

[oh Rapunzel, Rapunzel. Tie your golden hair around your thin neck]


Oh, and Alice, dear Alice...

Can you escape this rabbit’s hole?


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hakunamavodka #1
I've been meaning to read this for awhile but I haven't gotten around it yet and I am not ready to get hooked and invest hours on such a beautiful (I've read reviews and most of them are posttive) fic. This is it.

PS: I do love your other works!
TooLayt #2
It has actually been a while since I finished this story, but after scrolling past through it in my subscriptions a few minutes back, I remembered how freaking awesome it was to be reading it. It's seriously such a thrill.
Good job author ;) thanks for the amazing adventure <3

(ehem.. and for Heesica)
tomatosayo #3
This is so good. I read this halfway twice but im going to read it once again until the end bcs im done with my final (i hope so) kekeke
thepianowriter #4
Chapter 3: goddamnit it's only been three chapters and I'm already in love with it <333
Ranshina #5
Chapter 55: Goddamn that was one hell of a ride. That was insane! This story is really... well, how can I say this... magnificent! Took me about three days to finish this, which was pretty long for my standard for this length of story. And oh my god... this story keep making me to tap that next button at the end of each chap. Just... thank you for writing this masterpiece.

Wow, I at making comments .-. Srry
kimmo_mo #6
Chapter 21: Kyuhyun's arc is really the most beautiful one. Although some lines were not written so "smoothly" (as in I would use another word if i were you), it's still beautifully well-written :)
vinthisworld #7
Udah dari lama tau ni ff, mulai dari rekomen di blog sana sini, sampai temen juga ada yg ngerekomenin. Bahkan sampai akun udah yg kesekian kali, cuma di-subscribe aja yg ada.
Nah sekarang begitu inget lagi, masih berpikir dengan mendalam (lebay), soalnya ceritanya horror misteri yg sangat bukan favorit ㅠ
Lagi2, ta, subscribe dulu ya hee..
SugoiNagashiSakura #8
Chapter 55: I've had DMC in my subs for a few months, intending to read it. I never did until three or four days ago (I binge read) & regret not doing it sooner. It took all my strength not to look at the comments and I glad I didn't look!

This is honestly so amazingly written and its sooooo long. I love super long fanfictions. I wished I could have read this while you were writing it so I could seriously be left wondering. You know there's always more of a strange, anxious feeling when you have to wait for the next chapter instead of reading page to page.

If this had been a serious book, it'd be one that'd I'd read over and over. Thanks for making such an amazing story! It's truly a piece of art. I might read it again.
fille_blue #9
Chapter 55: This is soooooooooo beautiful T_T
rukifana #10
Chapter 55: Wow I loved your story. I have stayed up all night to finish it! Congratulations!