Der Märchenclub


The tale of Cinderella's bloody shoes and the plea of the hanged Rapunzel: a fairy tale is never this absurd.




Der Märchenclub

{The Fairy Tale Club}


Title               : Der Märchenclub

Genre           : Angst, suspense, horror, drama, psychological, mystery, thriller, mild romance

Rating            : PG-13, generally. ...

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Little children, what fairy tale do you want to hear tonight? 





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readingreader #1
Chapter 55: Omonaaaa the story is super good! I think there's a Nightingale's fan here mehe xoxo
readingreader #2
Chapter 23: I really love the peter pan part, author-nim~ Perhaps because he's my fav character and you did it awesomely ^^ I'm continuing~
xx_Kiss #3
Chapter 41: Idk why but forever my fav chapter <3 (going to re read the whole story one day)
asdfghjm15 #4
Chapter 38: i cried i ;;;;
asdfghjm15 #5
Chapter 31: ((not daring to scroll down bc spoilers))
the first time i read this chapter's title, i've guessed that someone had an alter ego, but i didn't expect this person!
omf gotta continue reading
Random_overload #6
Chapter 37: Crying at this chapter. WHY. WHY. WHY. WHY. WHY. WHY.
pre0611 #7
Yup this fairy tale is absurd but at the same time a beautiful absurd fairy tale imma say
sunnysunshiness #8
This is my all-time favourite fanfic! Going to reread it now :))
xx_Kiss #9
Chapter 55: This is the best omg........... When Kibum revealed his role, I literally jumped around my bed. This is so amazing!!!

Though I really wanted to know who Sica ended up with...... I'd like her to be with Heechul, but Kibum is cool as fxck in this story...................

In my version of the ending, I don't think Nightingale will kill them. She has no reason to do so. (And she liked Heechul and Sica, so--)

ANYWAY this is absolutely the most thrillin fanfic I've ever read. Good job, author-nim!!!
xx_Kiss #10
Chapter 28: What the f-------------------------------------ck did I just read...............?

(Nice -and shocking- chapter)